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Apart from collecting as well as transmitting molecular information, water also transmits exceptionally imperceptible energies. In the 1960s, Bernard Grad, a Canadian scientist, undertook several experimentations on healer-treated water (water used in treating any patient) and established that water sustained by spiritual naturopaths possessed an encouraging impact on the germination of seeds. He also confirmed that water which had remained in contact with any mentally depressed patient resulted in an opposite consequence. Hence, it has been established that water was capable of transmitting positive as well as negative energies. While scientifically analyzing the water used by a healer to treat a patient, he discovered that the angle of hydrogen bond of the water molecule had endured a restrained, but noticeable change.

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Movement of water is one of the crucial aspects that influence the energy of water, while temperature is the second factor. The thermal inertia of water denotes that the temperature of water is not affected easily by any trivial changes in the atmospheric temperature. Nevertheless, even very little changes in the temperature of water may result in remarkable transformations in the manner water works. For instance, a mere change of 0.1°C (1°F) has the aptitude to influence the manner in which our bodies act and this may even give a hint regarding the beginning of ailments - such a minute variation in water temperature may result in significant effects on the vigor and wellbeing of an individual. Factually as well as symbolically, water is actually the earth's blood.

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It may be noted that when water is cool and most compact, the condition just prior to freezing, it travels the fastest. In addition, water is changing continuously and, hence, water flowing through a warm and sunny valley will transform as soon as it gushes through a dark and forested clearing. Water is most energetic when it comes from a chilly and shaded source. When water is cool, it is most energetic as well as amenable to picking up as well as to pass on physical and lively information to the mass surrounding it.

It is practically impossible to detach the understated and material attributes of water. In effect, both these attributes are an essential part of the life force of water. Physical information has an influence on water. Water receives energy from its movement and cadence at specific temperatures enabling it to hold information as physical substances as well as pulsations from material and magnetic sphere. All these are pertinent and interconnected too.

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Vigorous water requires an assortment of mineral salts as well as trace elements in order to sustain the water healthy and nourish the human body by means of their chemical and electrical makeup. If there is an absence of minerals in the water that we drink, it may lead to health problems. Similarly, drinking water that contains excessive of wrong types of minerals may also result in health disorders. Therefore, it is important that all of us get a supply of water that is healthy as well as balanced in terms of mineral content.

The excellence of water is usually dependent on several issues, especially at which stage of its cycle we are using it. Water that is most suited for use may be classified in six groups or as six different types - rain water, distilled water, ground water, surface water, juvenile water and genuine spring water. Unfortunately, sea water, which comprises around 97 per cent of the entire water found on the surface of earth, is not suitable for domestic use - at least not in its natural form.

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Distilled water
Although scientists describe distilled water as the most pure form of water, it is not available in nature anywhere and it also does not enclose any material/ mineral. Being blank water devoid of adding anything to it, distilled water forms the basis for several homeopathic as well as other vibration treatments. The purity of distilled water denotes that it absorbs anything and everything that comes in its contact, looking for soaking up minerals as well as nourishments wherever it may stumble on them. It is not advisable to drink large amounts of distilled water, as it has the aptitude to percolate essential nutrients, trace elements as well as other constituents from an individual's body. However, at times, distilled water may be used as a temporary laxative with a view to get rid of the undue toxic substances from the body.
Often, distilled water is categorized as immature or underdeveloped water since it does not possess the fine energies that are responsible for our wellbeing. In addition, distilled water does not have any history, any reminiscence of water from glaciers or mountainous pools, rapidly flowing currents or winding conduits, sunshine, minerals of the earth, shady locales or any other powers that have an influence on the vigor of water.
Ground water
Generally, it is better to consume ground water, since it is obtained from deep inside the ground. Before coming to the surface, ground water has to pass through a variety of subversive channels and streams and it matures while traveling because on its way it absorbs several trace elements, besides several minerals that are useful for our health. However, it is also a fact that these days some ground water may be polluted by effluence as well as chemical overflow.
Surface water
The water that runs off the land for being stored in reservoirs and dams is known as surface water. Surface water encloses a number of minerals as well as salts that it collects from its contact with the soil and also from the environment. Usually, the quality of surface water is somewhat poor, partially owing to the fact that the excellence of the water depreciates if it is accumulated in motionless pools that are put through intense atmospheric oxygenation and also when it is caused by experience sunlight. In addition, especially surface water is also adversely affected owing to deforestation as well as unwarranted urban development. Excessive urban development and deforestation both alter the mould as well as the cadence of the water ways. In effect, water escapes the pure as well as deforested surfaces devoid of pursuing its favoured pattern of placid flow that enables it to amass and store material and additional information while it runs. Most of the useable water that is supplied to homes and institutions through pipes is obtained either from surface or ground water.
Rain water
Similar to distilled water, rain water too is immature water which is not apt for consumption for a prolonged period. However, rain water is somewhat superior to distilled water in this regard since it encloses a number of minerals as it absorbs gases and some particles present in the atmosphere. All the while, it is spiralling and collects mineral ions as well as life force till it is exposed to sunlight. At times, rain water may also turn out to be contaminated. In fact, most of us are aware of acid rains - a situation when water gathers toxic and contaminating substances.
Spring water
Spring water is generally considered to be the most excellent water for consumption provided it spurts out from springs located in mountainous regions. The most excellent quality of spring water has a sparkling and vivacious blue color. In addition, superior quality spring water contains lots of essential minerals dissolved in it; the water offers good health and is also appetizing. In case you are receiving your drinking water from any spring, make sure that it is examined on a regular basis with a view to check the contamination levels owing to the contemporary farming practices.
Juvenile water
This form of water comes out from great depths in the ground, maybe akin to geysers. However, juvenile water is called so because it has not matured during its travels from the underground to the surface. In addition, juvenile water also does not enclose enough minerals to offer good quality drinking water.

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