Bach Flowers Remedies For Dogs

Essences of flowers are most appropriate to deal with issues related to any animal's emotions as well as behaviour. In fact, the most important aspect of their effective usage involves understanding your dog well. You will comprehend specific issues and also find out what is apparently prompting them by observing her more and more. This will help you to select the most appropriate essences for her from several hundred available options.

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In addition, the understanding towards the behaviour as well as the response of your dog is vital for assessing the consequences of administering a flower essence to him. Provided that you are on the same wavelength as that of your dog, you may possibly observe some fine, but distinct changes.

However, you are likely to miss these fine distinctions in case you have not spent some time to find out the root cause of the troubles. You ought to realize that flower essences are unlike huge sledge hammers that strike your dog on his head and change her in just a few days.

On the contrary, the consequences of administering essences are slow as well as mild and usually it may take a prolonged period to notice the remarkable results using the flower essences.

While administering flower essences to your dog, it is important that you should only try one of them at one time, and observe the consequences over the next some number of days. As far as the dosage of these essences in concerned, the frequency at which you administer the essences is vital compared to the amount.

Precisely speaking, you may possibly find that administering just four drops of the selected essence four times daily may work better than administering eight drops of it twice daily.

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Although people often use flower essences to deal with problems related to the behaviour of an animal, you ought to be aware of the fact that these essences are certainly not antidotes or universal remedies.

If you find that your dog is showing indications of being threatened by himself or others around him, it is important that you talk to an experienced veterinarian to exclude the medical cause first and subsequently consult an animal behaviourist (who should not be a simple trainer).

Talking from the behavioural point of view, flower essences have the aptitude to aid in prodding an animal in the appropriate direction. However, the flower essences are not a replacement for appropriate professional medical assistance.

In order to help you to get started, below are brief synopsises of some Bach's essence. Always bear in mind that these are not all the essences that are available, but they are among those that are most widely available commercially.

They are described in an alphabetical order, not essentially in the order of their importance or availability. The essences mentioned below are available in majority of the stores selling health foods and are available in small amber bottles that save them from harms caused by the actions of light.

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Rescue Remedy

In principle, Rescue Remedy is not an essence, but a blend of essences of five flowers that the English bacteriologist, homeopath and pathologist Dr. Edward Bach believed worked excellently for treating severe cases of stress. In fact, the Rescue Remedy is among the best accepted and familiar among all the essences created by Dr. Bach.

In fact, lots of people find this Bach creation to be extremely effectual when employed in a combination with a different basic essence. In other words, it has been found that the Rescue Remedy more or less works to strengthen the effects of other essences.

Dissimilar to other remedies, you can obtain the Rescue Remedy in the form of a cream that is used externally to treat cuts, burns, rashes as well as other different external sufferings. You may consider using the Rescue Remedy for any dog that has been suffering from tremendous trepidation, nervousness and/ or response to nervous tension.


This Bach remedy is especially meant for the animals that are very impassive and also those that are not very much in contact with their emotions and, hence, they generally repress their nervous tensions by expressing exaggerated affability.

You may think about administering this particular essence to dogs that are extremely enthusiastic to entertain, to the extent of ignoring their personal requirements as well as health and wellbeing.


Aspen is a Bach essence that deals with fear. In fact, fear or terror may come in various forms and Aspen is generally administered when the cause of fear is unidentified.

Similar to human beings, animals too may experience panic attacks and may delve into pacing, gasping, shuddering as well as going around. It is advisable that you consider Aspen for healing any dog that becomes nervous and astonished for reasons unknown. It may also be administered to dogs that are wary of others.


Beech is a Bach remedy suitable for animals that are unable to adjust to change properly, or get easily irritated by the actions as well as weirdness of other household members.

This remedy helps to restrain such annoyance towards other household members' behaviours and, at the same time, helps them to be more tolerant to as well as flexible to such activities. You may think about administering this Bach remedy to dogs that are always whinging or refusing to accept any newcomer in the family, irrespective of the newcomer being a human or an animal.


