Prune Juice

Prune juice is obtained from prunes (also known as dried plums). When the plums become dry, the nutrient concentration in them, particularly an active component known as sorbitol, increases. Prune juice is produces in large scale and it is usually produced by via the hot extraction method. The concentrated juice is normally produces by employing the low-temperature method. Some use prune juice in the form of a dietary supplement to serve as a laxative. In addition, occasionally, prune juice is also used to enhance the flavour of tobacco products. It also forms a constituent of various types of cocktails.

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Ideally, water is added to prune juice to dilute its tart flavour and make the taste more nourishing. Prune juice is also a popular product that helps to ease constipation. As prune juice contains many antioxidants, it also offers several other health benefits. In addition, it contains both soluble as well as insoluble dietary fibers.

Health benefits

It is well known that taking prune juice helps to activate the digestive system. Studies undertaken by a team of researchers at the Chicago-based University of Illinois on plums as well as its various products such as prune juice suggested that they help in putting off constipation. Furthermore, a review undertaken in 2014 on the benefits of consuming prunes on the functioning of the gastrointestinal (GI) system revealed that prunes as well as prune juice may also be better compared to psyllium to enhance frequency of stools and stool consistency. However, further detailed research is needed to corroborate the earlier findings and ascertain the manner in which prunes can be useful.

The findings of a study undertaken in 2007 and carried in the Nutrition Research journal showed that prune juice possesses laxative properties on individual who has gastrointestinal symptoms.

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A research study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology on the health benefits of prune extracts showed that this juice contains ethanol compound which can aid in restraining the proliferation of carcinogenic cells. At the same time, the ethanol compound in prune juice has the ability to reduce the chances of developing colon cancer.

Currently, further research is being undertaken on the prune juice's antioxidant actions on various other forms of cancer too.

Since prune juice is an excellent source of iron, it has the ability to prevent health issues related to iron deficiency such as anemia and its symptoms including depression, fatigue and shortness of breath.

In addition, prune juice is also loaded with antioxidants, which help to reduce the chances of developing heart disease. The antioxidants present in prune juice helps to thwart cholesterol from being oxidized. At the same time, it prevents the build-up of cholesterol (plaques) inside the arteries. Moreover, prune juice encloses reasonable amount of potassium, which aids in bringing down high blood pressure.

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It also contains high amounts of dietary fiber which serves as food for the "good" or "beneficial" bacteria found in our large intestine. These "beneficial" bacteria help to ferment the insoluble fiber in prune juice to produce propionic acid, butyric acid and acetic acid. It is well known that propionic acid helps to reduce the actions of enzymes that are responsible for cholesterol production. In this way, they also help in reducing the cholesterol levels in our blood stream.

Among other benefits of taking prune juice is its ability to aid in sustaining the production of two major enzymes in our liver - which includes alanine aminotransferase (ALT). Alanine aminotransferase works to break down the ingested food to generate energy. When our liver is damaged, it augments the levels of ATL in the blood stream, which, in turn, increases the blood levels. Prune juice also helps to control the production of this enzyme and, in this way; it endorses the health of the liver. In addition, prune juice aids in treating conditions related to the liver, such as hepatitis.

The juice extracted from prunes also contains some amount of iron, which is essential for red blood cell (erythrocyte) production. In turn, it helps in boosting the blood circulation and supply additional oxygen as well as nutrients to the different body areas where they are needed most. At the same time, presence of additional oxygen and nutrients help to enhance the energy levels of our body.

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Prune juice contains various B vitamins which aid in boosting the metabolism of our body. This, in turn, aids in promoting the production of hormones and enzymes.

This juice encloses high concentration of a variety of nutrients and also aids in releasing a hormone known as leptin. Leptin is necessary because it tells our body that it’s full and we do not need to eat more. This is especially beneficial for people who are keen to lose weight. In other words, prune juice can suppress appetite and is useful for people on weight loss regimen.

As prune juice encloses various essential minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and others, it is also beneficial for the health of our skin. Taking prune juice regularly helps to make our skin youthful and glowing. In fact, vitamin A is particularly vital for reducing problems related to the skin and it also supports the health of our skin. Vitamin A helps to get rid of toxic substances from the skin, thereby preventing the occurrence of acne, fine lines on the face and wrinkles. On the other hand, the essential minerals in prune juice help to moisturize the skin. People whose skin is extremely dry or oily can apply this juice in the form of a facial mask. It can also be applied topically on the skin in other places. Doing so would help in keeping the skin revitalized, soft and smooth.

Prune juice also contains vitamin C, which is useful for the health of your hair. Vitamins B and C work to put off any damage to your hair and, at the same time, make sure that the hair follicles are strong right from the roots. All these nutrients also nurture the hair giving it a shiny and lustrous appearance. Moreover, they also encourage growth of healthy new hair.

The variety of essential minerals present in prune juice is a clear indication of the fact that taking this juice on a regular basis also helps to increase the bone density and, at the same time thwart the occurrence of osteoporosis. This is especially vital for people as they age. This is one reason why the older generation prefers prune juice.

Together, B vitamins, vitamin C and the antioxidants in prune juice make it an essential nutrient for our brain as well as the nerves. They work together to improve the functioning of our brain and the nerves. At the same time, these nutrients possess the ability to get rid of oxidative stress and reduce the chances of developing neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

Some of the common skin problems that afflict the youth as well as adults include acne and pimples. Drinking prune juice helps to minimize the occurrence of such skin-related problems. In addition, prune juice is also said to possess colon cleansing properties. Therefore, it is essential to include this juice in your diet every week to ensure that your stomach remains healthy and clean. This is because, drinking prune juice helps to flush out all waste and toxic substances that are usually responsible for various skin problems.

It is well known that vitamins are essential for our skin as they work wonders in maintaining the health of our skin. Since prune juice is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C, drinking a glass of this juice will help to boost up your body with important vitamins. This will also help you to not depend on additional vitamin supplements to remain fit and healthy and ensure that your skin looks youthful.

Plums are amazing fruits that are reputed for their great moisturizing properties which have a positive impact on the human skin. People with excessive dry or oily skin can topically apply a prune in the form of a face mask. This is a wonderful face pack that is very beneficial as it makes the skin smooth and soft. At the same time, it revitalized the skin.

The health benefits of prune juice are attributed to the presence of a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, essential minerals and other nutriments in it. The vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin C are beneficial for the health of your hair. These nutrients help to make the hair follicles stronger from the roots and, at the same time, prevent any damage and breakage.

Minerals also have an important role in providing nutriments to the scalp as well as your hair. They are essential to nurture the hair roots, thereby promoting healthy hair growth. In addition, they give your hair a lustrous and shiny look.

Many people across the globe also use prune juice in the form of a natural coloring agent. They give your hair a glossy color.

Prune juice is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. It also helps to prevent the disease. This juice contains soluble dietary fiber that helps to normalize the levels of blood sugar by lessening rate of the food leaving the stomach and also by inhibiting the body's ability to take up glucose from the blood stream. In addition, the soluble fibers present in prune juice help to enhance insulin sensitivity. In all these ways, drinking prune juice helps to prevent diabetes.

Aside from helping to ease constipation, prune juice also known to be effective in preventing hemorrhoids. In fact, hemorrhoids occur when the blood vessels become dilated owing to the strain caused by hard bowel movement or constipation.

Last, but not the least important - prune juice is a wonderful source of energy. Ideally, you should incorporate prune juice in your weight loss diet for the juice to work at its best. Moreover, the soluble fiber in prune juice helps to increase bulk in your diet so that you feel full. This will prevent you from overeating - an ideal way to lose some extra flab.


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