Shark Cartilage

Cartilage is a strong, rather supple tissue that is present mostly in the joints of numerous animals, counting humans. Nevertheless, the skeleton of a shark is composed totally of cartilage, instead of bones.

It has been found that the cartilage of shark contains a compound, which at least laboratory tests have shown to possess anti-cancer consequences. It may be mentioned here that formation of new blood vessels are needed for any tumor to develop since they feed the tumors. Biologically, this process is known as angiogenesis. Any substance hindering the blood circulation to the tumor cells actually prevents the growth of cancer and ultimately eliminates the tumor. It is thought that the cartilage of shark encloses glycoprotein compounds that have an anti-cancer impact.

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It is believed that the cartilage of shark helps to alleviate inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. However, shark cartilage is more familiar as a remedy for cancer. It is thought to inhibit the development of the tumors already in existence as well as put off the development of new cancerous tumors. Shark cartilage encloses considerable quantities of a compound called chondroitin sulfate, which has in itself shown to have the potential to be an effective remedy for arthritis. This possibly explains why shark cartilage is effective in providing respite from inflammation and pain due to arthritis.

A group of researchers in Canada have discovered that when a therapeutic preparation using shark cartilage is applied to the skin, it showed anti-inflammatory results. Findings of an animal study undertaken by scientists in Brazil discovered that the shark cartilage had the aptitude to alleviate pain. Way back in the 1970, studies undertaken in laboratories, discovered that shark cartilage also possessed anti-cancer attributes. However, studies undertaken on humans have not demonstrated such promises. In effect, majority of the proof of the efficacy of shark cartilage is founded on references or testimonials, instead of scientific findings. It may be noted here that a study undertaken with as many as 60 patients enduring various types of cancer in advanced stages had received wide publicity. Every day these patients were administered doses of shark cartilage in powdered form for 12 consecutive weeks. Among them, five people died during the course of the study, while none of the patients experienced any lessening in their tumor size despite being treated with shark cartilage.

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Although advocators of shark cartilage have also asserted that it is useful in treating viral diseases, particularly herpes infections and HIV, but these are yet to be proved scientifically. Several researchers claim that when shark cartilage is taken orally, it is actually digested by the acids in the stomach and, hence, it is unlikely that people would benefit by using shark cartilage in this manner.

Shark cartilage is obtained from sharks, which are trapped for food or from among the non-endangered species, for instance, the dogfish shark. Nevertheless, a number of ecologists are worried that killing the sharks extensively is actually diminishing the numbers of this sea animal all over the world.

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Majority of the shark cartilage is obtained from the head and fins of the dead animal. Subsequently, the cartilages are dried up and pulverized into powder and used to make tablets and capsules in varying dosages of 250 mg to 800 mg. In addition, shark cartilage is also marketed in its liquid and powder forms, while in a number of countries, shark cartilage is administered in an injection form. Since shark cartilage is never homogenized, it is likely that the quantity of glycoprotein compound enclosed by shark cartilage will differ to a great extent in different products. Although it may seem to be incredible, a number of shark cartilage products do not enclose any amount of shark cartilage at all! Again, a number of products sold in the market are diluted by adding cow cartilage, which is also being researched by scientists as a potential anti-cancer agent. Hence, in order to get the dosage of shark cartilage that is normally used in researches, it would be necessary to take as many as 40 or even more non-prescription capsules containing shark cartilage every day. According to a number of experts, the active elements in shark cartilage are unlikely to be effective when the products are taken orally.

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While using shark cartilage does not generally cause any adverse effects, a number of people using it have said that it leaves an awful taste in the mouth and that they have experienced gastrointestinal disorders, exhaustion and nausea. As shark cartilage is believed to work by thwarting the formation of new blood vessels, it may prove to be detrimental if it is used by pregnant women or children, patients who have undergone surgery or any individual who has sustained any injury in recent time that has not healed completely.

In recent times, shark cartilage has become popular in the form of a nutritional supplement on the basis of reports that sharks never develop cancer and when the cartilage obtained from sharks is used in the form of a dietary supplement, it is effective in countering cancerous growth. However, the truth is that sharks also develop caner and yet there is no scientific proof that taking shark cartilage in any form avoids cancerous growth in humans.

However, it needs to be mentioned that any probable medical as well as health benefits that are obtained from using shark cartilage is primarily owing to its low molecular weight. Such potential advantages of using shark cartilage are being researched by scientists now. Nevertheless, it is now well-known that the low weight molecules contained by shark cartilage have anti-angiogenic (preventing timorous growth) actions and they slow down metalloproteinase - actions that would elucidate any therapeutic consequences possessed by shark cartilage. In addition, a number of substances enclosed by shark cartilage have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions in laboratory researches. Such anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant advantages of using shark cartilage may perhaps be accountable for every medical symptoms related to using shark cartilage supplements.


