Importance Of Detoxification

What is detoxification?

In brief, the word detoxification can be defined as a technique to reduce or get rid of the toxicity of any chemical. Fortunately, our body possesses the means to perform this task. By means of various chemical reactions, the body changes toxic chemicals into compounds that are less noxious and can be easily expelled from the body.

The word 'depuration' denotes cleansing or purifying and this term may be used to precisely describe the means used by us to cleanse our body. In fact, all the words - detoxification, cleansing and balancing, are frequently used in turns. The term balancing refers to achieving equilibrium inside the body (also known as homeostasis) and it facilitates detoxification, which cleanses the body and cleansing restores the balance in the body. Such interactions within our body help to reinstate as well as sustain our health.

Who needs to detoxify?

Our body has a mechanism that helps to detoxify it naturally on a routine basis, enabling many people to maintain the requisite balance in their bodies. These are healthy people who are generally exposed to lesser toxic compounds and, hence, the accumulation of toxins in their body is less too. However, for several other people, either this natural detoxification process is very slow or their body slowly becomes overloaded with toxins following frequent exposures to such detrimental substances. Therefore, the detoxification means in their body are not able to totally purify all their body tissues and organs, which, in turn, results in an imbalance. In such instances, employing other detoxification techniques aids the body to rinse out as well as maintain a proper balance in itself by getting rid of substances that cause ailments even before the diseases are evident.

While nearly all people are likely to find the detoxification methods to be beneficial, exposure to toxic compounds affect a number of people more severely. In fact, to some extent, the consequences of the toxic chemicals are subject to genetic disparities as well as biochemical individuality.

It has been found that individuals who are overloaded with toxic compounds will show several symptoms. Nevertheless, a lot of people are actually not conscious of the fact that the symptoms endured by them may possibly be the body's note of caution. In fact, our body gives us numerous indications that it is high time for one to undergo detoxification. Such indications may include asthma, persistent respiratory problems or problems related to sinus; recurring inexplicable headaches, arthritis, joint or back pains; disgusting body smell, foul breath or even a coated tongue; mental confusion, depression, sleeplessness, lack of memory, constant tiredness or tetchiness; allergic reactions from foods or multiple allergies; gaining or losing excessive weight; and fragile nails and hair, adult acne or even psoriasis.

Contrary to some people's belief that living in an environment free from pollution, consuming organic foods grown in farms where no pesticides were used, drinking unpolluted water and inhaling clean air would keep us free of toxins, even then it would be necessary for us to undergo detoxification processes in order to get rid of the internal toxins as well as the metabolic waste products produced in our body. It has been found the individuals suffering from insignificant health disorder may frequently suffer from the burden of excessive toxic accumulation in their body. Unless the body is cleansed and balanced properly, these toxic chemicals will keep on creating health problems and these may possibly result in degenerative disease some time later in their life.

It's a question of balance

During the early days of civilization, people considered diseases to be a fall-out of a disequilibrium or lack of balance of various elements within the body. This theoretical attitude holds true even in contemporary times, because health may be perceived as a matter of maintaining the proper balance in the body. A rigorous body is an amazing mechanism that works to maintain the synchronization among the several elements with a view to sustain good health.

In order to possess a healthy body and mind we need to balance several elements and some of them are discussed briefly below.

Allergically/ Immunologically
When we have allergic reactions, they disturb the equilibrium of our body by resulting in intensification in antibodies - triggering the cells of the immune system and causing inflammation of the tissues, while the body discharges chemicals in an endeavour to cure itself.
Several hundred biochemical reactions within our body every moment make it possible for us to live. It is important that the equilibrium between acid and alkaline in the body should be within the best possible range so that the pathways for detoxification are able to function appropriately.
When the organic molecules are broken down inside the body, it liberates energy that is utilized by the cells to perform different functions. In the absence of a balance in the levels of energy, it is not possible for our body to perform its normal tasks and maintain the normal temperature of the body.
The emotional health of an individual is subject to the extent to which one's body is balanced. It is important to give as well as receive love. At the same time, feelings like anger, anxiety and grief need to be relieved by articulating them.
When there is any disequilibrium in the electrical levels in our body it results in several health disorders, including sleeping problems, severe susceptibility to changes in weather conditions, as well as symptoms when we are subjected to any electrical appliance or gadget.
Since no biochemical reaction can take place without enzymes, a shortage or surplus of every enzyme will influence the competence, pace as well as equilibrium of such biochemical reactions. Moreover, all detoxification mechanisms in our body are controlled by enzymes.
In order to sustain good health you require a home that is out of harm's way as well as a place of work having the least ecological stress and toxic substances.
Hormones are vital in a number of activities undertaken by our body, such as circulation, metabolism, managing stress, reproduction and maintaining the proper balance between water and electrolyte. Any kind of disequilibrium of hormones may have an adverse effect like decreasing these activities within the body significantly or even bringing them to a halt.
Our body encloses usual microbiological flora which facilitate various functions of the body, including digestion. Any kind of insufficiency or any excessive growth of such organisms, in addition to any contagion by pathogens, may possibly result in an imbalance as well as diseases.
Our brains generate a stable magnetic field and a magnetic field is also sent off by us into the area surrounding our body. Any type of imbalance in the magnetic field has an adverse effect on the biological sequences, for instance, the cycle related to sleep.
In order to function appropriately, repair the impaired parts as well as sustain a good health it is necessary that our body receives sufficient and balanced nutriments. If we are continuously suffering from vitamins, minerals, amino acid or essential fatty acid deficiency, it may result in severe health disorders.
To a great extent, our psychological health is dependent on appropriate balance between our emotions and our mind. When any of the health factors suffer from disequilibrium, it may also have a negative impact on our psychological health.
Our skeleton provides a structure to our body and, hence, should be appropriately aligned in order to maintain the good health as well as the balance of the body. Moreover, each cell of our body must also be correct as well as balanced from the structural point of view.
A spiritual equilibrium is essential for possessing good health. Therefore, we need to foster the perception regarding our higher self through worship, prayer and/ or meditation, subject to the beliefs of an individual. If you overlook this aspect of life, it may result in a severe disequilibrium, leading to ailments.

