Organ Cleansing

A number of organs, including the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and the colon, are involved in the body's detoxifying process. The cleansing or detoxifying process facilitates these organs to get back to their best possible functioning when we are under stress or over-burdened. Moreover, prior to undertaking any detoxifying course, it is essential that you ensure that these vital organs are functioning properly. In case any of these organs are not functioning appropriately, it may block the detoxification procedure resulting in further negative symptoms.

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While they are actually not organs, the blood and lymph systems play a part in the detoxifying process. In several people, these are congested and they require cleansing, as this enhances the health of the individual, besides improving the effectiveness of detoxifying their entire system.

Before you undertake to detoxify any particular organ, it is essential that you talk to your physician or healthcare provider with a view to ensure that your body is prepared to accept the cleansing and is able to deal with the processes involved. It is especially pertinent in the case of the kidneys to ensure whether they are in a position to process the enhanced load that they will require excreting. In fact, most people will require cleansing their kidney first.

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The gall bladder is one of the most vital organs of our body that stores bile, which is produced by our liver. When we eat any food, the gall bladder secretes bile with a view to facilitate digesting fats. When we take a diet that contains rich amounts of fats, animal products and cholesterol, it may result in the formation of stones inside the gall bladder, weakening its normal functioning. In addition, it also causes uneasiness and soreness, generally in the upper right portion of the abdomen. Luckily, changing our diet and pursuing an ordinary rinse has the ability to undo even the most severe symptoms related to gall stones. If the cleansing is done appropriately, the patient will hardly have the need for surgery.

In case you are suffering from gall stones, it is important for you to first modify your diet. Foods like white and red meat, fish, eggs, milk, cream, butter and additional animal products contain high amounts of cholesterol. At the same time, you need to reduce ingesting fatty foods. In addition, consume plenty of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. Vegetables are considered to be highly nourishing alternatives to animal products and they also help to augment the crucial functions all through the body. It is important to note that gall stones form only when an individual consumes fat as well as cholesterol in excess of the ability of the gall bladder and the liver to break them down. In such cases, these fat and cholesterol deposits may accumulate as well as solidify in the bile, thereby forming solidified stones of calcium, cholesterol or bilirubin, an offshoot of processing erythrocytes (red blood cells).

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Several cleanses that facilitate passage of gall stones are available these days. In almost all incidents, these different cleanses, boosted by a diet modification, are able to substitute the requirement for surgery. Nevertheless, currently gall bladder surgery has become very widespread and yet it is not necessary in most cases. However, before you use any of these cleanses it is important that you consult a healthcare professional specializing in natural foods, because, in rare cases, the comparatively large stones may possibly obstruct the biliary duct, resulting in cholitis.

Cleanses can also be a single-day affair, involving consumptions of green apples - the first thing that is done in the morning. For a single-day cleansing you need to eat just five green apples and no other food. It has been found that green apples have the ability to make the gall stones softer. In the evening and just prior to retiring to bed, you need to drink a blend prepared by mixing two-third cup olive oil and one-third cup lemon juice. It is also important to lie on the right side while sleeping. On the following morning, the stones ought to pass along with the stool with no discomfort. If required, you may do this again after a few days, while keeping an eye on your diet all the time.

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Provided you extend this process over a period of a week, it may possibly turn out to be a gentler means to influence the procedure. In this case, you should only consume green apples (also radishes, if you prefer) for five consecutive days. In addition, drink olive oil and lemon juice in measures of two tablespoons without eating anything every morning.

Other useful foods for detoxifying gall bladder

While you are undertaking the detoxifying process, it is important to completely keep away from animal products and fatty foods. Foods that are useful in the removal as well as passing gall stones include citrus fruits like lemons, lime (however, oranges are not very effective in this case), apples, pears, radishes, parsnips, turmeric and seaweed. In addition, drinking an herbal tea prepared with chamomile and ingestion of flaxseed oil may also prove to be useful.

Steps to detoxify the gallbladder

At times, our unhygienic lifestyles cause our bodies to become loaded with excess saturated fats as well as toxins. In such conditions, the liver is over-burdened and is unable to create sufficient bile to help cleanse the system. This, consecutively, results in an inflamed gallbladder. When this occurs, the patient starts experiencing various symptoms, including vomiting, nausea, fever, and soreness in the abdominal region. The crystallization of specific constituents of bile leads to the formation of gallstones. Often, this may be owing to an augmentation in the cholesterol levels in the bile. If gallstones are not treated on time, they can result in extensive harm by blocking the bile duct.

Below are some steps that you may undertake with a view to detoxify your gallbladder.

First and foremost, stay away from ingesting excessive salt, sugar, sodas and foods rich in fat, such as butter, cheese, cream, full cream milk, fried foods and eggs. You should also strictly avoid foods derived from animals, their by-products as well as processed foods, because they enclose excessive amounts of saturated fats that may eventually contribute to diseases and disorders related to the gallbladder.

In addition, ensure that your diet comprises lots of uncooked vegetables and fresh fruits. Your diet should also include legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts. To be exact, it is highly recommended that your diet should contain high amounts of fiber and be low in fat content so as to prevent the development of complications related to the gallbladder. At the same time, your diet should contain high amounts of vitamin C, for instance foods that are effective in healing gallbladder problems. Lemons; yellow, red and green bell peppers, broccoli, oranges and strawberries are some of the foods rich in vitamin C and help in curing gallbladder ailments.

You may also take an herbal drink every morning to rinse out gallstones from your body. This drink may be prepared by blending three-six cloves of organic, raw garlic, one to two inches of organic, raw ginger root and 8 oz of apple juice. Mix these herbal constituents using a blender, filter the liquid and drink it.

In addition, you will also benefit by taking superior-quality, natural supplements meant for detoxifying the gallbladder. They are useful in alleviating the soreness within the gallbladder. It is necessary for these gallbladder detoxifying supplements to contain a potent as well as effectual formula which has the ability to cleanse, cure as well as reinforce the liver in addition to the gallbladder. Besides, these supplements also ought to aid/ promote bile production. Any augmentation in bile production denotes that the body is able to rinse out the surplus cholesterol, harmful toxins, and chemical substances further efficiently. Majority of such supplements also have the aptitude to lessen the inflammation and pain due to gallstones and also help to get rid of them.

Herbal cleansing of the gallbladder

Prior to commencing the detoxification of your gall bladder, you need to ensure that your bowels are clean. You may take any herbal laxative, for instance, senna or cascara sagrada, for roughly 2 to 3 days ahead of beginning the cleansing process in order to clean your bowels. In addition, you should take 3 to 4 hyssop or hydrangea capsules two times daily for a week prior to the cleansing with a view to lessen the size or number of gallstones, if present.

Also undertake a juice fast for 2 days and do not consume anything solid during these two days. Just drink organic, unadulterated and preservative-free apple juice for 2 days before you start the cleansing process.

In general, it takes a day's time for apple juice to begin working. When you have consumed apple juice for two consecutive days, you may possibly discover tiny stones or greenish mud in the feces. Precisely speaking, apple juice contains malic acid, which is effective in breaking down bile that has become stagnant.

Some people may require a cleansing, tepid water enema during the cleansing with a view to assuage the queasiness caused by consumption of large quantities of oil together. You may use this flush again after two months.


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