Chaulmoogra Oil

The chaulmoogra tree (botanical name Hydnocarpus wightianus) belongs to the Achariaceae family. This tree is native to India and is found growing expansively in the tropical forests of the Western Ghats ranging from the state of Maharashtra to Kerala. In addition, this tree is also found growing in the hilly terrains of Assam and Tripura. Currently, this tree is cultivated in neighbouring Sri Lanka, a number of South East Asian countries and some African nations like Uganda and Nigeria. The chaulmoogra is an evergreen and deciduous tree that grows to a height of 15 meters. This tree bears fruits between August and September.

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The seeds of chaulmoogra tree yield oil that offers a number of health benefits. Chaulmoogra oil is extracted from their seeds via the steam distillation process. Extracting the oil through this process helps to protect the oil's purity. The color of Chaulmoogra oil may vary from insipid yellow to brownish and it has a powerful woodland smell. In the prehistoric days, people in India and China used this oil for treating a number of ailments such as leprosy and rheumatism.

You can use chaulmoogra oil in combination with other essential oils such as chamomile oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil to enhance its benefits.

The leaves of this tree are very long and it bears greenish white flowers that appear in clusters. In earlier times, chaulmoogra oil was used extensively for treating several skin conditions such as leprosy. In addition, this organic oil was also frequently employed for curing other skin-related problems. For instance, people in the southern part of India used chaulmoogra oil to heal cuts, wounds and even ulcers. Later, in the nineteenth century onwards, this organic oil is widely used as a natural remedy for various diseases.

People in China have been using chaulmoogra oil since the 14th century to ease leprosy as well as various other skin diseases. Gradually, the use of this organic oil spread to the Western nations, including Europe and the United States.

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People in India's north-eastern state Arunachal used the bark of chaulmoogra tree to cure itching and toothache. Similarly, the ethnic people in India's Sikkim boiled the seeds of chaulmoogra and consumed them as a food item.

The oil extracted from chaulmoogra seeds was blended with limewater and applied topically to treat rheumatic problems, particularly the joint pains and also to get relief from sprains. In folklore, the seeds of this tree were also used in the form of a fish poison. A paste of the seeds prepared by mixing sulphur, camphor, lime juice and Jatropha curcus was applied onto the skin for treating wounds and ulcers.

Health benefits

Chaulmoogra contains many useful compounds and, hence, it offers us several health benefits. For instance, chaulmoogra encloses an active constituent called hydrocarpic acid, which is known to be a very effective antimicrobial agent. Hence, chaulmoogra is effective for treating skin conditions like bruises, eczema, sores, psoriasis and wounds.

As chaulmoogra oil possesses potent antimicrobial properties, it can also serve as a gentle preservative in homemade concoctions for your skin as well as hair.

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In addition to the above, chaulmoogra oil possesses anti-inflammatory and relaxative properties that may be useful in alleviating muscle spasms due to cramps, rigorous exercise as well as heavy lifting.

Since chaulmoogra oil can help to pigment the skin, it can be used to ease vitiligo - an ailment that results in the discoloration of the skin and it can occur in various parts of the body. Chaulmoogra oil helps to alleviate vitiligo by aiding migration of the pigmentation from the pigmented areas and also by encouraging synthesis of melanin. In fact, chaulmoogra oil is considered to be the decisive product that helps to keep the skin complexion uniform. In addition, use of this organic oil also helps to make the skin glow and also brighten the facial skin, thereby enabling the skin complexion to be uniform.

As chaulmoogra oil possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties, it can be employed to alleviate the damaged and irritated epidermis due to various skin-related problems like eczema and psoriasis. The oil's antibacterial properties help to cleanse the skin, especially which is prone to occurrence of acne. Moreover, chaulmoogra oil aids in balancing the sebum production. This is valuable oil that possesses lipolytic properties and, hence, is able to neutralize fat overloads and cellulite. When used for treating hair, chaulmoogra oil helps to get relief from irritated and sensitive scalp. At the same time, this organic oil stimulates hair growth, while reducing dandruff.

The characteristic symptoms of rheumatism include redness, swelling, pain and inflammation of the hands as well as the legs, particularly the joints. Accumulation of too much unwanted water, salt, toxic remnants owing to indigestion, fat deposits and uric acid are the main reasons for rheumatic condition, which is often talked about as an imbalance of khapa.