Our body is always undergoing a continuous development vis-à-vis biological alterations, which is dependent on stimulus received both from inside the body as well as from external sources. In fact, envisaging a properly balanced mobile developed from the above mentioned elements may help to understand the subject better. For instance, even the minimum touch on any component of the mobile results in the movement of the other elements. They restore the equilibrium by following a dissimilar, but steady position. Any major change in any portion of the mobile leads to further dynamic movement of the remaining elements and, in this case, additional time is required to obtain equilibrium. While a number of adjustments to our balance take place rather quickly - often in just a few seconds or maybe minutes, there are others that take more than a few days or even some years to take place.

Provided the stress caused by an imbalance of the body continues, it will obstruct the process involved in recuperating. Diseases are caused if the body functions turn out to be rigid, inflexible, and incapable of changing. Disentangling such imbalance as well as detecting the factors responsible for it may not only prove to be hard, but also a time consuming procedure.

Benefits of detoxification

Detoxification offers numerous benefits and it has the ability to enhance all facets related to our health. When we detoxify or cleanse the body, we may expect an improvement in the digestive process, normalization of the blood pressure levels, clearing up of sinus blockage, enhancement of our memory, clarity of thoughts and the stabilization of hormonal as well as emotional ebb and flow. Our levels of energy will also increase when there is a perfect balance in the body.

When the toxic chemicals are eliminated from the body, it fortifies the immune system, facilitating the body to deal with ordinary ailments more successfully. In addition, we may also expect that it will lead to an improvement or even complete disappearance of the chronic conditions. Besides aiding in reinstating the complete health of the body and mind, detoxification also enhances the success of any other healing therapy undertaken subsequently. In the long run, individuals sustaining an appropriate balance in their body may look forward to have a longer life span and live healthily. They are also likely to suffer from much less progressive diseases like arthritis, diabetes and even cancer. Such people are also likely to recuperate from their injuries and ailments much rapidly.

The way to health

While there are several different means to detoxify the body, in order to attain complete health it is necessary that the entire body of an individual should be attended - the body, mind, sensations as well as the spirit. In effect, therapy is an all-inclusive process involving cleansing as well as restoring the balance of the body. Individuals who have very low exposure to or accumulation of toxic chemicals will only require some detoxification techniques, and their health will also be reinstated rapidly. On the other hand, people enduring more acute/ severe health conditions would require following a further comprehensive detoxification course and they will also take much long to recuperate. In case you are suffering from any severe health condition, it is advisable that you check with an experienced medical practitioner who would be able to assist in detoxifying your entire body. It is recommended that you select a medical practitioner who is expert in several detoxification methods - capable of assisting you to purify, restore the balance and reconstruct your body.

When you have already initiated measures to detoxify as well as restore the balance of your body, it is natural that you would like to sustain the new-found mental and physical soundness. Therefore, it is important to adopt certain preventive measures too. Adopting preventive methods will help in making sure that the good health continues.

We should never forget that we ourselves are responsible for protecting our health, which is the most valuable gift bestowed on us. When we are not in sound health, it reduces our adaptability, we suffer from poor quality of life and we are hardly able to enjoy our life. Purifying and restoring the balance of the body helps to reinstate our health. Through this process we are able to learn many things and it can sometimes even turn out to be an exciting activity when we acknowledge the trials and tests in order to follow optimal health and, hence, the most superior life.


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