The bioflavonoid diosmin is extremely potent. It is a close relation of many types of citrus bioflavonoids like hesperidin, quercetin and rutin. Diosmin is extremely popular because it is able to support the veins as regards integrity and sufficiency; it also impacts positively on the lymphatic flow. It is of great use in treating multiple vascular problems by transforming into diosmetin in aglycone form through bacteria present in the intestines. Diosmin is highly effective in healing wounds and in treatment of dermatitis.

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Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are rich in vitamin C but they also are rich in diosmin; the latter is a flavonoid compound that is little known. It possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Diosmin is phlebotonic - it being a therapeutic agent that improves the vigour of veins thus enhancing the strength of other blood vessel types.

It came to be therapeutically used for the first time during the sixties. Diosmin is available widely as a supplement for diet. It is consumed together with hesperidin - this being another flavonoid. Another supplement named MPFF (micronized purified flavonoid fraction) contains a mixture of diosmin and hesperidin to the ratio of 9:1. Diosmin may be produced also by the extraction of hesperidin from the rinds of citrus fruits and then getting the components modified.

Diosmin can be safely used by most of the patients although doctors prescribe its use for a short period. Treatment using this drug should not exceed three months. Some of the side effects that patients could experience are headaches, diarrhea as well as abdominal pain. Diosmin could be administered jointly with hesperidin - it being another semisynthetic phlebotropic medicine.

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Typically the dosage range used of diosmin for treating hemorrhoids is as follows - 900 mg to 1350 mg. Sometimes per day it has to be taken twice or thrice for a stretch of three to four days. Smaller doses are given for hemorrhoid related relapse. Diosmin can also be given in 900 mg doses for treating leg ulcers resulted from insufficient circulation. This medicine may be administered till two months for treating ulcers of the legs.

Expecting or lactating mothers are advised to consult the physician prior to taking diosmin. Children should not take it. It could result in allergic outbreaks for some and may act at cross purposes with over-the-counter medicines and or supplements. Those desiring to opt for diosmin should in general consult the physician relating to use of any other medicines or other dietary supplements.

Health benefits

Diosmin is good for treatment of multiple blood vessel disorders - hemorrhoids, inadequate blood circulation known as venous stasis, varicose veins, bleeding or hemorrhage of the eyes and or gums. It may also be used for treating arm swelling known as lymphedema that follows surgery related to breast cancer and also for protection against toxicity of the liver. It is frequently taken combined with hesperidin.

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Diosmin can be described as a kind of chemical plant - phytochemical that is mostly located inside citrus fruits. Frequently it suffices as diet supplement and is often used to produce semisynthetic phlebotropic medicines. It has been proved that use of diosmin in treating ulcers resulting from weak leg circulation has shown positive results; however the evidence proving the efficacy of its use in these cases continues to be insufficient. Diosmin reduces inflammation by allowing the veins to normally function. In most cases its use for short periods is thought to be safe.

Diosmin is said to add strength to the walls of blood vessels and thus improving circulation. It is handy in treating multiple circulation related problems like high blood pressure, venous insufficiency that is chronic, ulcers of the legs and hemorrhoids. Sometimes it is prescribed for reducing post-operation breast cancer swelling. It can also be effective in treating ailments related to circulation linked with diabetes. Diosmin can act as a preventive for heart related problems and some kinds of cancer.

This flavonoid named diosmin is the main constituent, among others, of citrus fruits. It has been found that citrus flavonoids are protective towards nerve cells because of its quality of reducing oxidative stress.

Studies on diosmin indicate that its venous function increases flow of blood through human veins while reversing or preventing some symptoms related to chronic venous diseases. This characteristic suggests that treatment of RLS could be possible with it; however further detailed research is necessary to hold up this theory. Another plus point is that diosmin can be of use when treating diabetes. In a research dealing with rats it has been found that supplementing for as many as 45 days diosmin reduces the levels of blood glucose as well as that of hemoglobin glycolization.

The treatment of breast cancer often involves surgical removal. The operation is termed lumpectomy. In this operation multiple neighbouring lymph nodes have to be removed so as to check the spreading or metastasis. The removal of lymph node interrupts the normal flow of fluid drainage from the human arm. This causes the fluid to backup in that arm that is next to the ailing breast and thus causing the arm to swell; this is termed lymphodema (as mentioned earlier). It has been seen that diosmin supplementation helps to reduce this lymphedema following surgery of cancer in the breast.

Bioflavonoids are one of the best antioxidants for the body. In particular diosmin helps to provide protection to the liver from damages caused by toxins. This will be of great use to those suffering from toxic insult that is above normal levels. It also impacts on those undergoing detoxification regimes wherein the liver gets exposed to toxins that are removed from related tissues.

Side effects and cautions

There is the possibility that diosmin intake could kick off side effects like headaches, diarrheas as well as stomach pain. In one report diosmin use was followed by increase in levels of creatine phosphokinase as well as serum lactic dehydrogenase.

There is the possibility of diosmin interacting with other medicines like antihistamine fexofenadine, anti-epileptic medicine carbamazepine plus anticoagulant medicines also referred to as "blood thinners".

Another important point to note is that self-treating of any situation with intake of diosmin and avoiding or postponing standard treatment could result in serious consequences.

Diosmin should not be taken in problems relating to kidneys, diarrhea, high levels of calcium in human blood, sarcoidosis, and stones in kidneys, Addison's disease, Thomson disease, high doses of potassium in human blood and the like.


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