What Reflexology Can Do

Reflexology creates a positive atmosphere for the patient, so that the body gets the message or signal to relax and function normally, and this only can be achieved if the patient attends the sessions regularly. This technique improves the body, mind and the spirit in totality.

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Reducing the stress

Stress should be accepted as part of our lives, one must experience stress to take up tough challenges in life; in fact some people work better under stress or under a major crisis. Your daily activities are affected by stress: things like shopping, working, relaxing, and your behavior with other people, etc.

Some people overact to a certain happenings in their lives and thus creating lot of negative energy within the body. And if this negative energy accumulates it takes the shape of a breakdown in the body system.

If you are burdened with too much stress, then you are inviting ailments like headaches, chronic fatigue, grinding of the teeth and too much anger. If you are overloaded with stress, then a condition called chronic muscle fatigue could cause a lot of chaos in your body.

It can also cause depression and anxiety and also can break down the immune system. Cancer and heart problems are directly related to stress, but how a human body reacts to stress depends on the individual.

If a person wants to avoid any future health complications, he or she must react positively towards stress and one must remember, any negative energy can harm the system of the body.

There are some people in the world who do not even react to stress, they can even get on with their normal activities in their daily lives and they float with the responsibilities and pressures of home and work together. This helps preserve the positive energy in the body.

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Balancing the energy flow in your body

When your body is functioning at its peak you are in a condition called homoeostasis, which simply means balance inside your body. In a balanced system, the body is functioning normally, like a machine finely tuned and running smoothly. The brain and spinal cord is part of the central nervous system, which passes the messages through the nerves to function properly without any outside stimulation.

Toxins are any kind of foreign substances, which hampers the system of the body, which is supposed to be in a state of homeostasis. Toxins can really play havoc with the body, blocking and congesting it all the way.

The body is supposed to have good energy flowing throughout the system by way of electrical impulses, which are actually chemical messengers known as endorphin and commonly known as hormones. Some energy moves with the nervous system and others use the universal life force.

If you are wondering what universal life force is all about, it is the zones, meridians, charkas and dermatomes. Congestion is very capable of harming the entire body system and only can be stimulated by reflexology, which can allow the energy to flow at ease.

Congested areas in the body are actually caused by stress and these stress prone regions are generally found in the feet, it could be a pinched nerve or calluses or even a scar tissue from an old injury. Other stress related problems are emotional upsets, which is responsible for exhaustion or a feeling of listlessness.

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Upset stomach, muscle tension and headaches are all signs of emotional stress. If the body goes through stress repeatedly, it can result into a major break down or a big illness or any chronic pain. The perfect examples of energy disruptions are chronic pains, fibromyalgia, myofascial syndrome, arthritis and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Meridian therapy is used to open any blocked energy, which irritates the passage of the blood, lymph and the nerve supply to the organs. When the area of the meridian is stressed, it means that the energy has been obstructed.

Energy is not visible but it can be measured. Nowadays there are sophisticated machines like EKG, EEG, EMG, MRI and EKY, which can diagnose any interruptions in the body. The diagnoses are all based on the concept of energy and energy fields.

The idea of correcting the energy flow inside the body system is a practice, which is being developed among the modern medical fraternity. This type of diagnoses proves that today's medicine has blended with ancient knowledge or experience.

In the practice of holistic energy healing, holistic means whole, energy means life and medicine means healing, which sums up to whole life healing. Reflexologists do not practice medicine, they help the patient with reflex healing, combining it with medicine. The fact is the true healer is the person itself, the body, mind and spirit has to be balanced to be healthy.

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A balanced and healthy life is very necessary, once you have achieved in combining the three elements of body, mind and soul together, you know you are heading towards true wellness. Like they say being in the pink of health, where all the body systems are functioning normally and the person is full of life and can tackle any situation or crisis with élan or ease.

