Organ Cleansing

The lungs form a very important part of our respiratory tract and they are accountable for the breathing process. The lungs draw oxygen into our body and supply this vital element to all parts of our body. In the process, every day the lungs also amass plenty of toxic substances from the environment, for instance, cigarette smoke, allergens and microorganisms. Toxic substances like these not only make the lungs weaker, but also lead to breathing troubles, which, in turn, lessens the intake of oxygen by the body. However, we are fortunate that we are able to detoxify our lungs in several different ways and get rid of these contaminants.

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In order to sustain the health of your lungs, first and foremost, you need to give up smoking and also keep away from inhaling second-hand smoke from cigarettes. If you find quitting smoking difficult, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor. It is very likely that he/ she will suggest you remedy or products that would aid you in quitting smoking. In fact, cigarette smoke may result in many disorders related to the lungs, including persistent bronchitis and even lung cancer. Therefore, always carry a facial tissue papers or a clean handkerchief with you so that you are able to protect your nose and mouth when it is absolutely necessary to go to places that are not smoke-free areas and where second-hand cigarette smoke is aplenty.

Drinking a couple of cups of tea prepared with honeysuckle flower every day will help to clean the lungs, as this particular herb encourages the mucous membranes to remain hale and hearty. In addition, if Albert Leung, an herbal scientist is to be believed, honeysuckle also facilitates the lungs to get rid of mucous and pollutants. Honeysuckle tea bags are available in most Asian supermarkets as well as in any major store selling health foods.

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You may also take one rosemary tablet in dosage of 500 mg every day. This herb encloses antioxidants that may prove to be useful in enhancing the blood circulation to the lungs. Augmented blood supplies to the lungs aids in removing contaminants from the lungs to the bloodstream, from where they are filtered and subsequently excreted.

Practicing yoga or breathing exercises is another excellent way to cleanse the lungs. Select a calm place and take deep breath, while counting up to five. Next, breathe out gradually, once again counting up to five. Repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes daily. Undertaking such breathing exercises every day may prove to be helpful in making your lungs stronger as well as eliminating all environmental pollutants taken in while inhaling, for instance, cigarette smoke and smog.

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While undertaking outdoor exercises like walking, running and jogging also help in cleansing the lungs, it is also important to get sufficient fresh air every day.

Provided you are suffering from an unceasing cough that draws up phlegm, bronchitis, a continuously runny nose, wheezing or an acute sinusitis, you will benefit immensely from a lung cleanse. However, people with fluid retention problems are unlikely to be able to perform this particular lung cleanse.

Effective herbs for lung cleansing

There are assortments of herbs that are very helpful for cleansing the lungs. You may use these herbs to prepare teas, in culinary, paste them in the form of a plaster on your chest or even inhale the vapour from the hot infusion prepared with them. A number of such herbs and their effects are listed below.

While black peppercorns work to encourage circulation, comfrey aids in detoxifying the lungs as well as alleviates dry cough. Chlorella is effective for removing toxic substances by means of rinsing out heavy metals from the system. Cordyceps is another useful herb that stimulates the body to make antioxidants. Turkey Tails Mushroom extract works to support the health of the lungs, while lessening phlegm. Similarly, fenugreek melts the mucous and also eliminates all types of lung infections.

The herb grindelia also works to calm the respiratory system, while ginger root is helpful for slacken and discharging phlegm accumulated in the lungs. Horehound is an herb that aids in widening the arteries carrying blood to the lungs and, thereby, removes congestion. Lobelia also helps to unwind the lungs, while lotus root, which has extensive use in traditional Chinese medicine, promotes the functioning of the lungs. Another herb, long pepper fruit works to encourage circulation to the lungs.