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Chaulmoogra oil has the ability to reduce khapa. In addition, the oil's diuretic properties aid in stimulating repeated urination, which helps the body to eliminate the excess water deposit as well as the toxic remnants via urine.

Topical application of chaulmoogra oil also includes massaging the painful areas of the body with it. You can blend two drops of this organic oil with two ml of coconut oil and two drops of chamomile oil and massage the rheumatic areas with it to get relief from pain as well as inflammation. At the same time, the analgesic properties of chaulmoogra oil help to eliminate toxic materials from the body by promoting the functioning of the kidneys.

Aside from the above mentioned abilities of chaulmoogra oil, it also possesses antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties which are of great help in healing wounds and cuts and preventing them from being infected and septic. Topical application of this organic oil helps to eliminate the detrimental microbes, which may worsen the wounds further. At the same time, this oil also helps to alleviate the pain in the affected areas.

Findings of specific studies have established that chaulmoogra oil also encloses a weak acid - 5'-methoxyhydnocarpin, which has a major role in putting off multi-drug resistance of specific bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. In fact, this bacterium is often responsible for infections and wounds becoming septic. Topical application of a mixture of one drop of chaulmoogra oil along with one drop of lavender oil and 1 ml of jojoba oil will serve like a wonder on your skin. This mixture of essential oils with chaulmoogra oil will not only help in healing acne, cuts, bruises, eczema, sores, psoriasis and wounds, but will also alleviate the pain and irritation associated with them.

Chaulmoogra oil is also effective in fighting eczema. For the uninitiated, eczema is a chronic infection of the skin, wherein the skin gradually becomes dry, cracked and itchy. Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema primarily affects small children and subsequently continues for the rest of their life. It is essential that treatment of this damaging skin ailment should begin at the initial stage so that the condition doesn’t get worse. In this case too, chaulmoogra oil works wonderfully well on the eczema wounds on the skin and effectively kills the bacteria responsible for the injurious condition.

Chaulmoogra oil is a very effective remedy for leprosy and hence it has been used extensively for this purpose from the ancient times. In fact, the efficacy of this organic oil in treating leprosy is well documented. Leprosy is a very appalling skin disease caused by bacteria. This disease is extremely injurious as it has a permanent effect on the skin, eyes, limbs as well as the nerves. What is worse is that at its worst, this disease causes several deformities in the patients; especially they often lose the actual length of their fingers as well as toes.

Chaulmoogra oil is an effective natural remedy for many skin conditions, including psoriasis. This essential organic oil is also extremely beneficial for treating psoriasis, wherein the surface of the skin becomes reddish and patchy and the patient usually have a tendency to have coarse scalp. In addition, the patient also suffers from rashes in the region of the ears, navel, genitals, elbows, knees and buttocks. Topical application of chaulmoogra oil on the affected areas not only helps to cure the skin infection, but also promotes growth of new infection-free skin.

The oil extracted from the seeds of chaulmoogra tree is highly effective in curing various skin conditions for lifetime. Moreover, use of this organic oil also serves as an important agent that provides the necessary essence for healthy and glowing skin.

This essential oil has a potent smell with effective antimicrobial properties. The best way to use this oil is to dilute it by adding other essential oils, as this would help to avoid any kind of irritation.

Chaulmoogra oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which make this organic oil perfect to make a blend with other essential oils to treat everyday pains and aches. Traditionally, this oil has been used by people to soothe irritated skin due to very cold as well as arid weather conditions. This oil is especially beneficial for rough and chapped skin during the winter months. Rubbing this oil on the skin helps to protect it from such bothersome conditions.

Chaulmoogra oil is a natural therapeutic carrier oil. This oil is produced from the seeds of chaulmoogra tree, which are native to the tropical regions in India. It is worth mentioning here that several carrier oils also offer considerable benefits helping us to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

This organic oil is especially beneficial for skin that has a tendency to develop allergic dermatitis. If you have a sensitive skin that easily or badly reacts to allergies, for instance bites, stings or any other irritant, it is advisable that you use chaulmoogra oil. Applying this oil topically onto the skin will prove to be very helpful, as it will alleviate the problems related to your sensitive skin. When you experience any allergic reaction such as redness and soreness of the skin, blisters or irritation, applying chaulmoogra oil will help to reduce the symptoms and provide relief quickly. At the same time, this oil will accelerate the normal healing course from within. The oil's antibacterial attribute will aid in putting off any further infection, which may occur owing to a bite or sting. At the same time, application of this organic oil will help to keep the skin healthy and youthful.


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