Sea Bathing

The seas on the earth are the lifeblood or source of life of our planet. Irrespective of where we reside, the sea influences the energy of all people. This is primarily owing to the fact that the waters of the sea take material as well as celestial information from one shore to another. In effect, the flow of each drop of water on the earth manifests the tides of the oceans - encompassing the water we consume to the blood running in our veins. Therefore, the vast water masses on the surface of the earth have a direct impact on our essence.

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When we talk about the sea, it calls up the bright image of wellbeing, bliss, energy or harmony. To each one of us, the sea has some meaning and there is nothing else that has the aptitude to overwhelm it as the ideal tonic, which equally revitalizes the body as well as the soul. Hence, taking a bath in sea water is able to restore deteriorating energies, cure physical and mental troubles and, at the same time, reinforce the body and mind helping us to avoid ailments.

To a certain extent, the movements of electric energy as well as the manner in which the movement interrelate with the electric and magnetic fields on as well as about the earth establishes the excellence of the air. This partially occurs owing to the weather conditions, since sun, rain, wind and especially lightening and thunder have an effect on the electric field of the earth. In effect, the profound and uneasy sensation prior to a storm is primarily owing to the accumulation of positive ions in the atmosphere that are only split following rainfall or lightening that carries the required elevated negative ions to prevail over the positive ions. Besides the weather conditions, pollution is the major aspect which has an effect on the quality of air, wherein chemical contaminants whip the negative ions from the atmosphere.

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Precisely speaking, pollution has a tendency to congest the air leaving numerous positive ions in the atmosphere, and the force present in flowing water releases a mass of negative ions. While the water splits into drops, the positive ions stay with the bigger drops, while the negative ions escape freely by way of fine spray. It may be noted that water along the sea shores as well as in the mountains is charged negatively all the time and this supports deep breathing as well as promotes augmented levels of energy.

Generally, it is believed that all natural elements are found in the sea - provided to it through several thousand rivers and streams that merge into the seas. During the evaporation of water, the essential minerals in water remain behind to form the astringent salt water that we all call sea water. The anti-bacterial action of sea water cleanses the skin of all types of infections, both from inside as well as outside. Therefore, taking a bath in sea water works as a wonderful tonic for our health, since it encloses minerals and vitamins that are nearly the same as those present in our blood plasma. It may be mentioned here that the nourishment as well as the feeding of the cells in our body largely depends on blood plasma. This, in turn, ensures that all organs and parts of our body function in a healthy manner.

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When the temperature of our blood is normal, the minerals in the sea water are able to enter the bloodstream and these are assimilated by the cells that require these essential minerals. The absorption of minerals from sea water helps in rebalancing the entire body. In addition to all the important minerals, algae and seaweed found in the sea water also enclose essential proteins and vitamins. These vitamins and proteins absorbed by the body from the sea facilitate in providing for as well as detoxifying the body by means of the skin. In addition, seaweed has rich iodine content and this is a potent natural antiseptic. Iodine from seaweed also has a precise function in maintaining the balance of the thyroid gland that is responsible for regulating the biochemistry of the body.

It is important to note that the seaweeds and several algae are known to cleanse the oceans. They possess the exceptional aptitude to soak in heavy metals and other contaminants - denoting that they have the ability to clean the sea water sufficiently enough to support and promote marine life. The profound cleansing attributes of seaweeds and algae are just as powerful detoxifying agents for the human body. Nevertheless, the ability of seaweeds and algae to cleanse sea water denotes that they are themselves habitually contaminated. Hence, one ought to exercise caution while obtaining algae from clean waters prior to utilizing them as food items in a system where detoxification and purification are essential.

Several spas across the globe offer a healing process known as thalassotherapy (a therapy that makes use of sea water and marine products). In effect, thalassotherapy dates back to ancient Greek and involves a therapy using an amalgamation of sea air, mineral-rich sludge and clays obtained from the seabed and algae, which possess rich protein content. Initially, thalassotherapy was suggested as a therapy to augment the constitution as well as to fight against digestive disorders and rigid muscles. It may be noted that treatments founded on mud and clays obtained from the sea are occasionally referred to as pelotherapy.

An invigorating shower

There are days when we get out of the bed brimming with energy, but there are also occasions when we feel extremely lethargic and completely distracted. Some times, excessive of stress or even absence of sound sleep have an impact on our energy reserves, which are somewhat depleted. Therefore, it is advisable that if you desire to start your day in a positive manner, take a good shower as it will help to re-vitalize the body and the mind. In effect, the negative ions present in flowing water give us a feeling of energy and this explains as to why we have a feeling of being revitalized following a walk by waterfalls or crushing waves. Even artificially created waterfalls are able to help us regain vigor as well as mental health.

In several cultures in northern Europe, for long people have been traditionally taking cold showers to enhance circulation as well as general strength, in addition to a positive approach to begin the day with. In fact, Scandinavia as well as several regions of Russia possess very advanced water practices that combine physical gains with an entrenched, but generally implicit, faith in their emotional as well as social advantages.

People in Japan are also very conscious regarding the benefits offered by water. In effect, their attitude regarding hygiene and sanitization is basic to the Japanese philosophy and religion. Precisely speaking the inference of sacrament cleansing passes through the ethos of the most ancient Shinto and continues to be unvarying all through the history of Japan. Ritual cleansing is a very simple action and may even include an individual lifting his/ her hands and mouth at a fountain that may be located at the doorway of a Shinto shrine or simply praying beneath a chilly waterfall. Several practitioners of martial arts too like to take showers below a waterfall, and in case there is no waterfall in the vicinity, every morning, they are likely to take a shower under a bucketful of freezing water.

It may be noted here that the pine possesses effective cleansing attributes. While this tree is a potent antiseptic as well as a deodorizer, the essential oil obtained from pine is generally advised as a remedy for respiratory problems. In addition, pine also possesses other attributes that are beneficial for our health. Taking a walk among pine trees during the evening and watching them at sunset, you will be surprised to notice that they retain an impression of light much after all the other trees in the vicinity have plunged into darkness. This provides us with sufficient hint that the pine trees possess the aptitude to get us the extraordinary energy that is vital for reinforcing our essence or life force.

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