For most of us, taking a bath means cleaning the body - getting rid of all the dirt, germs and parasites from the body. However, bathing has several other significances too. In fact, taking baths on a regular basis is one of the simple ways of being in control of one's physical, emotional as well as spiritual health. The plain action of having a bath has the aptitude to make you feel contented with yourself as well as the world that concerns you, soothe the disturbed emotions as well as raise your spirits. It is important to remember that water remains at the core of all the processes of our life and taking a good bath has the potential to release as well as change several energies that are essential for living.

Health systems in earlier times realized the importance of water for our wellbeing and were aware of the fact that water formed the foundation of the entire health - they considered water to be the element that connected man, the earth as well as the heavens. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ailments were a sign of disharmony inside the entire person and water to be essential for reinstating the synchronization as water is the carrier and mover of chi (according to Chinese philosophy, chi is the energy or form of life). Even the Vedic healing, practiced in ancient India, portrays water as the element connecting an individual to the cosmos and considered that the 'prana' (life) present in water could be changed and converted into different other types of energy that helped to stimulate as well as reinforce the human body.

In ancient times, the Egyptians also possessed an integrated outlook regarding the revered as well as the material attributes of water. In fact, the ancient Egyptians also constructed temples where priests bathed as well as consumed water rich in mineral content. They also proved water an effectual remedy for several physical as well as psychic conditions suffered by people. Ancient communities as the Sumerians and Babylonians also developed very enhanced bathing practices that helped to improve the overall health of people.

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who was known as the father of medicine, supported bathing on a regular basis with a view to reinforce the constitution in addition to water applications for explicit health conditions. Later, ancient Roman physician and philosopher Aelius Galen made several theories of Hippocrates official. In addition, Galen also endorsed the view that bathing was effective for specific treatments and was also a way to attain elevated health levels. In fact, in the ancient Roman society, bathing was an integral part of life, endorsing convictions in healthiness, robustness as well as moral vigor.

On the other hand, in earlier days, right from the 4th century, all Arab towns possessed 'hammams' or Turkish baths. However, the practice of regular bathing faded away from Europe as the Roman Empire declined and came into existence once again in the 14th century. Basically, bathing formed a secular as well as purposeful activity, instead of being the physical and spiritual concern of the bathers in early days.

A genuinely ancient means of treatment, hydrotherapy is considered to support self-healing. Hydrotherapy includes several types of bathing - cold and hot to get rid of impurities of the body through sweating, unwinding the muscles as well as alleviating pain, using hot and cold compresses to treat rigid muscles and injuries sustained in sports, for instance, sprains, sitting in sitz baths - two basins placed side-by-side, having a ridge to be seated, filled with hot and cold water to the level of the hip - to heal uneasiness, for instance, cystitis and hemorrhoids, taking a cold bath to cure swelling and tenderness as well as circulation disorders.

Other types of hydrotherapy include covering different body parts with wet clothes to alleviate fevers, aches, pains and muscular strain as well as to get rid of the toxic substances from the body; taking a Turkish bath, vapor bath, sauna bath or steam bath with a view to eliminate impurities from the body by means of perspiration, taking hot and cold showers alternately to heal headaches, inflammations, swelling as well as blood circulation problems, inhaling water to facilitate clearing symptoms of cold, for instance, nasal congestions, sitting in whirlpools or water currents to cure circulation and fluid-withholding problems and receiving physiotherapy or massage in tepid water to make destabilized muscles stronger.

Minerals present in our bathing water

It may be noted that generally health troubles transform over centuries, sometimes even over a few decades. Thus, today we no longer require being concerned of apprehensive regarding several ailments and bugs that were considered to be life-threatening once upon a time. Nevertheless, there are other health conditions that come up in their place. In fact, environmental pollution has proved to be one of the major banes of contemporary health. Even possessing the most excellent facilities in the world, we are unable to keep away from pollution - all that we are able to do, even with the best of our capabilities, is to neutralize the consequences of pollution.

