Acupressure - part 2

The acupoints

An acupoint may be described as a spot in the body having augmented sensitivity as well as a potent effect and is found through the length of an acupuncture meridian. Precisely speaking, altogether there are more than 360 acupoints found on all the meridians throughout our body and scientists are continuously discovering new acupoints. The separate acupoints possess an express as well as precise effect on separate organs or the systems of the body. A number of these acupoints are more potent compared to others and generally, the more powerful acupoints are widely utilized while performing acupressure therapy.

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It may be noted that each acupoint has a specific number and name depending on the meridian on which it is found as well as the internal organ related to it. Most acupoints happen to be bilateral, denoting that they are found on both sides of the human body. Hence, it is important to apply acupressure to both the energy points belonging to the same pair. Other acupoints that are found on the spine or the body's midline are basically solitary points and do not have a pair. The precise position of every acupoint is portrayed vis-à-vis the body part where it is found as well as its relative position to the muscles, bones or tendons. In fact, majority of the acupoints are found in tiny depressions or hollows present on the body between the muscles, bones or tendons.

Practicing acupressure

For people who are still not convinced about the benefits of acupressure, this technique of self-health is not only safe, but also helpful and appropriate for all - the only thing is that one should be eager to learn and practice this technique. Both, the common man as well as medical practitioners are able to use acupressure successfully in the form of an add-on to the treatment they are already receiving or providing. Additionally, acupressure may be applied to people of any age - right from infants to the aged people. Here is a word of caution. Whenever you give yourself or others acupressure, initially you should apply gentle pressures using your fingertips of the thumb with a view to understand the sensitivity as well as the reactions of the body to the acupoint. At the same time, keep in mind that you should take very alert notes regarding precautions and contradictions of applying acupressure.

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Practicing acupressure is not only easy, but convenient to people who are keen to learn the techniques of this self-health therapy. While we have already mentioned that acupressure may be applied to people of all ages, except in some cases, one can also practice acupressure at any place and at which ever time it suits the practitioner. However, it needs to be noted that acupressure should not be practiced directly while one is eating or when the person is very hungry or exhausted. Acupressure needs to be practiced a minimum of an hour after having a meal. Alternately, you may take a slight snack and take some rest and then practice acupressure. It is ideal to practice acupressure when you are at ease and relaxed and preferably in a tranquil, warm and properly ventilated room. When the weather conditions are conducive, you may also practice acupressure outdoors.

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It is important to note that the duration for which acupressure should be applied solely depends on the sensitivity of the individual as well as the extent of health or imbalance in the person receiving acupressure. Normally, applying acupressure for about one to three minutes is adequate and it has been found that small periods of acupressure is considered to be far more effectual compared to applying acupressure for extended periods with uneven breaks. In the event of an individual suffering from severe health conditions or intense pain or uneasiness, it is advisable to repeat applying acupressure at regular intervals of one to two hours for the whole day. And as the condition of the patient improves, the frequency of applying acupressure may be lessened to around thrice every day and eventually it ought to be given twice or thrice every week to sustain the improvement as well as avoid the recurrence of the problem. In case of persistent problems or health conditions, applying acupressure on a regular basis for twice or thrice every week for many weeks or even months is ought to result in improvement in the patient's health condition.

Prior to beginning to apply acupressure, it is advisable to take a stretch and unwind the body for a few minutes. In addition, the person ought to take deep breaths and release any type of mental anxiety or apprehensions. In addition, it is also important to loosen any tight-fitting clothes that the individual may be wearing, as this will help him/ her to be in a comfortable position. Also rub the palms of the hand together to warm them up.

Applying acupressure on others

Practicing the techniques of acupressure regularly would gradually make one self-assured as well as proficient enough to begin finding the acupoints on the bodies of other individuals. In fact, they would be in a position to assist others to enhance their health, alleviate common illnesses as well as learn to make use of this self-health therapy for them too. Any such individual may also ask other people proficient in this technique to give them acupressure and the experience would not only be comforting, but also pleasurable. In addition, it would be useful for those acupoints which one may find difficulty in reaching, for instance the acupoints located on the back.

It is interesting to note that several children possess the natural knack for acupressure. In fact, children find it easier to find the acupoints and also take pleasure in receiving acupressure. Besides, they are excellent in optimistic visualization and do not have any problem in receiving its usefulness. It may be mentioned here that acupressure is basically a very potent self-help means for people suffering from debility or ill health and it may also be a pleasurable as well as useful form of interface when acupressure is given by people other than self. Acupressure is especially beneficial for aged people to alleviate pains or uneasiness, mobilize joints and also sustain good health and happiness.

Contradictions and precautions

There are a number of precautions that ought to be followed while giving acupressure therapy to any individual. For instance, it is never advisable to use acupressure when an individual in an inebriated state owing to consumption of alcohol or to people who are under the influence of non-medicinal remedies. In addition, extreme care ought to be adopted while using acupressure on an extremely feeble, sensitive or weary individual. In this case, the practitioner should be careful enough only to apply gentle pressure till the person has regained strength and vigor.

Acupressure practitioners should also be cautious not to apply any strong pressure on all the acupoints on a pregnant woman. This is solely because such points are basically made use of to help in labor and childbirth. The practitioner should only apply gentle pressure on these points using the touch of his/her fingertips or thumb.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that one should never apply acupressure straightaway on wounds, cuts, bruises, scars or veins. In such cases, pressure should be applied in the areas adjoining the injury sites.

Checking with a specialist

It is possible to use the methods of acupressure safely by any individual with the purpose of sustaining as well as supporting one's health. In addition, acupressure may also be applied to cure common diseases or as a first-aid treatment in emergency situations. Nevertheless, it needs to be underlined that by no way does acupressure substitute for the conventional finding as well as treating serious health conditions. In case you are suffering from any chronic medical problem that has been bothering you excessively, it is advisable that you check in with a medical practitioner or professional healthcare provider for expert advice. Additionally, if any woman is receiving acupressure therapy during pregnancy, childbirth or post-partum care, it is essential for her to receive acupressure treatment under the guidance of a professional and expert acupuncturist or an expert acupressure practitioner as they would be able to keep an eye on the progress of the patient.

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