Detoxification Herbs

Detoxification herbs are basically aromatic as well as bitter herbs that are employed to cleanse our system of toxic and waste substances. The main emphasis is to purify the different organs and systems of our body by getting rid of the toxins and encourage healing and good health. In effect, generally aromatic as well as bitter herbs are used to cleanse the body, as they help in initiating the rinsing the systems of our body. Subsequently, herbal medicine practitioners invigorate the systems by means of using herbs that alleviate, harmonize as well as reinforce the systems.

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Several thousand herbs possess therapeutic attributes. Herbalists are familiar with the potencies and flaws of these herbs and, hence, are able to reliably foretell their deeds on any particular individual. Precisely speaking, generally approximately just a 100 herbs are used most extensively, but majority of the herbalists usually only use less than even 25 herbs.

It is possible to augment regular detoxification by using detoxifying herbs. Every herb offers particular benefits for different body parts. When many detoxifying herbs are used in conjugation, they will act in a synergy to yield the optimum results. Nevertheless, even taking any one of the detoxification herbs is also beneficial for cleaning the body. You may select any herb that is most suitable for your condition.

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It may be noted that detoxifying herbs possess the aptitude to purify the blood, digestive system, internal organs and the intestinal tract. It is possible to use these herbs in the pre-cleanse stage or during the usual cleansing therapy. However, it is always important to talk to a competent medical or herbal practitioner prior to taking any of the detoxifying herbs by yourself. Here is a word of caution: pregnant women and nursing mothers should never use detoxifying herbs.

While there are thousands of detoxifying herbs, a number of the most commonly used herbs for cleansing the body and its systems are listed below for your consideration.

