Performance Massage

Performance massage is dissimilar from the conventional massages that generally comprise a comprehensive relaxation series rubbed with a lubricant and lengthy, measured and connecting strokes known as 'effleurage' (a massage technique of applying gliding strokes using the thumbs, palms and/ or finger tips). In addition, performance massage is different from the specific variety of remedial massage that is basically injury-specific and employs deep, (occasionally hurting) precise methods pertaining to anatomy.

Performance massage may be described as appliance of imaginative and instinctive touching expertise to improve energetic movement as well as athletic feat. In effect, performance massage comprises of a few of the procedural deviations of conventional massage, but guides them in the direction of a human body, which is busy with consistent physical activities, dance or even continuing athletic ventures. Thus, performance massage is basically a skill system the quest of which is to endorse, promote as well as harmonize centripetal and energetic movements.

Ten unique attributes of performance massage

There are 10 features that make performance massage exceptional and they are described briefly below.

Anyone can learn the basics
The real expertise used in performance massage is quite easy and anyone eager to practice it on a regular basis can learn it easily and fast. It is a well known that touch is intuitive or natural to everyone. Nevertheless, it is also a proficiency requiring regular practice, ingenuity as well as fine reckoning. In fact, performance massage encourages the progress of an intense as well as constructive feeling of touch.
Clothing remains
The majority types of massages require that patient to be nude or semi-nude, just being covered by a towel or a small sheet, while receiving the treatment. The method is most suitable for receiving Swedish massage, which aims to provide relaxation to the patient. However, performance massage has a different approach. When one is receiving performance massage, he/ she does not require removing their clothes since the method entails applying direct pressure to the different layers of muscle tissues underneath the skin. Performance massage also does not require gliding over the skin surface. In addition, the wide range of methods involved to stretch the muscles makes it unreasonable for the patient or recipient to shed their clothes and be wrapped with towels or sheets.
In fact, keeping the clothes on while the performance massage is carried out actually makes it easier to receive the massage. Unlike several other forms of massage, sessions of performance massage can be carried out at any location - in training rooms, in locker rooms, on-site when a sporting event is on, backstage of a concert hall or even in an place that the recipient and the practitioner has selected for the purpose. One is able to receive performance massage while wearing different types of clothes, for instance, running shorts, through a bathing suit, a sweat suit and also leotards.
In addition, with the clothes remaining on the recipient's body, it makes it easier for the practitioner to perform the massage; since the clothes provide some kind of reassurance to individuals who are either very concerned regarding their modesty or is extremely sensitive to other's touch. Hence, having the clothes on makes the recipients feel completely relaxed while they are receiving performance massage. As everyone is aware, usually it is not realistic to remove one's clothing prior to or following a performance, any athletic event or a workout.
Massage without skin lubricant
In the instance of performance massage, which has recipient-centered approach, is not essential to use massage oils or any type of skin lubricant. This is primarily owing to the fact that unlike in the instance of Swedish massage, effleurage strokes are not applied in performance massage. Performance massage sessions become more realistic when it is performed without using any oil or skin lubricant, as the recipient would not require using any astringent or take a shower following the massage to get rid of the oily residue and greasy stuff. In addition, as the clothes are on while receiving the massage, performance massage makes use of a sequence of grasps and methods which do not rely on strokes or effleurage that need using lubricants.
Ideal for athletes, active individuals
Since performance massage helps to extend as well as decongest the tendons, muscles and other connective tissues of the body, making use of a creative mix of high-impact massage methods and muscle stretching, this form of massage is considered to be ideal for athletes and active people. The approach of performance massage promotes additional flexibility, augments movement and mobility of the body in general - aspects that are vital for achieving peak performance.
Performance massage as maintenance before/ after activity
When the muscular system of our body (musculature) is maintained in a most favourable physiological condition, we are able to lessen several ordinary injuries as well as the very often encountered aches and pains caused by exertion. In fact, one can develop a warm-up massage for use prior to any physical hard work. In addition, following a workout, a cool-down massage may also prove to be an effectual restorative initiative. When carried out on a continuous or regular basis, maintenance massage has the aptitude to prepare the stage for any activity at maximum ability.
Brief sessions than other massages
Performance massage can be carried out quite effortlessly in just 30 minutes or even less. In fact, this aspect goes well with the outlook of most active individuals, many of whom would find a session running up to 60 minutes or 90 minutes too long-drawn. You are able to attain your objectives of unwinding the muscles as well as stimulating the circulatory system without having to concede quality when you undertake a 30-minute, lively/ upbeat and cadenced massage.
Application promotes intuition, creativity
In most cases, one learns and practices traditional massage as a common sequence. While this may be suitable for some of the patients/ recipients, several other people would find such traditional massages quite sluggish and emotionless practical experience. From this view-point, performance massage is something unusual. Each one of us possesses the ability of being intuitive or perceptive. When one intuitively makes use of his/ her hand, they will observe that their methods combine with one another. Time and again, professional therapists observe that massage develops into an art form when such underlying forces are combined into an all-inclusive as well as imaginative session. In addition, explicit modus operandi turn out to be very less frightening when one is confident that he/ she possesses a well-developed perception of touch from before.
Includes restorative muscle stretching
By integrating muscle-stretching actions making use of practical methods, it is possible for anyone to concentrate his/ her attention on fashioning an exceptional restorative session. In particular, one is able to elongate the muscles that otherwise feel rigid and in doing so, they are able to augment suppleness as well as a variety of movements. This can be accompanied by a warm-up and it makes one particularly feel wonderful following the tension and pressure of a physical hard work.
It promotes integrative, full body proficiency
Generally, most conventional massages are performed following one method after another and one sequence followed by another. Such massages have the aptitude to provide the recipients/ patients a sense of being patchy. However, by means of its use of compression, performance massage especially enables the recipient to develop two different areas of the muscular system of the body (musculature) simultaneously. Application of pressure and leverage at the same time may help the recipient to start unwinding or loosening up the musculature and develop a feeling of completeness or entirety. Following a performance massage, the soft tissues of the recipient's body become softer, extended as well as malleable. Since movement is a complete procedure, performance massage is a significant conception that will not be mislaid on the recipient.
Performance massage is easy
When one experiences tender muscular throbbing, injuries and discomfort may result in a depressing psychological temperament. Hence, it is vital to understand the body in an optimistic as well as self-accepting approach. In such cases, performance massage is crucial in making this essential connection possible.



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