Rutin belongs to a class of plant secondary metabolites called flavonoids that are also known as rutoside, sophorin and quercetin-3-rutinoside. Rutin is a bioflavonoid, at times mentioned as vitamin P, which comprises citron, hesperidin and eriodictyl and is essential for assimilating vitamin C. In fact, bioflavonoids, such as quercetin and hesperidin, are quite identical to the composition of rutin and, hence, several experts agree that rutin and quercetin actually work in tandem by harmonizing each other. Hence, it is suggested that rutin and quercetin are taken collectively. In fact, bioflavonoids are becoming increasingly popular owing to their high nutritional value and positive health value. Hence, it is not surprising that rutin is always present in extremely nourishing foods, for instance, red apples, broccoli, citrus, onions and even different teas. Rutin is normally available as a supplement and consumed easily. Since our bodies are unable to produce bioflavonoids, it is essential to include them in our diets in order to remain in the pink of health.

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Ingestion of rutin is said to have numerous health benefits. Experts assert that rutin enhances the effectiveness of vitamin C, betters the health of our eyes, fortifies the delicate capillaries, lowers the intensity of cholesterol in our blood stream, perks up the circulation system as well as works as an antioxidant. Latest researches on the subject suggest that bioflavonoids may prove to be a significant aspect in protecting us from insidious assaults as well as deadly diseases.

Rutin is present is numerous plants, particularly buckwheat, while black tea and apple peels also have rich contents of this nutrient. In fact, the flavonoid called rutin is actually a flavonol glycoside including flavonol quercetin as well as the disaccharide called rutinose. As mentioned earlier, this flavonoid is believed to be a vital nourishing supplement as it is able to make the capillaries stronger. This action of rutin actually alleviates the suffering of people enduring high blood pressure (hypertension), arteriosclerosis (coagulation of the arteries) and venous deficiency. This nourishing agent belongs to the category of plant chemicals that also comprise the imperative catechins present in green tea as well as the polyphenols found in red wine. It may be mentioned here that latest researches on rutin have established that the bioflavonoids are also potent antioxidants that help us to combat the harmful free radicals produced by our body. In fact, it has been found that the free radicals are responsible for almost 90 per cent of all the ailments suffered by humans, including deadly diseases like cancer, stroke, arteriosclerosis as well as disorientation or senility caused by advancing age.

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In fact, rutin contributes much to vegetables and fruits. This bioflavonoid is responsible for endowing fruits and vegetables with color and flavor. In addition, it does a lot more positive things to the plants. Actually, bioflavonoids are supposed to work in tandem and hence, it is common that supplements containing rutin mostly include other bioflavonoids like hesperidin and quercetin. As mentioned earlier, generally all bioflavonoids, especially rutin, are capable of making the capillaries - the most minuscule blood vessels, stronger. In addition, rutin is necessary for our body to enable it to appropriately soak up and utilize vitamin C. Rutin also helps in sustaining collagen - the tissue just below the skin, which sustains the epidermis, the external strata of our skin cells.

While rutin is very useful for our general health, it is especially used as a popular remedy for allergies. Numerous researches on rutin have established that this nutrient is able to inhibit the discharge of histamine - a compound secreted by mast cells (large granular cells) that set off frequent allergic reactions, including stuffy nose. Actually, rutin is usually incorporated in particular anti-allergy preparations intended to alleviate asthma as well as hay fever symptoms (an acute allergic rhinitis). Many people using these preparations find them very useful and do not experience any adverse side effects of the medication, including dry mouth or stupor, which are common side effects caused by several medications intended to neutralize histamine.

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Owing to its aptitude to make the capillaries stronger, rutin has also proved to be effectual in treating bruises, varicose veins resulted due to failing in the blood vessels and hemorrhoids - swelling of the veins in the anus and rectum. In addition, similar to other flavonoids, rutin also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, the nutrient also demonstrates antimicrobial, antiviral and anticancer actions.

Considering the use of rutin for the health of our eyes, when used in combination with other conventional medications, this bioflavonoid is believed to boost the wholeness of the capillaries as well as assist in reducing the ocular pressure. In fact, the extract obtained from bilberry possesses extremely high rutin content and may be useful in treating diabetic retinopathy. Rutin has also been found to be highly beneficial in fighting cataracts, macular degeneration, which is considered to be the most widespread reason for blindness, especially among the aged people, as well as the damage caused to the retina by the free radicals. It has been found that the antioxidant property of rutin is responsible for combating the damage caused by free radicals and this, in turn, helps to prevent cataract and other types of visual harm.

