Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, chemically known as heptahydrate epsomite, derives its name from the acidic salty spring at Epsom in Surrey, England. In effect, Epsom salt is not a salt, but a chaste mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium that occurs in nature. Since long, Epsom salt has been recognized as a natural medication of several maladies, as it possesses many health benefits in addition to several uses related to beauty, domestic and gardening.

Findings of many researches have demonstrated that sulfate and magnesium are both easily soaked up through the skin, which makes Epsom salt baths a simple and perfect way to take pleasure in the incredible health benefits offered by this mineral compound. It may be noted that magnesium has many functions in the body, such as lessening inflammation, controlling the actions of more than 325 enzymes, assisting the muscles and nerves to function appropriately and also facilitating the prevention of the arteries from hardening. On the other hand, sulfates aid in enhancing the absorption of nutrients by the body, flushing out toxic substances from the body as well as alleviate migraine headaches.

You may purchase Epsom salts without any difficulty from any supermarket or drug store. These salts are cheap and resourceful and may be used for several dissimilar purposes at your home. Most of the uses of Epsom salts are related to speeding up healing, in addition to enhancing the skin quality and aiding in fundamental grooming.

Possibly, the most popular use of Epsom salts is their use in baths. Taking a bath in a tub of hot water containing two cups of Epsom salts is an idyllic way to ease tension at the end of a demanding day. In effect, taking such a bath will help to calm down the rattled nerves as well as bring back a feeling of happiness and health. This particular use of Epsom salts makes it an essential item in bathrooms across the world.

Epsom salts are also extensively used for cleansing purpose. In effect, several people utilize compounds contained in Epsom salts to scrub their skin. For this, they apply a paste prepared with Epsom salts and water to the skin and subsequently wash it away with clean and warm water. Epsom salts may be used as the basic ingredient in homemade skin masks that facilitate in curing oily skin. If you wish to make such skin masks at home, use an egg, a little amount of lemon juice and some amount of non-fat dehydrated milk along with Epsom salt, which is the base ingredient.

The mineral compounds enclosed by Epsom salts are also known to be very helpful in healing minor bruises and sprains. A simple bath with Epsom salts of the area which has been sprained or bruised helps to provide relief from the symptoms of these conditions. Precisely speaking, the bath with Epsom salts facilitates in diminishing the tenderness as well as lessens the swelling of the bruised or sprained body part. In addition, soaking the affected area, particularly if the limbs have been bruised or sprained, in warm water mixed with Epsom salts for around 20 to 30 minutes helps to ease the physical problems caused by these conditions and, at the same time, may prove to be stimulating for the mind.

People have been familiar with the marvels of Epsom salts since several centuries ago and dissimilar to other salts, Epsom salt possesses several useful/ valuable attributes which have the aptitude to unwind the body, mind and soul. The innumerable health benefits offered by Epsom salts include loosening up the nervous system, alleviates muscle tension, easing back pain and sore limbs, curing cuts, taking care of cold and congestion as well as flushing out toxic substances from the body. An easy method to alleviate stress and problems associated to stress is to absorb a tub full of hot water mixed with a number of cupful of Epsom salt.

Epsom salts comprise several miraculous health benefits. A number of these benefits are discussed below.

When one suffers from tension or stress, it drains the body of magnesium, while augmenting the adrenaline levels. Thus, when Epsom salt dissolved in warm water is soaked up through the skin, it help to reload the body's magnesium level. In addition, magnesium facilitates in the production of serotonin, a chemical naturally occurring in the brain that elevates one's mood creating a sense of tranquility as well as respite.

Findings of a number of researches have demonstrated that magnesium also helps to augment vigour and endurance by means of stimulating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production - the energy packages produced within the cells. Experts are of the view that taking a bath with warm water mixed with Epsom salts a minimum of thrice every week aids you to have an improved appearance, have a superior sensation as well as attain more vigour. It may be mentioned that magnesium ions also possess the aptitude to make you relax and diminish tetchiness by decreasing the consequences of adrenaline. Magnesium ions also help to reduce blood pressure, make you feel more comfortable or stress-free, enhance sleep and focus as well as facilitate the proper functioning of the muscles and the nerves.

It is known that taking a bath with warm water containing any Epsom salt eases pain as well as provides relief from inflammation. These attributes of Epsom salts make them valuable in treating tender muscles, migraine headaches and bronchial asthma. Moreover, it is also known that the Epsom salts help in curing cuts and decreasing the pain from childbirth. It is advisable that you blend a dense paste of Epsom salt with hot water and apply it topically to obtain calming placate. You ought to try drenching your sore, exhausted as well as stinking feet in a tub of water mixed with a cup of Epsom salt. It is important to bear in mind that Epsom salt actually makes the skin softer and even helps to combat the foul smell of the feet.

Findings of several researches have shown that Epson salt has the aptitude to control electrolytes within the body, making sure that the muscles, enzymes and nerves function properly. It is also known that magnesium is vital for the appropriate utilization of calcium by the body. It may be noted that calcium works as the principal conductor of the electric inclinations within one's body.

