Techniques Used In Kinesiology To Balance The Body

Time and again, our muscles lose their normal balance resulting in various health problems. In effect, every time we are burdened with a new stress, it possibly causes an imbalance. Just imagine yourself to be an electrical being full of life. Whenever there is any deficit or any excess of any element in this electrical system, it will result in the malfunctioning of the system.

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Kinesiology involves studying human movements and muscle testing. Therefore, when a muscle is tested and it does not 'lock' (in other words, remain in that particular position), it suggests that there is some kind of an imbalance in our body. Kinesiology adjusts the functioning of the body systems by configuring the electrical energy circuits in our body (imagining it to be a lively electrical form). Kinesiology employs various treatment approaches to reinstate the flow of energy into the different systems of our body, thereby producing a change. When this change takes place, it also results in an improvement in the response of the muscle causing it to 'lock'.


Nearly every one of us visualizes energy in the form of vitality, zest and sparkles and we generally believe it to be something like 'get up and go'. And our perception of energy is definitely not wrong. However, there is more to energy - it is not only limited to us, but encircles as well as emits from our body. Moreover, you should not just be limited to your skin, as each one of us has an aura or an energy field, which moves beyond the limitations of the skin and it is also possible for us to see as well as feel. This form of energy is known as 'subtle energy'. As kinesiology is a very practical mode of treatment, it enables us to interact with this energy field surrounding us by means of touch. This kind of interaction with the energy fields is illustrated clearly by a method called surrogate testing, wherein a different individual (actually a substitute) is used to avail information for any person who is unable to undergo direct muscle testing. For instance, this approach is adopted in the case of an infant or a very aged person, whose muscles cannot be tested directly. In fact, this method also works excellently for animals and plants.

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All things, including plants, crystals, hands, foods and others have their own energy field. You can easily see this type of energy fields through a method called Kirlian photography, which has been named after Semyon Kirlian, a Russian electronics engineer who invented it. Kirlian photography creates photographs by making use of high frequency electrical current rather than light. To take these photographs you place a plate between the subject and the high frequency electrical current. When the system is activated to pass the current, the subject may experience a mind tingling. The photographic prints produced through this system appear as something akin to flares emitting from the subject. It is possible to 'read' the Kirlian photographic prints and a number of kinesiologists have also tested this system by taking snaps prior to and after restoring the balance and the results have been very interesting. In fact, scientists are of the view that Kirlian photography may prove to be very useful for our health. Scientific studies hint that indications of ailments as well as diseases are visible in the aura or energy field surrounding us, much before they are actually detected physically on our body.

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For several centuries, people have been studying as well as working with this type of 'subtle energy' in different countries with the purpose of healing. In fact, the Bible as well as other ancient literature mention about a person being encircled by light or some kind of aura emitting from his body. A number of people possess a natural aptitude to visualize auras, while there are other people who develop the expertise after undergoing a brief training. It has been widely accepted by all that some kind of subtle energy does exist.

Talking liberally, majority of the people have the aptitude to experience the energy field surrounding every human. You may perform a simple task to experience this. Keep your hands close to each other, but do not touch. Next, move them about two inches away from each other and again get them back to their initial position. Next time, you move your hands and keep a space of approximately four inches between them. Repeat this pattern by continuously and slowly moving your hands closer and away from each other, decreasing and increasing the gap between them every time. As you do this, you will experience something happening between your hands. You are likely to feel some heat, cold, stinging and a pressure - something akin to a force field; something is there, but you cannot see it.

Having experienced or felt your individual energy field, you may make an endeavor to experiment it with a partner. In this case, position both your hand above that of your partner, with your palms facing the palms of your partner. Try experimenting with distance - bringing your palms closer to your partner's and then taking them apart. Move your hands over your partner's body slowly, taking your time. There will be times when you will not experience anything, but your partner may be providing you with helpful feedback regarding his/ her experience during the entire process. It is interesting to note that it is believed that this three-dimensional aura or energy field encloses the valuable information regarding your entire previous experiences as well as the condition of your personal health. Although you cannot see this energy field, therapists who have mastered the art of kinesiology and achieved an understanding of this science possess the ability to visualize this aura and employ their skills to restore the balance of the subtle energy fields.


Most of us use a thermostat in our home, especially the central heating system, with a view to provide warmth as well as supply us with warm water constantly. Similarly, our body also makes use of an assortment of mechanisms to facilitate the maintenance of homeostasis balance. Precisely speaking, it works to maintain the body temperature at 98.6°F (37°C) constantly, regulate the levels of blood sugar as well as set the homeostasis systems in motion. These homeostasis mechanisms include goose bumps, which protect us from hypothermia; fatigue to alert you that you are working excessively and thirst to prevent you from becoming dehydrated.

Kinesiologists also use the term 'balance' to illustrate exactly what a kinesiology session means and what precisely takes place in this mode of treatment. Often you will find people talking about things like 'having a balance', 'giving a balance' and 'being balanced'. In simple terms, this denotes muscle testing - detecting the muscles that are 'turned off', rectifying these employing various techniques as well as reinstating the flow of energy. On the other hand, people may use terms like imbalance or blockages to illustrate the reasons why a particular muscle is remaining locked and not responding. When the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic balance of our body is restored, it enables our bodies to deal with all the additional strains or pressures we exert on these muscles more effectively.

When you appropriately employ the technique mentioned above, it will help to restore the balance of your body be means of reinforcing the feeble muscles as well as working on the low energy level in the body. All of these techniques are equally vital and the treatment should be essentially based on the precise requirements of the body, or what the body indicates about its requirements.


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