Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy, also called bio-magnetic therapy, actually involves applying particularly designed magnets or even magnetic fields to our body for remedial reasons. This therapy has been proved to be safe as well as non-invasive.

Till of late, there was no scientific description or definition of magnetic therapy. In fact, magnetic therapy makes use of the normal vigour of magnetism, which is vital for the existence of the humans as well as their health in general. It may be noted that a magnetic field offers a normal means to facilitate the healing processes of the body since it traverses through the entire tissues as well as cells. Several researches have demonstrated that magnets have the potential to become an effectual treatment for easing pain by means of obstructing the feelings of pain. When we apply magnetic fields to any injured part of the body, it helps to augment the blood circulation and flow of oxygen to improve the natural healing process of the body. The augmented blood circulation and the fluid exchange in the injured tissue aid in easing the pain as well as inflammation in the affected area.

People have been aware of the therapeutic powers of magnetism since several thousand years back. In effect, in the third century B.C., Aristotle, the renowned Greek philosopher, was the first individual in documented history to talk regarding the healing attributes of the natural magnets. In addition, people belonging to other ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Arab and Hebrew, were also familiar regarding magnets and their healing powers and utilized them for curative reasons.

Sometime during 200 B.C., Galen, a Greek physician as well as writer, discovered that it was possible to ease pain owing to various types of ailments by means of application of magnets and magnetic fields to the different parts of the body. In those days, people utilized lodestones in the form of bracelets, amulets as well as additional devices as magnetic therapy.

In the first century B.C., Chinese physicians documented the impact that the tremor in the magnetic field of the earth had on people's health as well as diseases. Sometime during A.D. 1000, a physician from Persia recoded the utilization of magnets to ease muscle spasms as well as cure gout, an ailment distinguished by excruciating swelling of the joints. During the Middle Ages, physicians in Europe made use of potent lodestones in potions for external application.

As recent as the 1700s, Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician from Austria, published a dissertation on magnetism. While Mesmer was harshly scoffed at during that time, ever since his work has proved to be the basis for magnetic therapy in the West. Several years later, in 1843, I. Eydan researched the subject of applying magnetic field to the human body for curative reasons. Following the World War II, doctors in the Russian army made use of magnets to lessen pain after limb amputation. By the time it was 1958 doctors in Japan had already done substantial work on magnetic therapy. In 1959, one of the leading authorities on the curative impact of magnetism on the human body, Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, M.D., documented a cluster of symptomatic conditions which positively responded to magnetic healing, while other means proved to be failures.

In effect, the remedial magnets that are made use of currently are somewhat dissimilar in look from the regular bar or horseshoe magnet created from iron. Majority of the therapeutic magnets are made either in Europe or in Japan, when wide-ranging research has been done on this subject. Contemporary bio-magnets are manufactured from dissimilar materials and retain a magnetic charge permanently. Two fundamental techniques of bio-magnets include the little, firm ferrite type and the flat, supple, rubbery pad type.

It may be noted that ferrite bio-magnets are integrated into an assortment of gadgets, for instance, mattress pads, head supports akin to pillows, vests, supports for the wrist, knee and elbow joints as well as jewellery, including bracelets and necklaces. On the other hand, flexible pad bio-magnets can be purchased in various forms as well as dimensions that may be fastened straight to any injury or a sore area on the body. These bio-magnets may also be styled in a variety of forms, for instance, insoles used in shoes.

In the present times, several million individuals across the globe obtain the benefits of undergoing magnetic therapy by means of sleeping on magnetic mattress pads or couches, making use of magnetic insoles in their shoes that invigorate the reflexology points on the sole of one's foot while they walk, and also by employing the several other bio-magnetic products sold in the market.

By themselves, magnets cannot heal. However, they are able to activate the innate capacity of the body to cure itself. The magnetic fields created by the therapeutic magnets have an effect on the living cells by means of generating a most favourable environment wherein they are able to exist at their most excellent as well as effectual plane of performance.

Numerous physical conditions, including injury as well as disease, are noticeable by obstructed blood circulation within the body. Sufficient supplies of nutrient rich, oxygenated blood is extremely indispensible for the healing process. When you apply a magnet to your body, the magnetic waves traverse by means of the tissues and cells and a physics principle that is known as the 'Hall effect' functions to invigorate the blood circulation.

Charged atoms, both positive as well as negative ions, present in the bloodstream are drawn towards the analogous positive and negative poles of a therapeutic magnet, when it is placed close to or on the place which is being healed. Such magnetic polarities generate ionic currents as well as patterns that work to widen the blood vessels and augment the blood circulation to the affected region of the body.

