Acupressure Workout

Performing acupressure workout is not a very difficult task. It can be performed while standing or even sitting on the floor, in a chair or on a bed. While performing acupressure workout you ought to take your own time and remain comfortable or stress-free, while continuing to breathe freely all through. Generally, the entire workout session should be around 15-20 minutes. However, if you choose, you may prolong it by spending additional time on concentrating on your breathing and visualization at each acupoint.

To start with, draw out your body and take a few profound breaths. Prior to starting the acupressure workout, ensure that you are comfortable and free from all types of mental stress and anxieties. It is advisable not to start performing the workout right away following a meal or when you may be fatigued or hungry. It is preferable to take a small snack or rest for some time before beginning the acupressure workout. Massage your palms gently together and perform a few gentle stretches of the finger and hand along with wrist exercises to get into the mood before starting acupressure workout. In case you are wearing any tight clothing, loosen them up to be in a relaxed position. In addition, rub your hands simultaneously to warm them up.

It is important to apply pressure to the bilateral acupoints located on both sides of the body, barring the Governor and Conception Vessel points on the front as well as the back of the spine of the body. It is recommended to start applying acupressure initially on all the acupoints on the left side of the body and subsequently to the points on the right side. When you repeat the performance, you should first apply pressure on the acupoints on the right side of the body and then proceed to the points on the left side.

When you change the side that you begin performing acupressure workout with in such a manner would facilitate in sustaining the equilibrium of the body. While you are practicing, frequently make sure that you are still stress-free, comfortable and are taking deep breaths. Last, but not the least, always bear in mind that you should first locate the acupoint accurately and then start applying pressure.

Lung 7: The respiratory system

If you are performing acupressure workout to treat the respiratory system, pressure should be applied on the acupoints on the inner side of the wrist, at a distance of two fingers' width from the crease of the wrist and nearest to the palm on the side of the thumb in the dent at the back the bone.
In this case, the technique involved in applying pressure to the points is by employing the thumb of the opposite hand to first touch the point and subsequently apply mild pressure beneath the skin. The angle of the movement of the thumb should be somewhat down in the direction of the thumb and the wrist. You may either apply continuous pressure or use small massage by rotary movements of the thumb to the acupoint. The fingers of the same hand should be placed under the wrist to provide support. Keep on applying pressure to the point for about 30 seconds to one minute. All through you should breathe in a pattern and visualize the lungs to be vigorous and strong. Then, repeat the same procedure on the point on the other wrist.
The benefits of this particular acupressure workout include strengthening the respiratory system as a whole. In addition, it also assists in avoiding as well as providing relief from common respiratory ailments, such as colds, coughs, breathing problems and congestion.

Heart 7: Circulation and heart function

This point is found on the exterior periphery of the first crease nearest to the palm of the wrist. To locate this point, employ your palm upwards in the dented plane with the little finger.
In order to perform this acupressure workout support the wrist of one hand using the fingers of another hand and find the acupoint using your thumb of the other hand. Exert pressure with the thumb towards the little finger for around 30 seconds or one minute. You may employ continuous pressure or use small rotary massage movements to the point. When you have completed the workout on one hand (usually the left), repeat the process on the other wrist (the right one).
Performing this acupressure workout helps to enhance circulation, make the functioning of the heart stronger and, at the same time, brings peace to the mind. It is also extremely effectual in easing nervousness as well as sleeplessness or insomnia. In addition, this acupressure workout may also be performed to alleviate minor chest pain as well as palpitations. Nevertheless, in case someone is suffering from these conditions, it is necessary for them to consult a medical practitioner before performing this acupressure workout.

Ear massage: Lymph and hormonal systems

In order to perform the ear massage acupressure workout that benefits the lymph and hormonal systems, you need to apply acupressure for around 30 seconds to one minute to each ear. It is interesting to note that our ear is packed with several hundred minute micro-acupoints that are related to almost all parts of our body. Hence, applying acupressure to the ear normally invigorates all the internal organs as well as the different body systems facilitating in maintaining a balance in these organs and systems. In addition, ear massage also motivates the lymph as well as hormonal systems, while making the immune system stronger.

To perform this acupressure workout, employ the nail of the index or middle finger. However, prior to applying pressure to the acupoints with the nails, you should be sure that the edges of your nails are smooth as well as clean. Initially, apply mild pressure on the exterior borders of the ears. Start working from the base of the ear lobes and move up to the top of the ear, while positioning one thumb at the back of the ear to provide support. It is important to remember that the thumb ought to move with the fingernails in such a manner that they are behind the ear all the time supporting the pressure applied with the nails. Make use of gentle and soft movements that will make you feel at ease. While applying pressure to the ears, ensure that you breathe usually and, at the same time, envisage sound health and energy all through the entire body. Once you have performed the workout on the outside edges of the ears, repeat the process or same movements on the internal surface of the ears. This time too, you need to start working from the base and move to the top.

It may be noted that applying acupressure to the ears is the perfect way to conclude your acupressure workout. In addition, this can also be performed separately at any time of the day to energize and stimulate you.

When you have completed the entire acupressure workout, you should stretch your arms on top of your head, stretch the back as well as the legs and inhale deeply. While exhaling you should relax the stretched body parts. Repeat this process thrice.

In order to be sure that your hands and wrists are stress-free, shake them out after you have completed the acupressure workout. In case you have been applying tranquil/ mild pressure, ensure that your fingers are not feeling tired or aching. In the initial stages, when you are not accustomed to the acupressure techniques, it is easier to apply excessive pressure or to have stress in the hands and fingers, which may later result in aches in those body parts. In case you are suffering from such troubles, stretch each finger gently and when you perform the acupressure workout again, you ought to apply lighter pressure and continuously ensure that your hands are not stressed during or after the workout is over.

In fact, when the workout is completed, you should always have a revitalized feeling and be energized in the mind and body. In addition, all your internal organs should be ready to function effectively and smoothly. If you perform acupressure workout on a regular basis, it ought to make you feel more vigorous as well as comfortable. When you perform acupressure workout regularly, you will possible observe that you are suffering lesser from minor illnesses and have an augmented feeling of being healthy and happy. It is recommended that you try to perform the workout every day for a month and then gauge the effects for yourself. Regular performance of acupressure workout will make you more skilful and, at the same time, you will experience an increase in self-consciousness as well as sensitivity. This will, in turn, make the workout all the more effectual and useful.



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