Succinic Acid

Succinic acid (also known as amber acid) is an odourless, colorless, water-soluble crystal. It has a molecular formula of C4H6O4 and has an acidic taste. Succinic acid has a number of uses, including as a chemical intermediate, manufacture of lacquers, medicine production and also to make perfume esters. In addition, succinic acid is used in foods in the form of a sequestrant, a neutralizing agent and also a buffer. In fact, it is a common intermediary metabolite. Succinic acid is also a constituent of citric acid cycle and is naturally present in human urine.

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For centuries, people in Europe have used succinic acid or amber acid in the form of a natural antibiotic and also as a common curative. It is worth mentioning here that succinic acid comprises a major part of the natural Baltic amber. In fact, natural Baltic amber encloses about 8 percent of succinic acid by weight. It also occurs naturally in plant as well as animal tissues.

Succinic acid is vital for our body, as it is utilized in the Krebs Cycle, which takes part in the intermediary metabolic process. It is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes the dangerous free radicals and also counteracts any disorder regarding to the cardiac rhythm. It has been found that succinic acid facilitates the recovery of neural system and, at the same time, boosts the immune system. In addition, succinic acid aids in recompensing energy drain from the body as well as the brain. It helps to promote alertness, improve concentration and reflexes, in addition to diminishing stress.

The Europeans had identified the magical curative ability of amber. In fact, they used succinic acid or amber acid for things for which we use an antibiotic today.

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In ancient times, people wore necklaces and bracelets made from natural Baltic amber. These were made from amber stones and chips that generally washed ashore from the Baltic Sea. These people believed that these amber stones and chips possessed supernatural remedial powers. However, it is certain that the ancients had no idea that these stones and chips had a high concentration of succinic acid. All that they knew was that these stones had magical powers and cured many of their ailments.

The ancients also used amber in various other forms. They prepared medicines from amber powder, stones and chips. In addition, they applied oil extracted from amber onto their bodies to cure various ailments as well as to inhibit the natural aging process. They burnt amber chips and oils with a view to enhance the air in their houses to repel various insects, including mosquitoes, flies and other organisms.

Albert the Great, a Dominican monk who was born in 1193, named Natural Baltic amber as Succinium and claimed that it was amongst the most effective medications of that period. People also prepared amber tinctures from water, wine and even beer. In fact, they found these tinctures to be effective in curing everything that ranged from stomach aches to rheumatism.

In the Middle Ages when plague wrecked havoc in most regions of Europe, people use amber for fumigation. In fact, burning amber is aromatic as well as irritating. This is mainly owing to the presence of elevated levels of succinic acid in amber smoke.

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Europeans who were more modern utilized the remedial properties of amber in several different ways. After identifying the antibiotic properties of amber, these Europeans have continued to use it in various forms. They use it as baby teething necklaces, amber baby teethers, pipe mouthpieces and even spoons. During the 17th century, aristocrats in Europe started brewing tea in special containers made from amber.

In the 20th century, scientists and military doctors in Europe were instrumental in leading the way to follow up the ancient knowledge of using Natural Baltic amber. They discovered that amber was able to help in boosting the immune system of our body, especially after an individual is exposed to radiation due to industrial accidents. They also found that amber helped to immune system to fight against infections, aid in curing hangovers and also neutralize toxins.

Health benefits

For several centuries, people in Europe have been using succinic acid or amber acid in the form of a natural antibiotic and also as a common remedy for multiple conditions. Succinic acid is not only very useful, but also stable, non-toxic and harmless for humans. In addition, it naturally occurs in plant as well as animal tissues. You can use succinic acid to make a wide assortment of products for that are used in our everyday life, such as food and flavour additives, synthetic leather, personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical compounds and many others.

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The special properties possessed by succinic acid helps to get relief from anxiety and stress. In fact, it is said that stress is primarily responsible for various physical and mental health problems. This acid works to get rid of the root cause of stress, as it stimulates the brain and triggers it to function normally as well as optimally.

Succinic acid plays a vital role in protecting the cells of our body from degeneration and our organs from various ailments and aging prematurely. Various things like alcohol, smoking and bad habits can have a negative effect on our body owing to environmental pollution. This, in turn, results in the creation of harmful free radicals. However, succinic acid can help our cells to breathe faster and remain healthy as this acid encloses "unused" oxygen.

Finding of studies undertaken in the recent past have shown that succinic acid possesses the ability to promote cellular respiration. In addition, it aids in glucose metabolism in the body, thereby enabling our body to function at its best. When the cells in our body are able to absorb oxygen and utilize it for generating energy, we have enough energy to perform our functions and, at the same time, remain fit and healthy every time.

Succinic acid has several positive effects on our body and one of them is the benefits it offers for our cardiovascular health. In fact, our heart requires plenty of energy because it keeps pumping blood constantly throughout our life. Therefore, the heart needs loads of energy to carry out its function optimally. Every time the cardiac muscles contract, they use up lots of energy. Various nutrients and oxygen reach the cardiac muscles via the blood. Succinic acid or amber acid facilitates this process and helps the heart to function optimally. In addition, this acid works to normalize metabolism as well as the functioning of the nervous system.

Succinic acid is highly beneficial for pregnant women as it helps in hormonal changes with no alterations in the immune system. In addition, it decreases toxicity, erases the complications and provides strength to expectant mothers.

Succinic acid also makes the blood-tissue barrier stronger, thereby shielding the fetus from all adverse effects and germs.

This acid also helps in regulating cardiomyocyte. In other words, succinic acid facilitates the heart to pump blood in a proper manner. This is particularly beneficial for people who have been enduring any cardiovascular problem. It is said that succinic acid or amber acid also helps in preventing heart attacks.

It is worth mentioning here that succinic acid is among the best as well as fast-acting antioxidants that occur naturally. Every person wants to look young than their actual age and also prevail over their work load. Using succinic acid or amber acid helps to achieve both. It helps to make your appearance youthful as it prevents premature aging and the onset of the signs associated with aging normally. Moreover, when you work very hard, you require plenty of energy and this acid helps to provide the body with sufficient energy by rejuvenating the cells and also helping the cells to breathe easily by supplying enough oxygen. This, in turn, makes you feel better.

While the name succinic acid actually suggests something different, it is, in fact, anti-inflammatory and, at the same time, encloses many antioxidants. In addition, succinic acid possesses a variety of properties that help to ease pain. In fact, many people who endure different types of pain wear amber on their wrists or the areas affected with a view to get relief from pain.

It is interesting to note that before people recognized the various healing properties of succinic acid, the use of amber was surrounded by many superstitions. Some people were of the belief that Baltic amber or succinic acid possessed the ability to shut out evil spirits, which they believed were responsible for colds and flu. Later, these superstitions proved to be true because use of amber or succinic acid actually helps in reinforcing the immune system. This, in turn, decreases the chances of contracting cold as well as flu.

Succinic acid is also very beneficial for babies. It is possible the babies get one of the major health benefits of succinic acid, as it helps to alleviate the colicky symptoms in teething infants. It is well known that babies endure constant pain when they start teething. When you make a necklace of amber stones and make a baby wear it, with the stones touching the baby's skin closely, these magical stones release succinic acid, which is absorbed by the skin of the baby. When this happens it brings on a calming effect on the babies.


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