How Can Kinesiology Help

Kinesiology is defined as the study of human movements and it deals with mechanical, physiological as well as psychological mechanisms. Hence, when we say that it is beneficial for every individual, it is not an exaggeration of facts. In fact, kinesiology recognizes the personal requirements of each individual, irrespective of whether they are young, aged, fit or ailing. Moreover, kinesiology is effective in curing almost 80 percent of the health disorders, including depression, nervousness, pains, aches, digestive disorders, skin eruptions and many more, for which people visit their physicians.

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Kinesiology is also effective for altering one's attitude, behaviour and belief systems. It is helpful in enhancing coordination, alertness, reading, writing, artistic skill and even performance in sports events. Kinesiology can also be used to become aware of one's nutritional requirements, food intolerances, addictions and allergies.

So, how can kinesiology, which is often regarded as a form of alternative medicine, be effective in all the above mentioned cases? It is possible because kinesiology represents all the facets of the human being, including the body, mind and spirit and also provides us with all the means to improve their health and functioning whenever required. It is important to note that kinesiology is not a cure-all, but it offers an accurate means to evaluate as well as rectify the imbalances in our body. In fact, ill-health is nothing, but imbalances in our body systems and, hence, correcting the imbalances helps to cure the body too.

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Several day-to-day problems confronted by us in present times may be related to our existing life styles. Whether you agree or not, our life styles have undergone a sea change during the last 100 years, so much so that it is often difficult to recognize. For instance, the food we eat have been processed, refined or treated; pesticides and other harmful chemicals are rampantly used to grow foods; machines are used to undertake our domestic errands; for the most part, we ride these days than walk; and spend our time sitting either in office or to watch television. All these not only have a harmful effect on our body, but make our life style sedentary.

Currently, our planet, the earth is under threat and so are our bodies. Physicians prescribe antibiotics freely and they are given even to small children. As a result, the friendly bacteria in our body also get eliminated. In such a scenario, can our bodies combat serious infections when the need arises? Or else will our bodies become so accustomed to these drugs that after a certain period they will not have the desired effects anymore? At the same time, use of such drugs will also deplete the effectiveness of our body's natural defensive means rendering them ineffective. Hence, it is not surprising that with the passage of time, there has been a rapid increase in occurrences of allergies, cancers and even AIDS. Consequently, all these are weighing down on our immune system even more.

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Time and again, it may be difficult for us to prove that specific actions taken by us have helped to prevent ailments. Nevertheless, it is very clear that serious diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and many others do not occur overnight. In most cases, before such diseases become apparent, we suffer from a collapse of the systems of our body. Poor diet, absence of adequate exercise and too much stress contribute to their development. However, if we are able to detect the unrealized trivial breakdowns and correct them on time, it helps to diminish the chances of their accumulation and resulting in severe ailments or diseases some time later. Any symptom and however insignificant is actually a communication from our body meant to alert the individual that everything is not well. Allopathic physicians generally prescribe drugs or undertake surgeries to cure these symptoms. On the other hand, complementary medicine puts emphasis on the fact that our body possesses the ability to heal itself and the symptoms are an indication that something in our body is not working as usual and our body is working to defend itself.

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Kinesiology is a genuinely all-encompassing or comprehensive therapy, because it treats an individual as a whole, instead of just dealing with the symptoms. It works with the body, mind, spirit and emotions simultaneously with a view to enhance the well-being of an individual. When you use kinesiology, you are actually trained to trust the reliability of the body; do not just take it for granted to diagnose or label the breakdown and support the body to smoothly get back its original health as well as balance.

In allopathic medicine, everyone suffering from the same symptoms is likely to be given the same medications. It is also likely that all of them will be provided with the same treatment or remedy. On the other hand, kinesiology does not concentrate on the symptoms, but it wants to find out the actual requirements of the body. Employing a different approach, kinesiology gets results, which other methods fail to obtain. The appraisal methods remove all presumptions regarding the treatment methods and requirements by permitting the body to divulge where exactly the problem lies and all things that are required to restore its optimal health and functioning.

Kinesiology is mainly popular because of its diversity or the assortment of this system's application, which is more or less immeasurable.

So, what does kinesiology exactly do? Precisely speaking kinesiology enhances as well as restores the balance of the vital life force of the body. In kinesiology, the healing is done by nature and not the practitioner. In this endeavor, nature is supported by healthy diet or appropriate nutrition and necessary rest. Nature has the aptitude to facilitate the body to itself get rid of all the accumulated toxins, reinstate the flow of energy as well as release all negative stress.

Summary of one muscle with its correction points

All the muscles in our body have their individual nutritional support as well as neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic points. In addition, they are connected with meridians, organs and acupressure point (points on the meridians when the practitioner applies pressure). Below is a detailed description of a particular muscle and the strengthening corrections associated with it.

Pectoralis major clavicular

The muscle found on the upper part of the chest is called the pectoralis major clavicular and it originates from the length of the collar bone and it is placed into the upper arm just underneath the shoulder.

Nutritional support
The nutritional support of pectoralis major clavicular includes vitamin B present in wheat germ, whole grains, brewers' yeast and liver.
Neuro-lymphatic points
These are located on the body's front side, the left side and just underneath the breast (around the fifth and sixth rib) from the place of the breast bone to the body's side. They are also found on the back flanked by the shoulder blades approximately mid-way downwards (to the fifth and sixth rib) on both sides of the spinal cord.
Neuro-vascular points
These are located in the middle of the forehead flanked between the hair line and the eyebrows. Neuro-vascular points are also the points from where the body releases emotional stress.
Associated meridian
This includes the stomach meridian that begins from below the eyes and travels all the way to the face, further up on the side of the face to the forehead and then downward to the place over the eyes. From there, the associate meridian goes further down to the neck, torso and the front part of the legs before terminating on the second toe, the toe adjacent to the big toe. This meridian is found on either sides of the body and it is connected to the stomach - its associated organ.


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