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The flavonoid rutin is said to boost the wholeness or integrity of the capillaries by working in harmony with vitamin C and, thus, saves as well as maintains the structure (its property of being permeable) and potency of the capillaries from any harm. This activity of rutin is considered to be highly beneficial for capillary weakness that may result to easy staining and bleeding as well as venous deficiency as seen in conditions like spider veins and varicose veins. It is also believed that this bioflavonoid reduces the symptoms related to drawn out bleeding and assists in healing conditions such as hemorrhage and bleeding gums.

This flavonoid offers numerous other health benefits, including steadying the collagen medium in the body by thwarting free radicals from causing any harm to it. It may be mentioned here that collagen is an important protein responsible for providing structure to our body. In fact, collagen develops molecular cables that make the tendons stronger and the immense flexible sheets that sustain the skin and the internal organs. Taking supplements containing rutin facilitates the support required for the vital utility of our body.

Similar to all other bioflavonoids, rutin is also considered to be an excellent source of natural antioxidants that work as foragers for the harmful free radicals. Rutin hunts for unsound molecules that are generated in the process of the oxygen utilization by the body and overwhelm them. These unstable molecules produced by our body have the potential to harm healthy tissues and cells. Such actions of this flavonoid have a positive influence on developing a strong immune system that is able to combat all insidious contagions. A number of researches undertaken recently have hinted that consuming supplements containing flavonoids is likely to be of great help in fighting detrimental attacks by microbes transmitting infections.

Contemporary studies maintain that supplements containing the flavonoid rutin possibly will uphold the intensity of healthy cholesterol in the bloodstream and, thereby, encourage better circulation and may even lower hypertension. Again, similar to other bioflavonoids, rutin is widely utilized to treat injuries sustained by athletics. This is primarily owing to the fact that the bioflavonoids are believed to alleviate the soreness of knocks and damages. In addition, bioflavonoids are also said to diminish tenderness in the legs or throughout the back and are also capable of alleviating the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition typified by pain and numbing or tingling feelings in the hand and caused by firmness of a nerve in the carpal tunnel at the wrist).

Before wrapping up the topic, the main properties and utilities of rutin need to be emphasized on once again. As discussed earlier, rutin is in the class of bioflavonoids and it offers numerous indispensable sustaining molecules for the assimilation of vitamins into the human body. It is necessary to take rutin at the time of our meals in order to obtain the utmost advantage offered by this bioflavonoid. Amelioration of rutin avoids disintegration of vitamin C in our body prior to it being metabolized and, at the same time, increases the enhancement of the immune system by the bioflavonoid in our body. Although rutin is often referred to as vitamin P, to be precise, this bioflavonoid is not a vitamin. It is present in abundance in several vegetables, fruits, herbal plants, nuts and other vegetative substances. It is important to note that since our body is unable to manufacture bioflavonoids, it is essential that we take sufficient amounts of this nutrient through our foods.

As mentioned before, bioflavonoids are actually a type of flavonoids that comprise rutin, quercetin, hesperidin, citron and eriodictyl and all of them are indispensable for our body to absorb vitamin C. In fact, bioflavonoids and vitamin C ought to be taken in combination in order to help them function in a synergy as well as help the body to obtain the maximum benefits from these nutrients. While all citrus fruits are rich in bioflavonoid content, other foods, such as nuts, buckwheat, peppers, apricot, blackberries, cherries, black currants, grapes, plums, rose hips and prunes also possess substantial amounts of bioflavonoids. In fact, buckwheat encloses the maximum amount of bioflavonoids. In addition to the above mentioned foods, a number of herbal plants, such as chervil, hawthorn berry, elderberry, shepherd's purse and horsetail, are also excellent source of bioflavonoids.

In fact, scientists have been conducting researches with flavonoids ever since the 1940s and have now unanimously accepted that these nutrients have potent antioxidant properties. People are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of flavonoids, as the vast number of researches being conducted every year on the harmful consequences of free radicals is becoming more and more apparent. In fact, flavonoids are highly effective in neutralizing the free radicals produced by our body that are responsible for almost 90 per cent of all human ailments.


From Dave - Jan-20-2016
The Harvard Medical Gazette posted an article back in 2012 that references the research done on rutin as a better way to mitigate blood clots, fibrin, and other aspects of the arteries and capillaries. The results of their studies overwhelming support rutin in favours of anti-quad for the above mentioned issues. But this research has not taken root in the medical community, from all indications. Rutin can cleanse the circulatory system as proposed by the Harvard Medical Establishment. You can do a search for this article and related discussion of the efficacy of rutin, as opposed to the dangerous alternatives for blood clots. Rutin is one of many miracles of nature, but this information has not impacted on the medical community. The FDA may reclassify rutin as a pharmaceutical according to one article on the net. Best to have a good supply of it before the pharmaceutical industry takes this flavonoid away from us.
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