Organ Cleansing

It is essential for us to detoxify our blood on a regular basis. As our body takes in several types of toxic substances from foods and environment, it disturbs the functioning of our internal organs. When you cleanse or detoxify the body as well as the blood, it helps to get rid of the detrimental waste materials and toxic substances, thereby augmenting the performance of our vital organs, for instance, the liver and kidneys.

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When excessive toxins accumulate in our body, it also starts damaging the vital organs, which being to function below their usual capacity. In such situations people develop specific symptoms, such as allergic reactions, headaches, weariness, low immunity and many other health problems.

Therefore, cleansing the blood will facilitate in eliminating toxic substances and ensure better circulation, enabling the blood to transport the essential nutrients as well as oxygen to the entire body areas.

Several kinds of foods and medicines that detoxify the body as well as the blood are available and taking these helps us to eliminate the damaging toxins. Substances that assist in getting rid of toxins from the body are known as blood purifiers.

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It is vital that we maintain the purity and health of our blood system, because our body is unable to function in the absence of proper blood circulation. Besides, when the blood circulation is healthy, it ensures a sound overall health as well as the proper healing of all body parts.

As the blood circulatory system is joined together with the entire body parts, it is very natural that the body itself will begin to cleanse it whenever it can. For instance, following an effectual cleansing of the colon and detoxification of the kidneys, the blood will naturally be purified and toxins contained by it will be excreted through these parts. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to undertake routine blood cleansing processes, as it will be helpful in augmenting the strength of a more extensive detoxification process.

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However, you need to realize that no exact formulaic routines, fancy ploys or particular and unusual knowledge is needed to achieve the most potent detoxification possible. In fact, this is also true for all the aspects related to detoxification. There is a very simple formula - select an effectual means and keep on using this tool till you achieve the desired results.

There are two basic perspectives to approach blood cleansing and these entail processes that will augment circulation and rinsing out toxic substances from our circulatory system by employing herbs. In order to obtain the best results, it is advisable that you use both these approaches simultaneously.

Using hot and cold hydrotherapy is considered to be among the most potent means available to boost the circulation of blood. Other basic means of detoxifying the blood includes consumption of teas, tinctures and extracts prepared from valuable herbs.

Powerful blood detoxification herbs

Majority of the herbs that are useful for cleansing the blood may be employed separately to prepare teas. Alternatively, they may also be used in combination. A number of herbs, such as garlic and cayenne may also be ingested directly.

For detoxifying any organ or the entire body, it is generally best to make use of whatever herb is available to you. As different herbs possess dissimilar attributes, their action is most potent when they are used in combination. Nevertheless, you should never feel bothered just because you are not able to get a few herbs you would like to use for cleansing the blood. It is advisable that you do not disrupt your detoxification program simply because all the aspects of the cleansing process are not faultless. If you think that your detoxification program will not be a great success just because you are not able to get a few important herbs, it would seem like you are unable to clean your home as you do not have the wet wipes that you prefer most.

The herb burdock is considered to be a highly potent cleanser for detoxifying the total circulatory system, counting blood as well as the lymphatic system. It is also a potent herb that flushes out all toxic substances that are confined by the skin. In effect, all the parts of this herb are used for cleansing. Although the seeds and roots of burdock are used most commonly, because these two parts have a propensity to enclose high intensity of chemicals, the leaves as well as stems of this plant are also used for cleansing.

In addition, red clover is a very potent herb that helps to make the blood thinner, especially when the blood is packed with cholesterol and toxic substances. Therefore, the blood thinning action of red clover is extremely vital to ensure that our circulatory system remains healthy. The flowers, especially those having a deep purple hue, of red clover are employed for cleansing the blood. You should be very careful while purchasing red clover blossoms, because many herbal stores generally sell flowers that were collected following their peak when their color had already changed to brown. When the flowers turn brown, they generally lose much of the chemicals that are responsible for their therapeutic properties and, hence, any herbal formulation prepared with these flowers will be low-grade and less effective.