In effect, the magnetic fields are further effectual compared to the electric current in improving the blood circulation, as the wavelengths emanated by magnets infiltrate the skin with much more ease and stream into the body by means of nerves, fat and bones. On the other hand, electrical stimulation simply goes through a maximum depth of about 10 mm.

It has been found that magnetic field therapy facilitates in the recuperating from severe as well as chronic health conditions. Doctors in the Soviet Union used magnets on a regular basis to accelerate the healing process following a surgery, to augment blood circulation as well as to make the bones stronger and repair them. Severe or serious health conditions comprise fractured/ broken bones, sprains, trauma of soft tissues like burn injuries and cuts. On the other hand, chronic conditions include specific types of arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and diabetic ulcers. Magnetic therapy has proved to be successful in reversing or lessening these conditions.

Magnets are also used in Japanese acupuncture therapy. In this case, magnets are employed together with needles on particular acupuncture points. In fact, it is possible to incorporate a magnet into the head of a little needle akin to a tack. Such specific needles are put on for a particular duration of time.

Magnet therapy is an accepted means that is employed to ease pain, reinstate energy as well as augment sleep. This mode of healing has not only proved to be harmless, effectual and inexpensive, but also an easier form to use compared to alterative therapy. Despite being several thousands of years old, magnetic therapy still possesses immense potential for the days to come. It has been scientifically proved that magnets are able to help the body to naturally recuperate its self-healing electromagnetic balance. Strong proof indicates that use of magnetic therapy may possibly also facilitate in alleviating pain, lessening inflammation, enhancing blood circulation, replenishing natural energy, stimulate metabolic dispensation of toxic substances, avoid or reverse contagions and also encourage the healing process. As aforementioned, magnetic therapy is a non-invasive mode of healing having an extremely high healing rate. Moreover, magnetic therapy can offer us much vis-à-vis prevention as well as curing chronic diseases.

Several assertions regarding the benefits of magnetic therapy are founded on the fact that a number of tissues and cells in the human body emit electromagnetic impulses. A number of practitioners believe that the presence of ailments or injuries interrupt these electromagnetic fields. Magnets actually generate energy fields of dissimilar potencies, which the advocators of magnetic therapy think have the ability to infiltrate the human body, rectify the disorders as well as reinstate the health of the affected systems, cells and organs. Majority of the magnets sold to the consumers are basically static magnets, also known as constant magnets, since their magnetic field never changes. Generally, they are manufactured from lodestone or a magnetized metal. It may be noted that static magnets are dissimilar to electromagnets. While static magnets just possess an energy field, electromagnets have electricity traversing them.

Advocators of magnetic therapy assert that it has the ability to ease pain caused by headaches, arthritis, migraine headaches, and tension as well as heal fractured/ broken bones, augment blood circulation, cure cancer and also reverse degenerative ailments. In addition, they further assert that positioning magnets on specific painful areas or diseases actually makes the body's healing capacity stronger. A number of people are of the view that magnetic fields enhance blood circulation, improve the oxygen flow to the cells, change the nerve impulses, lessen the fatty deposits on the walls of arteries and, at the same time, calibrate the thinking prototypes to enhance the emotional health.

People who support the use if magnetic therapy claim that magnetic fields created from the negative pole of the magnet possess curative powers. It is believed that the negative magnetic fields encourage metabolism, enhance the amount of oxygen supplied to the cells and also produce a diminished acidic environment in the body. Since several people using magnets are of the view that cancer cells are unable to increase in low acidic environs, they assert that the impacts of negative magnetic fields have the ability to stop or overturn the multiplication of tumours. For similar reasons, they also think that negative magnetic fields accelerate the healing process of broken/ fractured bones, cuts and contagions. In addition, they believe that the negative magnetic fields also neutralize the consequences of poisonous chemicals, preservative drugs as well as different other unsafe substances.

It may be noted that magnetic therapy entails employing slight metal magnets fastened to the body by itself or in clusters. Occasionally, these magnets are placed on the hands or belts which may be draped around the arm, elbow, wrist, waist, ankle, knee, foot or even the lower back (lumbar region). In addition, other different types of magnets, including slumber pads, insoles of shoes and blankets, are also available in the market. You may wear all these different types of magnets for only several minutes or continuously for a few weeks, conditional on what problem is being treated as well as the practitioner.


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