As mentioned earlier, shark skeleton is composed of cartilage that is actually a thick variety of connective tissue. The cartilage obtained from the shark's fins and head is dried up and subsequently pulverized into powder to prepare nourishing dietary supplements. Many people believe that shark cartilage offers health as well as healing benefits and it has been used by people since the primeval Roman era. It has been found that shark cartilage comprises calcium, protein, sulfur, collagen and mucopolysaccharides.

It is believed that shark cartilage is packed with health benefits and already there is a vast market for shark cartilage products in the form of a treatment for cancer. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the United States, however, rejects such claims and has classified shark cartilage simply in the form of a nourishing dietary supplement.

In addition, it is thought that shark cartilage also encloses specific substances that slow down the formation of new blood cells that cultivate as well as promote cancerous growth. These actions of shark cartilage are presumed to actually stop the circulation of blood to tumors that are cancerous in nature and this leads to the contraction of the tumors, thereby safeguarding the healthy tissues in the vicinity. Characteristically, shark cartilage is said to regulate the development of prostate, pancreatic, ovarian and cervical cancers, since these types of cancers rely on a arrangement of blood vessels in order to carry on.

Cancer always relies on the patient to provide it with nourishments it requires to spread, and it obtains this power from the blood vessels. It is widely thought that use of shark cartilage control the supply of nutrients as well as the mellowness of the specific blood vessels that the cancer cells require to harm the body, especially the healthy cells. When the dietary supplement containing shark cartilage is taken straight away, it helps to lessen the size of the cancer tumors in such a manner that the healthy tissues in the vicinity are protected and helps them to remain in a healthy form.

In addition, using shark cartilage supplements also facilitates in diminishing the pain and inflammation in the joints, especially those caused by arthritis. Shark cartilage is said to lessen acute pain or dysfunction of the joints. In effect, it is believed that use of shark cartilage is effective in treating enteritis, an inflammation in the lining of the bowel.

The oral as well as intravenous dosages of shark cartilage are presumed to regulate the uncharacteristic development of the minute capillaries that devastate the cartilage in our joints and result in pain as well as joint destruction in the case of arthritis. In effect, the cartilage functions in the similar way as it does in combating cancer - by slowing down the formation and development of such blood vessels and in doing so, degenerating the irregular minute capillaries.

It is thought that the symptoms of psoriasis, a skin disorder involving the thickening as well as shedding of the skin, are largely owing to the anomalous functioning of the capillaries. Using shark cartilage supplements cuts out the development of such capillaries and results in the reduction of the abnormal minute blood capillaries.

The abnormal formation of the blood capillaries is believed to be responsible for the symptoms of psoriasis, for instance the thickening as well as flaking of the skin. Such blood capillaries are necessarily similar to those of your normal blood vessels and the use of dietary supplements enclosing shark cartilage has the aptitude to obstruct the formation as well as development of these capillaries. Present day treatments for psoriasis result in significant adverse effects as well as nuances, counting them being too much untidy and reeking. On the other hand, use of shark cartilage supplements has very few side effects, in case there are any.

Since supplements containing the cartilage of sharks have a rich content of calcium and proteins, it may be taken internally to help in perking up our immune system. In effect, ailments that are associated with the alterations in the large molecules are cured using shark cartilage supplements, since they enclose mucopolysaccharides. Shark cartilage supplements are also known to facilitate in the treatment of asthma, eczema, poison oak, hemorrhoids as well as emphysema.

The intestinal linings are a principal component of our digestive system and they always need to undergo continuous deterioration owing to the total digestive process. Toxic substances as well as free radicals that exist together with the ingested foods only add to such damage. Use of shark cartilage supplements facilitates in safeguarding, mending as well as restoring the intestinal walls for superior performance.

Shark cartilage supplements are also said to be effective for treating glaucoma - an acute ailment of the eyes that may result in the loss of eye sight owing to damage to optic nerves. In effect, such damage to the eyes is mainly owing to the augmentation of intraocular pressure. Using shark cartilage also safeguards the eyes by means of regulating the increasing pressure in the eyes.

While scientists are still studying the health benefits of shark cartilage owing to its supposed therapeutic and curative attributes, over the years, this substance has already gained immense popularity and is thought to facilitate in the treatment of ailments in the form of an alternative medication. However, it is advisable that prior to beginning treatment with shark cartilage supplements, it is essential to confer with your physician.

It may be noted that shark cartilage is a common analgesic for an assortment health conditions, ranging from external applications for skin developments to oral intake to alleviate muscle pains. Chondroitin sulfate present in shark cartilage functions in the form of a buffer in the case of pain. Similar attributes have the aptitude to heal injuries by speeding up the healing process. A number of people use supplements containing shark cartilage to perk up the immune system. In addition, shark cartilage may also be used to treat macular degeneration - another health benefit offered by this substance.


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