Taking The Waters

The term spa frequently refers to a health center offering precise beauty therapies as well as exercise schedules that are roughly founded on some type of hydrotherapy. However, literally speaking, a spa is a place having mineral springs and the name has been derived from Spa, a town in Belgium. In effect, this Belgian town used to be a wonderful place to identify the therapeutic prospects of the mineral-rich water available there. In effect, all wells, spas or springs are exceptional, as their waters differ depending on their content of essential minerals and trace elements. This type of distinction relies mostly on the clays, rocks and peats through which water is filtered as well as the natural gases discharged into the water coupled with the impact of the neighboring electrical and magnetic fields.

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In contemporary times, the water from spas is especially valuable since the unhealthy diets and way of living result in numerous mineral deficiencies in our body. When an individual soaks himself in mineralized water, his body obtains the minerals essential to balance the health problems and, at the same time, he experiences an enhancement in endorphins (anti-inflammatory hormones) that provide relief from pain and aches. In effect, the treatment offered by spas actually blend the positive impacts of breathing in negative ions along with assimilation of essential minerals and trace elements, generally with the added advantages of intake of antibacterial plankton and marine salts.

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It is important to note that if you are suffering from stress or any type of pain and you visit a spa, it is expected that you will leave the health center in state of delightful and pleasurable relaxation along with a sense of complete health and happiness. Spa treatments are recommended for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including general wellbeing as well as a remedy for stress. In addition, spa treatments offer us several other condition-specific benefits and some of them are discussed below.

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Muscle and joint pain
Taking a spa bath enables the body to "soak" in sufficient endorphins (anti-inflammatory hormones), which, in turn, results in diminished pain and enhanced mobility.
Breathing in negative ions in the spas help to improve the respiratory system, while the minerals soaked up by the body facilitate in controlling histamine production.
Circulatory disorders and varicose veins
The essential minerals and trace elements assimilated by the body during a spa bath help to enhance as well as maintain the proper balance of the blood stream, while alleviating the congestions in the circulatory system.
Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
While taking a spa bath the body absorbs minerals present in the water and these essential minerals strengthen the immune system, simultaneously encouraging the growth of white blood cells.
Rheumatoid arthritis
The mineralized and vigorous spa water facilitates in avoiding joint stiffness and other problems related to the joints.
Psoriasis and eczema
The minerals and antibacterial plankton present in spa water help to sustain the requirements of the skin to remain healthy and glowing.
Spa bath after a surgery
Taking a spa bath following surgery is extremely effective in facilitating the healing of the wounds and recovery of the patient. These are attributed to the antibacterial and revitalizing properties of spa water.
Trivial contagions
A spa bath may prove to be highly beneficial to treat minor infections. Such infections are cured by means of the balancing act of the minerals and antibacterial plankton present in the spa water.

Hot springs and whirlpools

Every volcanic island around the globe is endorsed with many hot mineral springs that spill over the earth with a commotion that makes the most of the therapeutic energies of water. Soaking oneself in one such hot spring water ought to be the most exotic of all bathing experience he/ she may have had. It is a wonderful experience to bathe outdoors in continuously effervescent water that remains hot even though the air temperature is sub-zero and there is snow on the ground.

As is the case with spas, different hot springs possess dissimilar mineral contents. The hot spring culture is so advanced in Japan that the mineral content of each of their thousands of springs, known as onsens in Japanese language, is published as well as made available at all their tourist offices. In fact, all through the history of Japan, visits to hot springs have been very popular among the people. It is interesting to note that the different hot springs are said to be effectual in treating precise ailments. The Japanese visit the hot springs for a number of purposes - for simple relaxation, to promote overall health or even to cure the conditions they may be suffering from. Habitually, the Japanese bathe in public places in a group or also at home - in effect, bathing is generally a family event in Japan. For several centuries, the Japanese have a habit of taking baths daily. Their daily bathing process includes rinsing the entire body to get rid of the dirt and subsequently immersing the body in a deep bath tub or a clean water pool.

In modern bathrooms, whirlpool baths, also known as Jacuzzis, have become popular fittings in the United States as well as in Europe. Spas, the outdoor equivalent to Jacuzzis, are more popular all over Australia since the climate in this continent nation is ideal for bathing outdoors throughout the year. The Jacuzzi bath involves water jets blow up from tactically fitted nozzles enabling the water to move and collect energy all the time and forms whirlpools or vortexes whenever it encounters any opposition to its movements. When you are taking a Jacuzzi bath, the moving water helps to relax as well as rejuvenate the body. In addition, Jacuzzi offers you the option of selecting a steady water temperature that goes well with you, or, alternately, you may also vary the temperature while taking your bath.

