Caffeic Acid

An organic compound, caffeic acid is categorized as hydroxycinnamic acid. Caffeic acid is a yellow solid comprising acrylic as well as phenolic functional groups. This substance is present in all types of plants, as it is the vital intermediate in lignin biosynthesis. It is worth mentioning here that lignin is a major constituent of plant biomass as well as its residues.

Despite the fact that caffeic acid is also present in coffee, it does not have any relation to caffeine whatsoever. Along with its derivative called caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), caffeic acid is an organic compound that occurs naturally in several plants, counting coffee beans. Caffeic acid is a potent antioxidant and it may also work to inhibit the growth of carcinogenic cells.

Most of us are already aware that antioxidants, which also include caffeic acid, are necessary for putting of development of various diseases like cancer or those related to the coronaries. Antioxidants comprise a molecule, which possesses the aptitude to inhibit or even put off oxidation of other healthy molecules. When oxidation takes place in our body, it generates the detrimental free radicals that are associated with damaged cells. In fact, antioxidants work to end this reaction by eliminating free radicals. Free radical production can be promoted by certain actions such as consuming contaminated foods, fried foods, smoking, coming in contact with x-rays, exposure to pollution and frequent and prolonged sunbathing.

When the antioxidant levels in our body is low, it not only damages the cells, but may also lead to death of healthy cells through a process known as oxidative stress. This type of stress is known to be responsible for triggering various diseases. Nevertheless, as of now neither scientists nor physicians have been able to totally comprehend whether oxidative stress is responsible for various diseases or is the consequences of the diseases. The most common diseases attributed to oxidative stress include heart ailments, strokes and degenerative diseases.

It has been proved that caffeic acid is effective in inhibiting the growth and development of carcinogenic cells. When we talk of carcinogens or carcinogenic cells we actually denote substances that promote development of cancer. There are several substances that can result in carcinogenic activity, but generally they are all associated with the quantity of radiation emitted by them.

Carcinogens can augment the chances of developing cancer by means of damaging or mutating the DNA in the cells. As a result, the damage to the DNA cannot be mended and this may eventually result in the death of the cells. When this occurs, the cells may turn out to be cancerous. While carcinogens do not themselves cause cancer, they certainly promote carcinogenic activities that may result in cancer.

After a carcinogen enters your body, the body will try its best to get rid of it by changing it into further water soluble so that it is easier to eliminate the carcinogen. The process of making the carcinogen more water soluble is called biotransformation. Unfortunately, at times, instead of restricting and eliminating the carcinogen, this process can change a lesser toxic carcinogen into a more toxic substance. When you introduce or add substances that inhibit carcinogens, such as caffeic acid, it facilitates the promotion as well as maintenance of our overall health by putting off biotransformation. At the same time, these substances restrict carcinogen production.

As discussed earlier, caffeic acid is present in coffee beans along with caffeine, though they are not related. The amount of antioxidant present in caffeic acid is comparable to those present in various fruits, oils, nuts and other healthy foods.

Health benefits

If you wish to have optimal health, it is essential to keep oxidation under check to prevent accumulation of the harmful free radicals in your body. Controlling the production of free radicals is vital to one's overall health. The presence of adequate amounts of caffeic acid in the body helps to put off or inhibit the healthy cells or molecule from being damaged by the free radicals due to oxidative stress. Majority of the information obtained from studies undertaken to explore the health benefits of caffeic acid have suggested that this organic compound works much better compared to various other antioxidants, which are available commercially in the market. It has been found that the success rate of caffeic acid in decreasing aflatoxin production is about 95 percent. At the same time, effective consumption of caffeic acid helps to inhibit or hold back the aging process.

In addition, caffeic acid is also said to inhibit the development and growth of carcinogenic. In other words, consuming caffeic acid may prove to be effective in preventing a number of agents responsible for various forms of cancer. Carcinogens cause cellular damage by destroying the DNA. In most cases such damage is irreversible and hence, it leads to the death of the cell, thereby increasing the risks of cancer.

In most cases, caffeic acid forms a vital constituent of various supplements, which are used by several people for different therapeutic and other reasons. Many individuals use supplements containing caffeic acid with a view to improve their athletic performances.

When the antioxidant levels in the body are low, it may be harmful, because such a condition may result in augmented pace of cellular damage and eventually also lead to cell deaths. When this occurs, our body becomes susceptible to various diseases, including strokes, heart disease and even neurodegenerative diseases.

All antioxidants, including caffeic acid, are proven to put off the development of various diseases. Similar to any other antioxidant, even caffeic acid has a molecule that is vital in inhibiting and also putting off oxidation of other healthy molecules in our body. It is essential to keep oxidation or oxidative stress under control for maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Excessive oxidation may result in the build-up of harmful free radicals, which are known to have damaging effects at the cellular level.

Antioxidants like caffeic acid works to neutralize such reactions by eliminating the free radicals from the body. It is worth noting that certain unhealthy factors like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, infections, too much exposure to the sun and various pollutants as well as others are responsible for increasing the rate of free radical production in the body.

Caffeic acid is found as an active ingredient in many supplements used by athletes and body builders who want to augment their performance. Moreover, these days many fitness enthusiasts also use such supplements. While consumption of caffeic acid offers various health benefits, athletes and body builders primarily take supplements containing this organic compound because it possesses anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue properties. All these properties are ideal for body builders, who consume caffeic acid supplements before beginning their workouts for better performance without worrying about any adverse effects.

Generally, both athletes and body builders take caffeic acid with a view to enhance their performance and also to intensify their mental concentration. Caffeic acid contains certain chemical compounds that are highly effectual, as they possess the aptitude to assist in controlling unwanted cell inflammations. When a cell is inflamed it makes the workout one is undertaking further challenging. On the other hand, when inflammation is checked, it can prove to be helpful in enhancing one's performance all through his/ her workout.

Several health experts recommend ingestion of caffeic acid. According to them, the daily standard dosage of caffeic acid may be anything between 100 mg and 500 mg. Ingestion of caffeic acid on a daily basis offers several benefits, which are set in motion immediately after caffeic acid enters our body. Such benefits include elimination of free radicals that are responsible for cellular damage, reduction of inflammation and, at the same time, protecting our body from several different types of diseases. Consumption of caffeic acid in supplements on a regular basis also offers additional benefits. It helps to put off neurodegenerative stress, enhance male fertility and also promote anti-hypertensive activities, besides others.

While nearly all body builders benefit by taking supplements containing caffeic acid, they do not have any adverse side effects of using this organic compound. However, there are occasions when consumption of caffeic acid causes adverse side effects, but they are not only rare, but mostly occur when this organic compound is taken in excessive amounts.

Generally speaking, taking supplements containing caffeic acid is somewhat safe and body builders or any other fitness enthusiasts desiring to augment the performance as well as mental focus during their workouts may take these supplements without worrying about any adverse reactions. Caffeic acid provides a boost to the entire system that enables athletes as well as body builders to begin their respective workouts at a much elevated level of performance compared to those who usually do not use these supplements.


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