In addition, Epsom salts are also considered to augment the health of the heart and facilitate in preventing heart ailments and strokes by means of enhancing the circulation of blood, bringing down the blood pressures, averting blood clots, safeguarding the suppleness of the arteries as well as diminishing the unexpected deaths owing to heart attacks.

Appropriate levels of sulfates and magnesium help to enhance the effectuality of insulin within the body, assisting in reducing the risk or graveness of diabetes.

Findings of several researches have exposed that it is also possible to use Epsom salt to treat constipation. When taken internally, Epson salt works as a detoxifying agent for cleansing the colon. In effect, Epsom salt works as purgatives by enhancing the content of water in the intestines and has the aptitude to result in momentary relief from constipation. Nevertheless, it is precisely cautioned that Epsom salts ought not to be used to ease constipation unless you take the advice of a physician.

As mentioned earlier, Epsom salts contain sulfates which facilitate in flushing toxic substances and heavy metals from the cells resulting in relief from muscle pain as well as aiding the body to get rid of damaging materials. Human skin is an extremely permeable membrane and, hence, putting in the appropriate substances in our bathwater activates a process known as reverse osmosis, which helps to draw out salt as well as toxic substances from the body. If you wish to take a detoxifying bath, you ought to soak yourself for 10 minutes once a week in water with two cups of Epsom salt in your bathtub.

Alternately, you may also take a foot bath to treat your fatigued feet by including half cup of Epsom salt to warm water in a basin and soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes. If you prefer, you may also scrub away the calluses (any thickened area of the skin), in case you have any, with a pumice stone. After you have relaxed in this way for 20 minutes, dry your feet and thoroughly rub a mixture of two drops of peppermint essential oil and your preferred moisturizer, for instance coconut or shea butter, with a view to confine the moisture. However, pregnant women or people suffering from particular health problems ought to consult their physician prior to using Epsom salts.

Epsom salts are highly effective in providing relief from various health conditions, especially of the feet. Here are a few things that you may do to use Epsom salt effectively to ease your problems. To treat symptoms of athlete's foot, immerse your feet in a bath comprising Epsom salt. You may also drag out splinters by soaking the affected skin parts in an Epsom salt bath. In case you are suffering from toe problems, add some Epsom salt to hot water and soak your toes in it at least thrice every day.

Epsom salts are also effective in providing relief from the symptoms of gout, for instance lessening the swelling and tenderness. In order to alleviate the problems of gout, you should make a mixture of two to three teaspoons of Epsom salt and water in a basin and soak your affected joint/ foot in it for about 30 minutes. It is important that the water is hot enough so that you feel comfortable. Alternately, you may also add some Epsom salt in your shower or bath along with a tablespoon of olive oil or bath oil and scrub it all over your drenched skin to remove scales and keep the skin soft. Later, you need to rinse yourself meticulously.

If you desire to cleanse your face as well as exfoliate simultaneously, add half teaspoon of Epsom salt to your usual cleansing cream and softly massage it into the skin. After the massage is over wash your face with cold water. Blackheads too may be eliminated effectively using Epsom salts. Make a mixture of Epsom salt, three drops of iodine and half cup of steaming water and apply it to the blackheads using a cotton ball.

Epsom salts are also effective for hair care. Prepare a blend of one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of lemon juice and one gallon of water and cover the container allowing the mixture to settle for 24 hours. On the following day, apply the mixture to your dry hair and keep it for about 20 minutes. Subsequently shampoo your hair as usual.

Other uses of Epsom salt

In addition to the above mentioned health benefits offered by Epsom salt, this mineral compound comprising sulfates and magnesium may also be used for several other purposes. Some of them are discussed in brief below.

Preventing slugs
In order to avoid slugs, you may intersperse Epsom salts on or close to the internal entry points.
Cleaning bathroom tiles
Scrub your bathroom tiles with a mixture of equal proportions of any liquid dish detergent and Epsom salt.
Epsom salt as a hand wash
Prepare a mixture of baby oil and Epsom salt and keep it close to your sink for use as an excellent hand wash.
Fertilizing houseplants
We are all aware that almost all plants require nourishments, such as sulphur and magnesium, to remain healthy. In order to keep your houseplants, vegetables and flowers healthy, add a handful of Epsom salt once every week.
Epsom salt as insecticide
Epsom salts are also effective as natural insecticides and you may use them safely in your garden or on your lawn to eliminate plant pests.
Keeping the lawn green
When you add crystals of magnesium sulfate to the soil, it helps to supply essential nutrients to it that facilitate in avoiding yellowing or decaying leaves as well as the loss of green hue in the plants. It may be noted that magnesium forms a vital element of the chlorophyll molecules which impart the green color to plants. In order to keep your garden/ lawn green, you need to mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt to one gallon of water and shower it on the lawn. This will help in maintaining the health as well as greenery of your lawn.


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