Lungwort lichen is also a useful herb that alleviates asthma, bronchitis as well as all types of lung infections. You may also use mullein leaf, which is useful in providing relief from symptoms related to asthma as well as other respiratory ailments. The flower as well as the leaf of the herb sweet violet also calms the inflamed lungs, while the root of the wild American ginseng dampens as well as cleans up the lungs, in addition to providing relief from the symptoms. The pleurisy root is a wonderful expectorant that aids to bring out phlegm from the nasal as well as bronchial passages, besides invigorating the lymphatic system.


A healthy diet is important to sustain the health of our lungs. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink at least 8 to 12 glasses (each glass containing 8 oz liquid) of water, vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas as well as broth every day. At the same time, ensure that you completely stay away from all dairy as well as dairy products, as they may result in congestion. Also consume fresh fruits, vegetables containing high amounts of chlorophyll, sea vegetables, and also gluten-free grains like brown rice and millet. All these foods are alkaline and ought to be consumed in the proportion of roughly 4:1 in relation to foods that form acid in the stomach. Several foods that contain high levels of chlorophyll, for instance, chlorella, barley green and spirulina, help to augment the lung cleansing process. In addition, these foods also enhance oxygenation and aid in preventing any type of respiratory tract infection. Pitted fruits (fruits having one stone in the center) like apricots, plums and peaches are known to be beneficial for the lungs as they contain flavonoids.


Antioxidants are especially vital for the proper functioning of the lungs. Therefore, ensure that your diet includes vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, your nutrient intake should also incorporate cysteine, selenium and CoQ10.

Provided you are suffering from bronchitis or any similar lung problem, it is advisable that you should also ingest anti-infective substances like olive leaf extract, garlic or colloidal silver. Taking proteolytic enzymes between your meals will help to lessen inflammation, while taking quercetin between the meals results in a potent antihistamine effect.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are effective lung cleansers and help to provide relief from congestion as well as alleviate inflammation. You may try an herbal tea prepared with two parts of speedwell, one fraction of lungwort, one portion of lance-leaf plantain, and one portion of mullein flowers.

Combine these herbs in the appropriate ratio mentioned above and infuse one teaspoon for this mixture in 125 ml of boiling water. Filter the liquid and add some honey to it for a sweetened flavour. Sip one (250 ml) to one-and-a-half (375 ml) cups throughout the day.

You may prepare another effective lung cleansing herbal tea by mixing witch grass, shave grass and hemp nettle in equal proportions. Take a heaping teaspoon of this herbal mixture and add it to half (125 ml) cold water. Boil the mixture for about one minute and then allow it to infuse for another minute. Filter the liquid and add a little honey to it for sweetening, if you wish. Sip one (250 ml) to one-and-a-half (375 ml) cups throughout the day.

Environmental measures

Cigarette smoke and environmental pollutants only contribute to lung problems. Therefore, it is advisable that you remain on your guard regarding the environment at your place and keep away from using tobacco in all forms. In addition, take care to avoid coming in contact with pollens, dust, dust mites, molds, chemicals as well as terpenes.

You ought to be especially cautious at home and, provided you have still not started doing so, keep away from cleaning toilets or the compounds, especially if they have any type of smell. If you must undertake these tasks, you should employ an air cleaner and put on a charcoal filter mask, if required, while doing this type of work at home.

Other cleansing measures

In addition to what has been discussed above, there are a number of other initiatives that you may take to cleanse your lungs. For instance, undertaking breathing exercises is extremely beneficial to detoxify the lungs. Besides, you will also benefit by undertaking physical exercises, such as walking briskly every day - this will make you take deep breaths and speed up the process of cleansing the lungs.

Use essential oils in the form of a chest rub or inhale their steam. Inhaling essential oil vapour will help to dilute the mucus and also put an end to its production. Essential oils of eucalyptus, oregano and tea tree may be used individually or in combination for this purpose. To use the essential oils as a chest rub, add 15 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of any good base oil and massage the diluted essential oil on your chest. For inhaling the steam of the essential oils you need to add six drops of the essential oil to one quart of hot water and inhale the fumes.

You may also use homeopathic remedies that support the health of the lungs as well as those that facilitate in cleansing the lungs.


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