Bach Flowers Remedies For Dogs - part 3

Red Chestnut

This Bach flower essence is a remedy for worries, especially for animals that are all the time apprehending what may go in the wrong next. The prevailing impetus of such animals is basically fright and worries over losing their control and this aspect frequently becomes apparent in their over-protective attitude.

You may think about administering this flower essence to any dog suffering from anxiety and who generally becomes worrisome when you are not around and they become calm only after you return.

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Rock Rose

The Bach flower essence Rock Rose deals with the feeling of fright. Irrespective of what is responsible for this feeling - normally there is a particular aspect that activates terror - Rock Rose may be employed to help terrified animals to come across a calming center within them.

You may think about using this flower essence for any dog that is intensely fearful of particular individuals and/ or events, for instance any individual who has resemblance to the dog's earlier owner who was abusive or fireworks. In fact, dogs requiring this essence become hysterical whenever they think of combating the object of their fear.

Rock Water

As we all are aware that agility as well as suppleness are vital aspects that help us to adopt to different situations. In the absence of these attributes, the animals break akin to the dried out branch of a tree when they come under pressure. The essence Rock Water deals with the lack of ability to adjust to situations, physically in addition to emotionally.

Rock Water cures rigidity in one's attitude and also assists in promoting naturalness and loosening up. Try this flower essence on a dog that has stiff and unyielding muscles and who becomes annoyed when there is any alteration in his routine, be it the environment or diet. It may also be administered to the dog that is reluctant to pick up new performances.

This essence is also useful for a dog that is obsessed with his status and is excessively prevailing as well as protective, as he turns down the idea of compromising with others, especially those he has to share his space with.

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We are familiar with people as well as animals that experience mood swings - happy and satisfied at one moment and brooding and harsh at the very next moment. The flower essence Scleranthus aids in easing this type of unpredictable or inconsistent actions, and promotes emotional stability and balance.

In addition, this essence also deals with indecisiveness, especially in animals that are unable to calm down, as they have several options at the same time, or animals that make their masters wild since they are unable to understand what these animals actually want.

Consider using Scleranthus for any dog that has an erratic character or that suffers from notable highs and lows owing to hormonal changes. As this flower essence helps to reinstate balance, it may possibly also be helpful in putting off imbalance in the inner ear, which is responsible for motion sickness.

Star of Bethlehem

While talking about the flower essence Star of Bethlehem, we need to bear in mind that it deals with shock. This essence is employed in any condition where events have occurred in such quick succession, without any prior notice and also depressingly that the animal becomes immobile.

You may think about using this Bach flower essence for any dog that has undergone distress, either physical or emotive - such as, dogs that have recently lost their masters or new mothers, and have endured deep physical hurting or had to undergo anesthesia.

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Sweet Chestnut

Occasionally, some animals endure so intense pain and tormenting that they may even prefer submission or death to combating and being defeated in the struggle. When employed in such cases, the flower essence Sweet Chestnut helps to reinstate the will power to keep trying and endure in spite of what may appear to be too overwhelming obstacles.

It cures extreme fatigue, physical as well as mental, and rekindles the optimism that there is light after darkness. Try administering this essence to a dog that has been abused cruelly or persistently and one that has spent much period in spirit-breaking surroundings of any puppy mill or a dog that mourns the loss of his companion or owner.

Often, this flower essence is employed for curing physical conditions in animals that are susceptible to a frightening and apparently erratic health condition related to the intestine - bloating.


The Bach flower essence Vervain is meant for individuals who are desperate to go and continuously require to be mobile. The use of Vervain assists such keen animals to restrain their edginess. You may consider employing this flower essence for any dog that is usually excited, frequently to the extent of apparently being hyperactive or high strung.

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This flower essence is meant for those who are domineering, bullying and prevailing by nature and always like to have things in their own way. Think about administering this flower essence to any dog that behaves brutally on the comparatively lesser overriding members of the house and wants to achieve things by means of utter strength of their will and those that are too worried over defending their turf.


One good thing about life is that it is never stagnant, but changes quite frequently. Such changes enable us to grow and become mature. However, often allowing the familiar things to go may cause problems as well as uneasiness or confusion.

Walnut is a Bach flower essence that assists us in withstanding all the changes that are natural as well as normal, in addition to facilitating the adjustment to these changes when we accept them. This flower essence may be considered for dogs that are passing through a changeover - for instance, changing homes or their owners, giving birth, receiving a new member to the family or boarding for the very first time.

Water Violet

There are several animals that are basically reclusive; apparently not keen on any interaction with humans or even other animals who may love them. Generally, they choose to endure their hurting mutely and all by themselves. In fact, when any one caresses or pets them, they are likely to shrink back from such affections.

In such cases using the flower essence Water Violet facilitates in promoting better relationships, thereby enabling an animal that is self-contained and standoffish to become more prepared to share his feelings.

Try using this flower essence on any dog that may be facing problems in becoming attached to its new owner, or maybe has begun to live in isolation from humans and, therefore, has discovered that he should not be very concerned emotionally.

White Chestnut

The Bach flower remedy is ideal for restlessness. In addition, this flower essence is also beneficial for animals that need to calm down their mind and give up compulsive as well as fixating thinking that may result in unhelpful practices and recurring actions.

White Chestnut is also helpful for animals to give up training modules that have become outdated and accept new training patterns. You may consider giving this flower essence to heal any dog that may be requiring to give up persistent habits, for instance, compulsive chewing or inflicting injury to him or to help the dog to put an end to the old training patterns and take up new trainings that have become redundant.

You may give this flower essence to a dog suffering from sleeplessness or a restive dog that finds it difficult to rest or settle down.

Wild Oat

Wild oat is a Bach flower remedy that is administered to any animal that apparently does not endeavour to attain his full potential and, by some means, is obstructed from attaining things that his human companions are aware that he is competent to achieve.

Wild Oat is also called the pioneering essence and assists in driving out the absence of relationship and offers a feeling regarding direction.

You may try this flower essence on any dog that is simply not able to locate its position or one that is abandoning a career, for instance, a lengthy as well as a successful career engaged in search and rescue or performance in shows, which has largely been responsible for the dog's identity.

Wild Rose

The Bach flower remedy Wild Rose fights lack of concern in an individual and, at the same time, it helps to bring back one's love for life. In addition, it is also effective in restoring a person's keenness as well as concern to connect to the world outside.

You may try administering this flower essence to treat any dog that appears to be apathetic to anything happening around him or to grown-up dogs that are complaining the introduction of a new puppy into the house. Wild Rose is also an appropriate remedy for dogs recuperating from any chronic ailment or those that appear to be suffering from a depression that deteriorates without any detectable cause.


Similar to some persons, a number of animals always appear to have got out of the bed on the wrong side. Such people as well as animals are irritable, brooding and frequently malicious, especially when they have a feeling that they have not been able to have their way.

On the other hand, they may possibly just be too emotional and take all things personally in addition to react excessively. You may consider using this flower essence for curing any dog that appears to strike back by tearing down or devastating something in the household or by refusing to be affectionate.

In addition, this Bach flower essence is also an appropriate option for curing a dog that requires overcoming bitterness regarding the manner he has been dealt with previously.

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