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Aloe vera
This herb eliminates pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeasts as well as parasites. In addition, aloe vera also disintegrates and gets rid of dead cells as well as noxious substances, diminishes the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The standard dose of aloe vera to detoxify the digestive tract is taking one to two ounces of the herb's gel or juice every day.
Chaparral leaf
This herb possesses tonic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and astringent attributes. Chaparral leaf aids in protecting the body from parasites, combats contagions of the urinary and intestinal tracts. However, people suffering from any liver ailment or liver problem should never take this herb. Prior to taking this herb, it is important to confer a competent herbal physician since taking chaparral leaf in large doses may prove to be toxic itself.
Cascara sagrada
This herb is a common medication for treating liver disorders and gallstones. In addition, cascara sagrada facilitates in cleansing the liver and bowels and also accelerates the excretion of waste substances from the colon. For optimum results, take just a pinch of the powdered bark in tea or juice once or twice every day. The bark of cascara sagrada is appreciated extensively for its rapid-acting purgative actions. As the bark encloses bitter anthraquinone, it activates secretions of the stomach, liver, pancreas and the gall bladder.
Grapefruit seed extract
The extract obtained from grapefruit is a potent antiseptic and when exposed to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites, it helps in eliminating them. The standard dosage of this herbal product is taking capsules containing 600 mg of grapefruit extract as a detoxifying herb.
This herb encloses almost all the minerals that are essential for human well-being. Kelp helps to avert dietary deficits, rectifies the discrepancies in the body and also exerts the toxins accumulated in the body. This herb may be included in stews and soups or taken in the form of capsules as per the directions of the manufacturer for detoxification.
Milk thistle seed
The seeds of the herb milk thistle are generally used to enhance the functioning of the liver by means of activating synthesis of protein. In addition, it is a hepatoprotective (protecting the liver) agent. Milk thistle is believed to be a natural antioxidant that facilitates in detoxifying an assortment of possibly harmful noxious wastes, counting drugs, alcohols as well as a wide assortment of chemicals.
Red clover
This herb possesses gently stimulant, purifying and anti-spasmodic properties. Together with chaparral leaf, red clover is among the most extensively used detoxifying herbs. Children as well as the aged are equally able to endure this herb well, which is excellent for cleansing the respiratory tract. For optimum results, you ought to drink one to two cups of tea prepared from red clover every day.
Red raspberry leaf
The leaf of red raspberry possesses tonic and astringent attributes and helps to make the female organs stronger. In addition, it purifies the complete system. For best results, you need to drink one to two cups of tea prepared from red raspberry leaves every day with a view to detoxify your body.
This herb has tonic, demulcent, diuretic, stimulant and digestive tonic properties. To detoxify your system, you need to drink two cups of tea prepared from sarsaparilla every day or take about 25 to 50 drops of the tincture prepared from the herb every day. Here is a word of caution: never take this herb for over two consecutive weeks without giving a break for one week.
Gentian root
The gentian root possesses cholagogue (any medication that improves the flow of bile), alterative and antiseptic properties. It is intensely bitter and acts wonderfully for promoting digestive secretions. In addition, gentian root also facilitates in breaking down fats and protein. Gentian root also aids in the absorption of a number of nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B12. It also has a calming impact on the body, assisting in lessening infection as well as inflammation.
Psyllium seed
This lubricating mucilaginous (mucilage secreting) fiber is employed in the form of a mild bulking as well as a purgative agent. The seeds contain mucilage, which gets 8 to 14 times bigger in size compared to the original seeds. In effect, taking these seeds may also result in the sensation of being full and lessening an individual's craving for food. Precisely speaking, psyllium fiber functions in the form of a broom, sweeping away all toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract. If you are using psyllium seed in the form of a cleansing agent, ensure that you drink plenty of water.
This is a tall growing green leafy herb that is considered to possess natural diuretic as well as laxative properties. Alfalfa is also a wonderful resource of dietary fiber and offers natural chlorophyll, which possesses deodorizing attributes and facilitates in sweetening the breath as well as refreshes the body odours.
Licorice root
In Chinese medicine, the root of the herb licorice is also called 'the great harmonizer'. It possesses gentle purgative and nutritive attributes and is believed to revitalize the systems of the body. In addition, licorice root also comforts aggravated mucous membranes and, at the same time, provides nourishment to the adrenal glands. Taking measured doses of licorice facilitates in infusing a sense of tranquility and composure.
Oat straw
This is extremely nourishing, revitalizing as well as comforting for the nervous system and also helps in treating conditions like depression and fatigue. In addition, oat straw also helps in supplying valuable minerals to nurture the skin, bones, nails and hair.
Passionflower leaf
The leaves of the herb passionflower are very familiar for their comforting action on the nervous system. These leaves also facilitates in easing tension as well as in inhibiting the collapse of neurotransmitters (chemicals released from the nerve cells to transmit signals from one nerve to another). Additionally, passionflower leaves also facilitate in calming an aggravated bowel.
Yucca root
The root of the herb yucca is useful in the form of an alterative as well as a purgative agent. This herb facilitates in breaking down organic wastes within our body. One of the major utilities of yucca root in traditional medicine is to provide relief from inflammation related to arthritis.
Marshmallow root
This herb possesses demulcent, alterative, diuretic, revitalizing, nourishing and gentle purgative properties. Marshmallow root has a rich content of mucilage, which comforts an aggravated digestive system and, simultaneously, offers moisture to the dehydrated tissues.
Violet leaf
Violet leaf possesses anti-fungal, diuretic, alterative, demulcent as well as purgative properties. It has been proved that the use of this herb is harmless and soothing. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and beta carotene.
Slippery elm bark
This is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, slippery elm bark also possesses laxative, nourishing and demulcent properties and, therefore, facilitates in promoting healing of tissues. This, in turn, pacifies the aggravated tissues of the gastrointestinal tract. Slippery elm bark is among the extremely digestible substances known to mankind.
This herb possesses antioxidant, alterative and antiseptic properties. Capsicum (cayenne pepper) also helps in stimulating blood circulation and contains high amounts of vitamin C. Since it enhances the metabolic process, capsicum is considered to be a natural weight loss agent.
With hazel
The leaves, branches as well as the bark of this herb enclose high amounts of flavonoids that assist in healing the injured blood vessels. This herb possesses slight antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory attributes.
Mullein leaf
This herb possesses diuretic, demulcent and vulnerary (healing) properties. It helps to soothe aggravated tissues and is particularly effective for treating problems related to the respiratory system.

In addition to the herbs discussed here, there are numerous others that help to detoxify the body and its systems. For instance, the seeds of pumpkins facilitate in expelling parasites from the body and, at the same time, they are extremely nourishing, enclosing valuable linolenic acid. Similarly, Irish moss is a sort of seaweed that possesses alterative, nourishing and demulcent properties. This herb helps to soothe the aggravated/ inflamed gastrointestinal tract.

