Organs Of Protection And Detoxification
The Kidneys

In all vertebrates, the kidneys are the main excretory organs. They are found in the rear of the wall of their abdomen - one kidney on either side of the vertebral column. The kidneys are shaped like beans and a particular area on the concave side of each kidney is called the hilus - the place where the renal or kidney artery goes in and the renal vein goes out. The adrenal glands are placed just resting on the kidneys. In fact, the kidneys are also known as the 'regulatory' organs, as they assist in maintaining homeostasis (a physiological equilibrium among the entire organs of the body).

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Both the kidneys comprise the outer (external) cortex as well as the inner (internal) medulla. The cortex is made up of nephrons that are basically the excretory units and receives almost 85 per cent of the entire renal blood circulation. It is worth mentioning here that each of the two kidneys comprises more than 1,000,000 nephrons! Moreover, every nephron has three distinct parts.

The first part of a nephron is made up of capillaries that are inter-related and it is the blood circulation or vascular part of the nephron. The second part is known as the glomerulus and is made up of the kidney tissues that filter the blood. The third part comprises of small tubes (called tubules) or ducts that reabsorb nearly 98 per cent to 99 per cent of the water and salts that are initially strained by the glomerulus for the body to use them again. The last tubule, which is also known as the collecting duct, distils the remaining fluid, which is excreted in the form of urine.

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The tubular component of each nephron connects with the ureter, which goes out from the side of the kidney where the renal artery and vein are present. It is the ureter that transports the urine to the balloon shaped urinary bladder, which stores urine before it is excreted from the body. The smooth muscles in the walls of the bladder spread out to contain the entire volume of urine when it enters the bladder. As the bladder swells, the receptors on the walls of the bladder are stimulated to shirk it back to its normal size and let out the urine. Subsequently, this results in the passage of urine through the urethra under voluntary control and it is eventually eliminated from the body.

The kidneys remove the waste products made in the cells, drugs, metabolic wastes (mainly the products that are broken down during metabolism of protein) and the toxic substances from the bloodstream. Besides, purifying the blood and draining out the waste substances, the kidneys also help to remove the foreign chemicals from the body as well as regulate the pH balance of the body, the electrolyte balance, calcium metabolism, balance of the fluids in the body and extra cellular volume or the fluid that circulates on the outer surface of the cells. Moreover, the kidneys also make a hormone that encourages the production of red blood cells, assists in regulating the blood pressure and has a vital role in the metabolism of vitamin D.

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It is important to note that the detoxification process is extremely vital to sustain a healthy body and mind. In fact, kidney detox or the detoxification of the kidneys is particularly essential. The process of kidney detox entails a thorough cleansing of the body for rinsing out water and other solutes as well as regulating the production of blood cells. In addition, kidney detox also helps to maintain the pH levels of blood and to completely get rid of the damaging materials from our system. The kidneys function somewhat in the same manner as any good water filter. In the case of humans, the kidneys cleanse or purify the blood in the body and simultaneously get rid of the unnecessary and waste substances. In general, the kidneys help to sustain good health and have an important function in our wellbeing.

The kidneys are vital organs that work ceaselessly round the clock and, hence, it is essential that they should be detoxified from time to time. The Chinese believe that the kidneys form the focal point of genetic energy in humans, as they are passed on to people at the time of their birth. A person has a healthy long life provided his/ her kidneys function efficiently. This is a clear indication of the fact that the detoxification of the kidneys is extremely vital.

It is very important to continue taking an appropriate detox diet if you wish to detoxify your kidneys effectively. The initial phase of any detoxification process entails lessening the intake of salt and sugar. You ought to bear in mind that excessive consumption of sugary or salty diets often disturbs the metabolism of calcium.

Instead of taking too much salt and sugar or eating processed foods, it is advisable that you incorporate freshly obtained fruit juices in your diet, as this will assist in the detoxification of the kidneys. Moreover, drinking a glassful of fresh vegetable or fruit juice goes a long way in cleansing, energizing, regenerating and building the different systems of the body, in addition to facilitating the detoxification system of the body. Organically cultivated vegetables and fruits are also excellent for the detoxification process.

As most of us are aware, water is the most excellent detoxifying agent, particularly for the kidneys. Therefore, it is important that we drink plenty of water. Ideally, an adult should drink no less than eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Drinking lots of water is beneficial in many ways. It helps to protect as well as reduce the chances of mineral salts developing into stones, which may obstruct the kidneys' filtration processes. Irrespective of the detox diet you may be taking, it is extremely important to drink lots of water, because it will help to keep the kidneys healthy as well as prevent any problems from occurring.

It is a well known fact that the juice of cranberry fruits is excellent for detoxifying the kidneys. They possess fabulous detoxifying qualities and contain a nutrient known as proanthocyanidin in elevated amounts. It is important to incorporate cranberry fruit juice in all detox diets, as proanthocyanidin is a vital antioxidant. Proanthocyanidin facilitates the removal of toxic and waste substances from the kidneys.

However, people who intend to undertake fasting to detoxify their kidneys should stay away from canned fruit and vegetable juices, as canned juices contain added sugar, in addition to several preservatives. These are detrimental for our health and have the potential to harm the kidneys. It is very easy to prepare fresh vegetable and fruit juices at your home. Homemade juices contain loads of essential nutriments, including vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition, they also contain several enzymes.

Once you have detoxified your kidneys, you will notice a number of positive health changes. Even your skin will become healthier and glow after a detox, while your eyes will be whiter and you will hardly experience any health problem. Kidney detoxification has other health benefits too, for instance it helps to alleviate arthritis, kidney dysfunctions, skin complaints, problems related to the liver, hypertension (high blood pressure), exhaustion and other different health problems. In addition, it also helps to treat specific forms of cancer and alleviate different symptoms you might be enduring.

How toxins enter the kidneys

Compared to the brain, heart and the liver, the blood circulation to the kidneys is more. Precisely speaking, the kidneys receive as much of 25 per cent of the volume of our body's entire blood. As a result, the kidneys are additionally exposed to the chemicals transported in the bloodstream. The kidneys not only reabsorb the blood received by them, but also redistribute approximately 99 per cent of the volume of blood they receive. The remaining 0.1 per cent volume of blood is filtered and turns into urine.

Protective devices

Similar to the intake of sufficient fluids, ample supplies of what is known as Phase II enzymes are said to work to protect the kidneys. Absence of adequate fluids may often lead to the formation of kidney stones, which are detrimental for our health, especially the kidneys. In addition, the precise pH regulation of the urine also works to protect the kidneys, because in the absence of optimum urine pH the chances of kidney stone formation are higher.

What is alarming is that kidney ailments can reach a somewhat advanced stage before they are detected. This is primarily because as high as 80 per cent of the functioning of the kidneys may become defunct even before the symptoms related to kidney diseases become noticeable.


The chemicals that have been made during the Phase II detoxification of the different body parts are excreted by the kidneys. In fact, substances that are soluble in lipids and nonpolar are converted into further polar substances during the Phase II detoxification. As a result, these substances become less soluble in fat and are more unlikely to be absorbed again by the tubules in the kidneys. Subsequently, these substances are made available for excretion in the form of urine.

However, the tubules also secrete a number of chemicals like ammonia and they enter the fluid present in the lumen (the interior portion of tubules) from where these chemicals are excreted from the body as constituents of urine. In addition, the cells that compose the tubules can also break down (catabolize) specific organic compounds, by this means destroying them. However, these compounds are not excreted through urination.


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