As a common aid to comfort and health, Jacuzzis are indeed wonderful. The massaging impact of Jacuzzis is especially beneficial for individuals enduring circulatory problems or rigid muscles, particularly soon after participating in a sport, since they are effective in putting off an increase of lactic acid build inside the body. It may be mentioned here that taking hot whirlpool baths facilitates in alleviating chronic pains.

There are several spa centers and hot water springs that also offer mud baths. In such places, the clients reel in hot mud and water that are rich in mineral content. As you remain floating and calm in mud layers and hot mineralized water, your body will perspire and cleanse itself of all toxic substances amassed within. In addition, the high temperature as well as the weight of the mud loosen up the muscles and improve circulation, inhibit the nervous system and also relax the joints. Mud baths are especially effective for healing acne and psoriasis. To obtain the utmost benefits of taking a mud bath, you should take a shower and a cooling bath after the mud bath and subsequently just relax.

Sweating it out

A steam bath or sauna is wonderful for invigorate your body and mind. While sweating or perspiration is considered to be a natural therapy, always remember that you should keep away from taking saunas, steam baths as well as extremely hot baths if you are suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), heart ailments, angina or diabetes. It is advisable that you never take a sweat bath if you are enduring epilepsy, have asthma or a history of thrombosis.

It may be noted that dry heat is an excellent remedy for respiratory problems and also as a mild constitutional therapy. In effect, applying damp heat works most rapidly in releasing obstructed energies that are related to sinus problems and colds. Similarly, administering hot steam treatments is very effective to treat bacterial or viral infections as well as to control minor fevers.

Hot steam facilitates in enhancing the skin action which results in sweating that helps to clean the body from within, getting rid of surplus waste by means of the two to four million sweat glands in the skin. Sweat comprises approximately 98 per cent of water, while the remaining are toxic substances, such as salts, chemicals taken in from the atmosphere, heavy metals and also nicotine, provided on has the habit to smoke. In addition, hot steam rinses out lactic acid, which is primarily responsible for rigidity of the muscles as well as exhaustion. Hot steam is especially beneficial for athletes.

The contemporary sauna manifests the ancient practices by the cultures as well as indigenous tribes, who often immersed themselves in hot springs and icy cold pools and waters alternately. If not for millennia, for several centuries, steam baths have been a habitual aspect of life all over North and South Americas, Russia and also Finland. In most cases, people take a cold shower, a dip in a cold pool or even a roll in the snow after taking a steam bath. The total contrast - taking a steam bath and subsequently cooling the body, actually promotes circulation and vitality and, at the same time, results in an ecstatic sensation.

In Finland, the sauna perfectly merges all the elements of wet steam, dry heat, a dive into a chilly pool and, wherever feasible, even a massage. The Finnish sauna room is generally built with pine and has a little blaze of burning coal on top of which water is scooped from time to time with a view to raise the temperature as well as to enhance the steam. Prior to entering the sauna, Finns prefer spending about 10 minutes or more in a dry heat bath with a view to initiate the sweating process. Subsequently, they enter the sauna with a small bucket of water.

Making use of a birch whisk, the Finns throw water on the burning coals as well as beat their body softly to improve blood circulation. As a result of this action, the blood moves to the surface and allows the sweat to flow liberally, promoting comprehensive detoxification via the skin. Having spent about 30 minutes in the sauna, the Finns prefer to dive directly into a chilly pool. Following the early shock, this act is actually an extremely thrilling experience. However, they would once again go back to the hot chamber, at times following a massage, and replicate the experience.

On the other hand, hammams or Turkish baths are basically dry heat baths wherein sweating is stimulated by means of hot air from heated stones, often subsequently taking a bath or shower as well as a massage. The origin of the hammams can be traced to the luxurious practices of the ancient Arabic cultures and give emphasis to on sanitation and hygiene as stipulated by Islam. At the same time, hammams also impart the faith that the body is the temple of the soul.

It may be noted that the first hammams were actually sanctuaries or havens that connected physical and spiritual cleansing. They were extremely popular all over the Byzantine world or the eastern Roman Empire since c. A.D. 500. These hammams comprised several dissimilar chambers and halls having exclusive healing rooms for body brushing, massages and mud wrapping. It is interesting to note that women of those days were allowed to spend the entire day bathing in their personal hammams, massaging, unwinding, daubing, taking pleasure in one another's company as well as gossiping.

Even to this day, hammams do exist in several places and some of them have been reconstructed in their initial as well as innovative magnificence and intricacy. In effect, a visit to a hammam is genuinely an erotic and lavish experience, something akin to a visit to an elite health center equipped with hot and cold rooms, massage, hot and cold pools, and aromatherapy and mud therapies.

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