Black walnut is another effective detoxifying herb that is an alterative as well as anti-fungal agent. It helps to rid the body of parasites. The hibiscus flower too is gently anti-bacterial and possesses soothing attributes. In addition, the hibiscus flower is gently diuretic as well as anti-parasitic. The herb horsetail, which is also called shavegrass, is believed to possess anti-fungal, alterative as well as diuretic properties. This herb encloses high amounts of vital trace minerals and facilitates the healing process of damaged bones, cartilage as well as flesh.


Apart from detoxifying herbs, essential oils obtained from different plants have various effects on several systems of our body. In addition people enduring from various dissimilar health conditions may also find using essential oils beneficial. It may be noted that using the lightest and most rapidly acting essential oils is effective in treating conditions, such as depression, lassitude and/ or apathy. These essential oils neutralize physical immensity and are best for use in conditions like shock due to any type of physical or emotional distress. On the other hand, using essences having a moderate density has an effect on the metabolism as well as functioning of the body. Similarly, comparatively heavy oils, resins and gums work on the mucous membranes and are helpful for treating any chronic condition. Even the conditions related to the nerves respond excellently to this type of essential oils. However, when you are purchasing essential oils, ensure that they are diluted using any good and suitable carrier oil. Pure and genuine essential oils are available in very concentrated form and, hence, it is mandatory to dilute them prior to use.


Besides detoxifying herbs and aromatherapy, specific homeopathic medications are also effective in getting the body and its systems rid of toxic as well as waste substances. Hence, use of homeopathic remedies is recommended for the treatment of several dissimilar toxic exposures, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, insect bites/ stings and even snake bites. It may be noted that homeopathic remedies possess the aptitude to lessen the toxic consequences of several dissimilar conditions, counting emotional trauma and diarrhea. Homeopathic remedies are also effective in reinforcing the organs like the liver, the key organ for detoxification.

Homeopathic remedies can be easily used by any common person to treat simple, but serious health conditions. However, in case you are suffering from a complex, grave or chronic health condition, it is advisable that you consult a competent homeopathic practitioner.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies derive their name from the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) who developed this stream of medications using flowers of different herbs, possibly motivated by homeopathy. Dr. Bach's remedies are analogous to homeopathic medication in the sense that they are also neutral, dilute and gentle. However, dissimilar to homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower Remedies do not need potentization or have to act in accordance with the 'Law of Similars'. In fact, Dr. Bach employed the remedies prepared by him to alleviate mental tension as well as to treat attitudes. He was of the view that the primary reason for any disease was discord between the mental and spiritual characteristics of any individual. Dr. Bach believed that his remedies provided comfort, relief and calm when any individual is experiencing anxieties and brings the person closer to spirituality within, facilitating divinity within to cure the body.

Dr. Bach believed that any good physician was able to identify disease on account of attitude and moods even before the ailment shows physical signs. In fact, he treated ailments while they were still at the energy stage. Dr. Bach had a feeling that the individual, instead of the ailment, was vital and that the mental as well as emotional features of the individual showed the medical practitioner the medication required by the body. He, however, did not take any notice of the features of the ailment, but healed the person instead. As there was improvement in the patient's health, the disease disappeared.

The collection or range of Bach Flower Remedy comprises 38 remedies that are understood easily. These medications offer the spur to bring equilibrium to the mind and spirit, enabling the body to restore to health. Bach Flower Remedies are effective for treating chronic ailments, but may also be employed to cure serious health condition. A number of these remedies act profoundly to heal the original causes of the diseases, while some other treat ostensibly, providing instant respite from the symptoms. As aforementioned, Bach Flower Remedies have the aptitude to heal a number of ailments even before they show physical signs.

All the remedies that have been discussed here possess positive as well as negative characteristics, and they take care of optimistic as well as pessimistic condition of the mind and emotions. Nevertheless, since an undesirable condition is generally being healed, the remedies are related to the negative or pessimistic aspect. Despite this, the positive aspect of the remedy also wields control on the individual. In most cases, these remedies function wonderfully by themselves, but it is also possible to use them together with any conventional treatment or used to supplement any prescription.


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