If you intend to perk up your blood and lymph circulation as well as enhance the circulatory system's health, you should opt for cayenne. This is the most potent herb for detoxification and cleansing of the blood and, therefore, very important. The efficiency of cayenne is directly related to the heat generated by the pepper. Therefore, when you are undertaking the detoxification as well as healing of the circulatory system, it is important to make use of hot peppers like habeneros. Peppers like jalapenos that are extensively used in culinary are not as good and will prove to be very less effective when used for cleansing and detoxification purposes.

A brush plant, chaparral is generally found growing in desert regions in the Mojave that lies in the southwest. This plant possesses a number of vital therapeutic properties - it is a potent antioxidant, a potent anti-cancer herb, a potent tonic for the liver and is absolutely safe for use by everyone. Prepare a potent, but bitter herbal tea or tincture using this herb and drink it as per the directions of a herbal medicine practitioner.


As in other cases of detoxification, proper diet is vital during blood cleansing too. Provided you are not suffering from any degenerative disease, it is advisable that you take a juice diet for no less than three days. People with degenerative diseases should not fast or take a juice diet, as the toxin substances let out during fasting may possibly be in excess amounts compared to what their body as well as blood are able to detoxify.

Following the fasting period, consume only unadulterated foods, especially organic foods. At the same time, you should stay away from all types of frozen, canned and processed foods. It is also advisable that you avoid foods containing additives, counting flavours, colors and preservatives. Also stay away from sugars, synthetic sweeteners, sodas as well as fried foods.

Water and teas

Besides drinking tolerated and purified water, you need to drink lots of bottled mineral water all through the day in order to keep your body alkalized and hydrated. You may also drink mild herbal teas prepared with pau d'arco and sarsaparilla, as they will help to augment the chemistry of your body and, at the same time, augment the blood cleansing process, similar to what chlorophyll does.


Intake of sufficient amounts of nutrients, especially antioxidants, is helpful in cleansing the blood. Antioxidants not only purify the blood, but also reinforce the white blood cells. In addition, taking buffered vitamin C in littlest doses all through the day will result in fast improvement. Also take enzymes with a view to assist the digestive process, especially digestion of proteins. Enzymes also work to break down partially digested proteins and organisms in the bloodstream, thereby facilitating the immune system to eventually destroy them. Probiotics are also vital for making blood as well as augmenting digestion.

Other cleansing measures

There are several other things that you may do to cleanse the blood. You may use a number of herbs that are useful for purifying the blood, for instance, burdock, Echinacea, dandelion, Oregon grape root, and red clover.

Some essential oils, such as those from cypress, rosemary and vetiver, are also effective in cleansing the blood. Add 15 drops of any of these essential oils to one ounce of suitable carrier or base oil and massage your skin with the blend. You may also use roughly 8 to 10 drops of these essential oils directly in your hot bath water and immerse yourself in it.

Undertaking aerobic massages helps to augment the oxygen level in the bloodstream, thereby helping in cleansing the blood. You may also use massage therapy to improve blood circulation. In addition, taking detoxification baths also assists in purifying the blood.

There are people who start as well as end their blood cleansing with an enema, which is effective in preventing new toxic substances from getting into the blood stream.

You may also make use of a tincture formula to detoxify the complete blood circulatory system. In fact, this herbal formula is a fundamental recipe for cleansing the blood and has been successfully used by many natural healers during the 20th century. You may prepare the tincture or tea using several herbs, while a number of herbs like cayenne pepper may be consumed in the form of a tea.

The most effectual means to store blood purifying herbs involve preparing a powerful detoxification tincture with them. Usually, the chemical potency of the dried herbs decline gradually, while fresh herbs may decompose. Provided you do not buy them from any store selling health products, it takes some effort to prepare tinctures. Nevertheless, they will last longer (sometimes for many years) and retain their potency in comparison to the fresh and dried herbs. Tinctures prepared for cleansing as well as detoxifying the blood are most potent when they are used blended with herbal teas.

You may prepare a potent blood detoxifying tincture using a combination of two portions of red clover flowers, two portions of chaparral herb plus resin, one portion of lobelia herb, one portion of fresh garlic juice, one portion of cayenne pepper, one portion of burdock herb (not compulsory, but desired), one portion of poke root (not compulsory, but desired), one portion of goldenseal root (not compulsory, but desired), and one portion of yellow dock root (not compulsory, but desired).


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