Detoxification Nutrients

It is obvious that your detox system requires precise array of nutrients to enable it to function appropriately. However, it is not easy to point out exactly where the line is dividing vital detox nutrients from the nutrients that are of lesser significance. In effect, numerous nutrients are required for the appropriate detoxification of the body and also in such a complicated milieu of interconnection that so far it has been impossible for any one to furnish an explicit list of such nutrients. Hence, it is not surprising that simply akin to our health in general, the body is able to sustain appropriate detox function only in the presence of an assortment of healthy foods.

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Bearing this aspect in mind, let us examine a few of the nutrients that are straight away concerned in the detoxification process more closely.

Majority of the nutrients that are essential for the detoxification of the body are not detached units that counteract toxic substances inside the body haphazardly. Instead, our body employs them for a multifaceted collection of chemical reactions counteracting toxins and forming the detox system of the body structurally. Such chemical reactions are accomplished by a number of methods, such as synthesis of the precise detox cells within the cell as well as protective amino acids. In addition, the nutrients and antioxidant enzymes involved in providing protection to the cells - also the detox enzymes - from damage caused by oxidation mutually, the original toxic substances, and from compound agents generated throughout the detoxification process.

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It may be noted that there are several reasons for which we detoxify or cleanse our body internally. They are mainly related to our well-being, energy as well as rejuvenation and undertaken to cleanse the symptoms, cure ailments as well as avoid additional problems. A cleansing or detoxification course is perfect for facilitating us to do a re-appraisal of our lives, to get rid of addictions and abuses as well as to undertake the necessary changes in our lifestyle. The detoxification process makes us undergo withdrawal and lessens desires quite fast. And provided we are prepared, we are able to start a new life devoid of drugs as well as our addictive tendencies.

More or less each one of us require detoxifying or cleansing themselves and provide some rest to their body functions occasionally. In effect, detoxifying or cleansing is an element of a series of three nutritional activities, while the others include toning or building and maintenance or balance of the body. When you have a regular diet, without anything in excess, we will require fewer thorough detoxifications. It may be noted that the human body has an elimination cycle that functions daily, more often than not performed during the night as well as in the early morning, till the time when we take our breakfast. Nevertheless, when we consume a filling up diet that is rich in fats, dairy products, meat, processed foods as well as chemicals, it becomes all the more important to undergo a detoxification or cleansing program. Basically, our lifestyle as well as our requirements partially determine which individuals should undergo a detoxification program and at what point of time.

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There are several symptoms of toxicity and the most widespread among them may comprise exhaustion, headache, aches and pains, mucus problems, allergy symptoms, digestive disorders as well as susceptibility to ecological agents, for instance, synthetics, perfumes and chemicals. Individuals who undergo these as well as additional things on the list may possibly gain by undertaking changes in their diet or by avoiding the medication or agent, which may be somewhat responsible for the symptoms. In order to determine the precise nature of medical care, it is essential to distinguish between the symptoms of toxicity and allergic reactions.

It may be noted that vitamins as well as minerals that we obtain from our diet and nutritional supplements are necessary for the occurrence of the chemical reactions involved with the cleansing or detoxification process. In effect, detoxification of foreign chemicals (known as xenobiotics) needs great quantities of vitality and this energy as well as the requisite nutrients are normally obtained from the foods we consume. Nevertheless, provided our diet lacks in appropriate amounts of nutrients, the convergence of Phase I and Phase II enzymes, peptides and amino acids diminishes. And when the concentration of the enzymes is less, it affects the metabolism of xenobiotics - in effect, it reduces.

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Owing to the presence of body's own detoxification mechanism, our body naturally cleanses daily, and preferably, a healthy, balanced diet comprising superior grade foods would provide the requisite nutrients. Nevertheless, there are several individuals who have a very inferior quality diet or a very restricted diet as a result of which they body does not receive the appropriate amounts of the necessary vitamins and minerals for the detoxification conduits. In addition, numerous people consume refined foods, which have their original vitamins and minerals taken away or obliterated during the course of processing them. It may be noted that though a number of manufacturers also try to include the original vitamins and minerals back to the processed foods to make them more useful, such foods may still lack the original levels, quality as well as balance of the vitamins and minerals contained by these foods.

However, sometimes even taking a high quality diet may not be enough for providing the essential vitamins and minerals to our body for it to undertake the detoxification processes. Often foods that we purchase at the supermarkets are of inferior quality. On many occasions, the crops are grown on soils lacking the necessary nutrients: the foods, especially vegetables and fruits, may also be harvested while they are still immature and ripened artificially; sometimes the foods are transported for very long distances before selling them to the consumers and they may also be stored or refrigerated for prolonged periods prior to being sold. All these factors only lead to the diminishing of the vitamin as well as mineral content of these foods. In such cases, not taking nutrient supplementations to make up for the dearth of vitamins and minerals in the foods often makes it impossible for detoxification to occur at the suitable level.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, often the vitamins and minerals present in our body are obliterated by sugar, drugs, tobacco, alcohol as well as different chemicals, for instance, food preservatives and contaminants. This, in turn, results in the general worsening of health and augmented sensitivity to ailments. At the same time, the nutrients essential for the detoxification process are absent in the body. Provided an individual has a serious toxic problem, he or she may require very high levels of nutrients for the body to be able to undertake the detoxification process appropriately.


The substances that shield our cells from the harmful actions of the free radicals are called antioxidants. In fact, free radicals are volatile molecules produced by our body and have the aptitude to harm the tissues. Antioxidants, on the other hand, are effective in neutralizing the free radicals discharged by damaged tissues. Antioxidants provide protection against damages caused to the cells due to oxidation (the elimination of an electron) and combating free radicals by means of attaching to electrons discharged by them. Occasionally, antioxidants are referred to as radical foragers or also as quenchers of free radicals and may comprise all molecules that counteract free radicals. In addition, antioxidants are also capable of assisting in fighting the consequences of radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy.

It may be noted that antioxidants play an extremely vital role in detoxification process. Antioxidants are of two types or classes. The first type comprises necessary nutrients acquired from our diet or supplementation. The antioxidants that belong to the first class are as follows:

Antioxidants belonging to the second class include the enzymes that occur naturally in our body. These enzymes comprise catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase as well as glutathione S-transferase. To some extent, the production of these enzymes in our body is conditional on the supply of nutrients. Catalase and superoxide dismutase are the only enzymes among the second class of antioxidants that can be availed in the form of supplements.


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