Centaury is possibly the most appropriate essence that deals with a wimping animal. This essence is administered to animals that are extremely unconfident regarding their personal identity and, therefore, are also very reluctant to affirm their desires and requirements.

Animals requiring this essence are those that always follow the rules and abide by those who they consider stronger as well as more authoritative compared to them. However, such wimpy behaviour may always not be beneficial for such animals.

You may consider administering this flower essence to subordinate animals that are always following the commands of a stronger and authoritative animal in your household or the weakest among a set of offspring who require learning the means to support as well as defend themselves.


Somewhat like in the case of Centaury, Cerato essence is most suitable for trying on animals that have leadership problems. Cerato helps such animals in restoring their confidence as well as assuredness and, at the same time, prevents them from looking for self-esteem or their personality by depending on others.

The flower essence is helpful in curing doubt about oneself and supports the animal to believe in his/ her individual opinions and natural feelings.

You may think about administering Cerato to a dog that is unwilling to take part in any appealing activity, for instance recreating with others of his species just because doing so takes him away from his master. In addition, you may also administer this essence to any aging dog who might be acting all the more immature as well as reliant.

Cherry Plum

There are times when some animals may act in a frenzied manner and there appears to be no reason at all for such behaviours. The Bach essence Cherry Plum deals with the basic problem that results in this type of impulsiveness, irrespective of the fact of whether such behaviour makes itself apparent in the form of an attack that has not been incited or as a distressed attempt to escape.

Cherry Plum is most effective in dealing with this type of complete as well as thorough submission to fright. You might think about administrating this flower essence to any dog that easily loses its strength of mind or responses to usual events in a violent manner - something like being tie up in a coop.

This essence may possibly also be useful for any animal that has been abused and bears the memories that had provoked panic. And these memories may be revoked quite easily for the dog to act in such a manner. Cherry Plum is also useful for a dog that suffers from phobias that have their roots in trepidation and horror.

Chestnut Bud

Humans as well as animals often get trapped in bad practice and persistent patterns. Using the essence Chestnut Bud helps in laying open one's capability to realize their past and also to alter their actions/ deeds that has turned out to be embedded as well as impulsive.

You may try this flower essence for any dog that rejects learning the trainings required to be in the household, or a dog that is suffering from a mental blockage regarding carrying out a specific order in an appropriate manner. Chestnut Bud is also beneficial for puppies that are trailing behind their other mates in the litter as far as his/ her development is concerned.


Basically, flower essences actually deal with too much deprivation, assisting an animal to be further self-reliant and less insecure or dependent on others. Chicory is a Bach essence that is also beneficial for those that have a domineering behaviour towards humans, occasionally having an over-powering impulse of taking care of them and this is manifested by aggression and an authoritative behaviour.

Chicory has the aptitude to cure another trait in these animals - exaggerated possessiveness that is encouraged by lack of confidence and self-interest.

You may try this Bach flower essence for any dog that is always attached to you, may understand any other individual's approach towards you like an intimidation, or demonstrate improper behaviour while guarding. In addition, Chicory may also be an effective remedy for dogs that are extremely defensive, barking almost at all the onlookers or even any leaf that might drop on the driveway.


The flower essence Clematis is most suited for animals that find it difficult to be present in that particular moment - usually they may be absentminded or appear to in a state of dreaminess. In fact, this type of feeling of being not in touch actually goes further than just lacking focus or simple distraction.

In reality, this is a type of looking inside the inner self of the animal, discarding whatever may be happening in the existent world around. Consider administering this Bach essence to dogs that turn out to be so cut off that they often fall asleep, or may even lack concentration while they are being trained.

Crab Apple

Animals having a poor hygiene may find the essence Crab Apple beneficial, as it has a cleansing impact. In addition, this essence is also effective in stopping compulsive grooming actions or imprudent food habits, for instance eating stool (also called coprophagy), rock in addition to soil.

You may try using this essence for any dog that happens to be a obsessive licker, is recuperating from any type of infection or has come in contact with environmental toxins.

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