To live in a good ambience, to eat good food, drink clean water and breathe fresh air and even having your own space mentally, all these factors contribute to a good healthy life.

In the holistic picture, keeping healthy mentally is also very important. Living a decent and fulfilling life, enjoying all the experiences in life is very essential for a good and healthy state of mind. Being emotionally stable is also crucial for mental health. Many people take to spirituality to be connected to the universal force, thus improvising their physical and mental being.

Increasing your social activities is also an important part of keeping in good health. Must always remember an energetic, social and active person, will live much longer, healthier and happier, than a person who chooses to live like a recluse or wish to have minimum social contact with the outside world.

Improving circulation

Poor circulation of the body could be for many reasons, for example you could be on a long drive or on a long flight, and then after your journey your feet tend to look puffy or swollen. This is because for the simple reason: your body has gone through a poor circulation for the past some hours.

This is where reflexology comes into the picture; it is a treatment, which can improve the circulation of the body, and these days even medicine is combined with the treatment to give better results.

Our human body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels and the blood circulates through each and every cell through a system which is quite complicated. If the body is going through a poor circulation, then reflexology can help the oxygen, blood and lymph get a smooth passage through the cells and the blood pressure comes back to normal. All this can be achieved by the thumb and finger techniques, which are used in reflexology.

If chronic circulation is the problem and if you have a condition like diabetes or Raynaud's disease, then going regularly for reflexology sessions could be a good option.

The person might be a smoker or on any other kind of medications, which is affecting the circulation of the body, reflexology can bring a major improvement in the concerned patient. Attending the sessions of reflexology religiously will bring about a proper circulation thus improving the health of the person.

Releasing toxins

Our bodies are the most amazing creations in the world, the way it functions, are truly God's masterpieces. The heart is designed to store and pump blood in its chambers, coordinating with the lungs to give blood and oxygen. Oxygenated blood flows through the body through the arteries and veins and take back the deoxygenated blood into the lungs and heart to repeat the process again.

While the blood is flowing though the arteries and veins and finally reaches the feet, the blood might have picked up some toxins on the way, which is deposited on the feet, this is where gravity plays its role.

Reflexology helps remove these toxins by improving the circulation of the body, thus converting these toxins into waste material to be flushed out of the system of the body. Once the body system is working in proper balance, any unwanted substances, which were in the body are taken out in the form of excretion.

Stimulating the body's own healing potential

The technique of reflexology is used to revive the body and to send signals to the body to function in a balanced manner. Each system of the body needs to coordinate with another system of the body.

Bones must coordinate with the muscles and the blood must coordinate with the oxygen and to turn food into energy, the digestion and the excretion of the body must be in balance, too.

Reflexology creates a whole healing system for our body and the most important system of our body is the immune system. This system protects the body from any unwanted, unrecognized or any foreign organisms, which are not suppose to be inside our body system. The reflexology treatment helps the immune system to continue fighting with any toxic attacking the system inside our body.

If you desire to be healthy, keeping a good lifestyle in a natural way like coordinating healthy eating habits, exercising regularly and keeping a positive attitude with the help of reflexology could prevent you from any health disasters.

It is a saying that, you are what you eat, think, act, feel and believe. Taking charge of your health and understanding your body, mind and soul is the best way towards a healthy life. It is very important to have a positive attitude, because if you are in harmony internally it shows in the body externally.

Assisting in maintaining a state of health

If you are healthy and still want to go in for reflexology, then it is a great way to continue maintaining a healthy life. If you are already attending sessions on reflexology, then you could convince a friend or a family member to see and experience what it is all about. Reflexology helps you to relax and helps you to realize that you have to be in charge of your body, mind and soul to keep healthy through out your life.

As you advance with the reflexology treatment, you will find you will feel better and better. There will be positive changes inside your body. Reflexology coordinated with conventional medicine could also add support to the treatment, though reflexology is an art, which is all about healing from inside our body, mind and soul put together.

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