There is an ancient adage that says 'Water is life'. Unfortunately, in contemporary times most of us have become oblivious of the wise saying and have a tendency to pay no attention to the importance of water. As a result, most of us look somewhere else for the magical element that would help to enhance energy, vigor and health enabling to increase our life span. However, most of us tend to forget that the answer to wellbeing and long life is something very ordinary - water. In fact, the day we all are able to comprehend the entire importance of water, we will possess all the answers to the different processes of all life.

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It may be noted that water is not self-reliant and inaccessible substance, but its attributes rely on its circumstance - the structure of water facilitates it to act in response to other different molecules. It has been properly documented by anthropologists that in a number of regions across the globe, people appear to age unhurriedly and remain healthy till they are well past 100 years old. In these parts of the world people have hardly heard of degenerative ailments.

One such region, where people have been remaining healthy for over 100 years and where degenerative diseases were practically non-existent, is the Karakoram Mountains located in the north of Pakistan inhabited by Hunza people, while another one is the hilly region of Ecuador. Water in Hunza is actually the water obtained by melting ice from the prehistoric glaciers - water that has been confined for several million years. In all probability, this is the purest form of water found anywhere across the globe.

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The Hunza people consume this pure water throughout their life and, as a result, they not only live longer, but are also very healthy. In effect, the water drunk by Hunza people does not enclose any of the common mineral salts present in mountain springs or well water, since the water has not passed through the hydrological cycle or water cycle (constant movement of water on, above as well as underneath the earth's surface) so as to pick up minerals and other substances along its journey. Majority of the water we find today, encloses mineral salts. But minute mineral clusters comprising a high amount of silicates and carbon are found suspended in Hunza water. This combination forms a perfect composition that is effective in sustaining as well as augmenting life span.

In school, all children are taught that water is a chemical compound containing two simple as well as plentiful constituents - a dipole (a pair of opposed poles) molecule containing two hydrogen (H) atoms that are positively charged and an oxygen (O) atom that is negatively charged. While the formula of water (H2O) appears to be very simple, in effect, its structure is quite intricate.

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It is interesting to note that so far scientists have identified or found as many as 36 dissimilar types of water, each having different amalgamation of hydrogen and oxygen, and variants of 'heavy' and 'light' water. However, this is actually an exclusively academic area for most people. Therefore, it is not only suitable, but also too simple to refer to water just as H2O. However, the fact is that very small amount of water is actually H2O. This is basically the 'base' water that collects different mineral salts in the course of its journey in water cycle. Precisely speaking, just the distilled water, which scientists denote as the pure form of water, is in reality H2O.

Liquid water is actually active as well as disordered, on the move every time in curves and twirls. The molecules of water squeezed together are continuously changing order, eagerly taking apart and reorganizing themselves in the region of other molecules. In spite of the every changing variability of water, its arrangement is extremely strong. In effect, the molecules of water are amalgamated by means of hydrogen bonds, which are more adjustable in comparison to other chemical bonds. These bonds are sufficiently powerful to bind, but frail enough to dismantle simply. In fact, these bonds actually possess the hint to the actions of water, while they draw together as well as take to bits several million times every second, rearranging every time in an extremely accurate structure.

The illustration of a solitary water molecule appears similar to the head of a Mickey Mouse, a big circle (denoting the oxygen atom) and two relatively smaller circles (denoting the two hydrogen atoms) in specifically ranged arrangements. It may be noted that all molecules of water desire to form a three-dimensional configuration with their neighbours. In effect, liquid water is composed of several billion minute structures that resemble crystals - the more crystalline the arrangement is, the improved the water will be.

Every human being is mostly composed of water and it is the means for all physical as well as chemical transformations in our body. While a new born infant's body comprises approximately 97 per cent or water, the body of a hale and hearty adult contains around 75 per cent water. And as people get older, they generally dehydrated with the proportion of water in their body decreasing to about 65 per cent. Talking about individual body parts, the brain contains 75 per cent water, the bones have 22 per cent water and even our tooth enamel comprises approximately two per cent of water. In fact, the human body is a mass of delicately tuned biological as well as chemical reactions, depending on the notable attributes of water for life. Human beings rely on water as a means for transportation of blood and other substances; as a catalyst and also to preserve the body temperature. In addition, water is also a major supplier of nourishments or electrical impulses.

The human body is composed of several trillions of cells that are detached and packed with diluted fluid. The balance of this body fluid is vital for our wellbeing. In effect, any individual is able to survive for several weeks without consuming any solid food, but he/ she will dehydrate and succumb to it within a few days. Precisely speaking, the fluid level in our body is directly related to our energy levels. For instance, even a loss of two per cent water that encircles the cells in our body (extracellular water) may denote a 20 per cent decline in the energy level of an individual. It is essential for every one of us to drink water every day with a view to sustain our health.

In effect, there is nothing that is vaguely controversial regarding this, as our wellbeing relies on the electronic swap over or energy exchange in our body. This exchange is basically contingent on water - and on the vigor of the water that we drink. Water contained by our cells and that surrounding them ought to have the correct polarization to catch the proper ions of sodium, magnesium, potassium as well as other substances that feed the inside of the cells in order to enable us to perform our normal functions. It may be noted that the polarization of water is reliant on the positive ion swap over of the minerals present in the water. The balance of sodium and potassium in our body is delicately tuned - these two elements ascertaining a vital dynamic tension. Lessening of any one of these elements would decrease the aptitude of a cell to react and, this in turn, will affect the essential acid/ alkali balance in the body, among other things.

Any healthy or vigorous cell intakes nourishments from the water surrounding the cell and the internal and external water are balanced by means of a process called osmosis through the membrane of the cell wall. It is important that the cellular water encircling the cell ought to be of a weaker intensity compared to that inside the cell in order to facilitate the outer water to take away the toxic substances present in the inner cellular water. In case the water we consume is packed with electrolytic conductor - too much of specific minerals and toxic substances, for instance, heavy metals that cannot be soaked up by the body, it will have an adverse effect on the polarity of the extracellular water, so much so that may even reverse the osmosis process resulting in the development of life-threatening diseases like cancer.

The wellbeing of the cells in our body is basically sustained by a continuous process of regeneration. Anything that obstructs or hinders with this process results in cellular deterioration or degeneration of the cells - leading to ailments, ill-health as well as ageing. Hence, it is essential to drink unpolluted and healthy water because more complex the contaminants present in water, the more problematic it becomes to purify the cells, regenerate cells and also to transport nourishments to different parts of our body. Precisely speaking, there exists a direct connection between the extent of the cleanliness of the drinking water, effectual cell regeneration in humans as well as ageing.

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