All of us are exposed to pathogens and toxic substances every day. They exist in the air we inhale, the water we use, the food we consume, at our work places and also at our residential places. Precisely speaking, the environment we live in is intensely polluted by heavy metals as well as chemical contaminations discharged from industries as well as the agricultural process, by means of nitrates, organophosphates and organochlorines present in our drinking water and food as well as by way of electro-magnetic fields infiltrating almost all the areas of our survival. Each of these contaminants engineer to make the natural defenses of our body more weak. However, we are definitely able to prevail over the consequences of this routing assault provided we take care of our health properly.

It needs to be borne in mind that every one of us possesses the distinctive knack of defending against as well as prevailing over the assaulting pathogens. In fact, this ability is partially influenced by our constitution by way of its precise strong points and weak points, both genetic as well as acquired, and also by means of our way of life and surroundings. In addition, all of us also possess a distinct metabolism and the ability to sustain the right equilibrium.

The common and easy action of bathing has the aptitude to boost up the constitution, invigorate the metabolism as well as fight against the consequences of pollution. Soaking ourselves in mineralized water has the potential to alter the arrangement of the water present in our bodies, enabling it to receive the therapeutic vibration, which forms the basis of our life force. In effect, minerals make it possible for life to exist. Minerals also structure the rocks and soils on the earth and subsequently provide for the waters of the world. They form the foremost source of nourishment for all humans, animals as well as plants. Our bodies need vast quantities of a number of essential minerals, but only a dash of others called trace elements. Minerals together with trace elements are similarly indispensable for our wellbeing, for instance our bodies require quite a few hundred milligrams of calcium as much as only a few milligrams of zinc.

People who do organic gardening are aware of the fact that a soil that is balanced nutritionally will produce healthy plants. Similarly, when our body is also nutritionally balanced, having all the essential minerals in precise balance, we are hale and hearty. On the other hand, any type of disparity in minerals in our bodies may result in bad-health, malfunction of the body parts and different ailments. The food we eat and the water we drink form the main basis of obtaining the essential minerals for our body. However, it is not possible to store them in our bodies for long, as they require being continuously refilled by means of intake of fluids and food.

The structure as well as the functioning of the cells in our body necessitate the intake of minerals and nourishments. In effect, they form an integral part of the biochemical composition of our bodies as well as all the physiological processes. Minerals and nutrients serve as vital catalysts for the body to produce as well as assimilate vitamins, amino acids and enzymes - which form the basis of our health. They are involved in all biological responses or results, for instance digestion, hormone production, communication of nerve impulses and in making use of nutrients. In addition, nutrients and minerals sustain the subtle water-acid base within the body. This water-acid base is indispensible for the appropriate functioning of all our physical and mental processes.

When we are caused to experience numerous pathogens and toxic substances, our blood normally turns acidic. The more the presence of acid in the blood, the lesser amount of oxygen it is able to transport and also causes several other disorders. This, in turn, results in susceptibility to invading bacteria and viruses, impaired immune system and even premature aging. Acidity of the blood also has an adverse effect on the acid and alkali balance in our total system, counting stomach acid, saliva, mucus as also our skin. Therefore, it is essential to have a precise balance of minerals in our bodies as it is important to augment the natural defenses of our body against stress, infections and contamination or pollution.

When the environment we live in becomes polluted it denotes that we ought to be even more cautious about ensuring that we always intake proper and sufficient minerals. Taking a healthy diet is definitely essential in sustaining the appropriate levels of minerals in our bodies. Nevertheless, it needs to be mentioned that in the present day world, where environment pollution is a major health hazard, taking a good bath regularly also has an equally vital role in sustaining good health. Bathing helps us to soak up essential minerals by way of the skin. When we talk about bathing for mineral intake, sea bathing, mud bathing, salt water bathing and spa are especially pertinent.

Similar to the contemporary chemical contaminants and electromagnetic troubles having an adverse affect on water, altering the structure as well as weakening its ability to transmit or carry energy also affects water. In the same manner, the electrical energy of the minerals has an effect on the water's electromagnetic field as well as its capability or aptitude to transmit therapeutic vibrations. It is, therefore, important to note that taking a bath in mineralized water is one method to directly tap the essential energies of water.



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