Reiki is a Japanese technique or alternative therapy that reduces stress, offers relaxation and also promotes healing. Precisely speaking, Reiki is a type of touch therapy. People who practice as well as follow Reiki are of the view that this touch therapy enables them to send out positive energy from one individual to another. They believe that when this life force circulates in an appropriate manner, it serves as a curative feature. People having faith in the Reiki cult believe that this flow of energy exists in all living organisms. The Reiki master, who possesses potent energy flow, helps in transmitting this spiritual power, thereby helping others to reduce stress and, at the same time, alleviate their ailments.

In addition to being a spiritual practice, Reiki is also a kind of meditation, which is employed for treating physical as well as mental disorders. From the etymological view point, the term Reiki has been derived from two Japanese words - "rei", which denotes unseen or "God Wisdom", while the second word "ki" stands for energy or life force. When translated into English, this literally denotes "universal life energy". People who believe in and follow the Reiki cult are of the view that this key life force or energy forms the fundamental factor of life anywhere.

Mikao Usui is credited for creating as well as developing the spiritual practice called Reiki, which was introduced in Japan in the 20th century. Based on legend, Mikao Usui was bestowed with this special power after passing through a painstaking period during which the master was only fasting and meditating atop the Mount Kurama. Even to this day, Reiki practitioners follow the precise technique that was pursued by Mikao Usui with a view to reach the elevated spiritual state, which helps them to accomplish the superior powers of Reiki.

It appears that the technique used by Reiki practitioners is quite simple. First, the Reiki master uses his palms to touch the ailing person. When the Reiki master touches the person in poor health, it actually results in the transmission of spiritual energy between the two individuals by building up a channel of shared as well as spiritual communication. Reiki involves a simple and safe process. In addition, Reiki is an absolutely natural process that is used for pain management as well as psychological development. Practice of Reiki can actually work wonders, since it is a remedy for pain as well as the adverse side effects caused by any harsh and harmful medical process or excruciating therapy session.

While the means by which Reiki works is very complicated, the actual process of this spiritual practice or alternative therapy is very simple. As a result, anyone can learn this process easily. It is important to note that the master as well as the students' integrity is important for transferring the power from the tutor to the student. In fact, at the spiritual level, this learning process should be backed up by meditation as well as concentration. This particular process is referred to as attunement. When the energy of life is transmitted inside the learner, it enables the pupil to adjust his individual life force energy so as to assist others to recuperate from their ailment and, at the same time, augment his quality of life and also for other people.

While Reiki is certainly a very potent healing process that is supported by spiritual power, you cannot consider it to be a religious process. Besides, Reiki does not rely on any specific doctrine. Any person is free to learn this spiritual healing process and use if for the self-improvement as well as the amelioration of their society.

It is important to bear in mind that healing through Reiki is essentially a process, but never an event. Moreover, the cure differs from one client to another. Generally, the acute health problems are cured more quickly compared to chronic ailments through Reiki. In case one is suffering from a problem for a prolonged period or the distress lingers long, the treatment with Reiki should be continued for a long-drawn-out period. Although the Reiki practitioner will advice the patient or ailing person regarding his/ her sessions, eventually it is the responsibility of the patient to ensure his/ her health as well as well-being. Hence, the number and frequency of the sessions depend entirely on the wish of the ailing person.

People with chronic ailments, anxiety disorders, severe or recurring traumas, and other similar health conditions ought to understand that it is necessary for them to have ongoing sessions over a long-drawn-out period to ensure that they are cured completely because they may be organized in several chakras and different areas of their energy field. In effect, Reiki masters start work on such patients from the chakra that has been lowest affected, because they help to transmit the energy flow to other chakras above them, thereby progressing to the energy level from the particular chakra. At the same time, it is crucial to understand that the Reiki sessions are a part of a healing process involving the removal of imprints systematically and, hence, it necessitates a specific level of commitment on the part of the individual being treated. This factor also holds true for people who are keen on deep clearing toward ascendance.

Benefits of Reiki healing techniques

Reiki offers several benefits. The direct consequences of Reiki treatment include relaxation and stress reduction. In addition, Reiki also helps to activate the body's natural healing abilities, which, in turn, helps to improve the person undergoing the alternative therapy.

Attending Reiki sessions can help provide relief from sorrow as well as emotional sufferings. In fact, this spiritual process works to provide support to individuals who are under depression and enduring an emotional breakdown. It also aids in clearing as well as cleaning all the negative emotions in a person.

It is important to note that Reiki is an excellent therapy to alleviate pain. One can use Reiki to cleanse or detoxify various internal organs, including the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, arteries and lungs.

Undergoing regular Reiki sessions also helps to augment blood circulation and, at the same time, prevent minor cases of bleeding.

In addition, Reiki is effective in handling symptoms related to various conditions, including asthma, stress disorders, imbalances, menopause, sinus problems, migraine, instances of depression, chronic fatigue, and cystitis in addition to insomnia.

Reiki is known to be the best therapy to cure old and lingering injuries and it also helps in speeding up recuperation following a surgery. This therapy aids in recovering rapidly, as it lessens the side effects of any ailment and enables one's system to regulate with the prescribed medications.

In addition, practicing Reiki also helps to cleanse the surroundings in the region of the practitioner. Therefore, it is believed that Reiki helps in getting rid of all bad or negative energy as well as spirits from the practitioner's house, place of work, basement etc.

It has been found that athletes find Reiki especially beneficial. When an athlete suffers from stretches and injuries, practicing Reiki helps to recover from them faster.

Reiki also offers several other vital benefits. Although Reiki heals various ailments and injuries effectively, it is independent of any diagnosis. In fact, people who practice Reiki are not trained to make a diagnosis of ailments. Hence, it rules out all possibilities of any wrong diagnosis.

Practicing Reiki is also effective for eliminating toxic and waste substances from the body, thereby helping to augment the functioning of the immune system. At the same time, Reiki can also help to deal with new ailments. The other benefits of Reiki include alleviating headaches, insomnia and arthritis. Reiki also works as a natural cure for high blood pressure. In addition, people wanting to get out of drug and alcohol dependence will also find Reiki extremely beneficial. This alternative therapy also helps to deal with chronic as well as severe ailments effectively.

Reiki is beneficial for one and all. This alternative therapy or spiritual practice is helpful for curing adults, children, elderly people, babies, toddlers and even pets.

Moreover, it is very easy to master the art of Reiki. At the same time, it is a simple process that can be administered as well as practiced without any difficulty. You can practice Reiki even when you are sitting at ease on a chair or a couch. Reiki offers a relaxing as well as soothing experience. You can practice Reiki and simultaneously have a soft music playing in the background with a view to help your senses unwind.

What happens during a session?

Many people often wonder what precisely happens during a Reiki healing session. In fact, a Reiki session is a simple process wherein the practitioner places his/ her hands somewhat above or on the various body parts of the person who is undergoing treatment. A number of Reiki practitioners may generally follow a predetermined or programmed succession of hand placements, thereby allowing their hands to be positioned on or somewhat above every body placement for anything between 2 minutes and 5 minutes, before they move their hands to another part of the body. There are occasions, when the Reiki practitioner will place his/ her hand on or above a body part for a longer period. The time for which the practitioners allow their hands to remain at particular placements depends on the treatment requirement.

Reiki practitioners, who are empathic, will move their hands more freely and not in any specific order. They will be moving their hands to the body areas where they "think" Reiki is needed most. In fact, Reiki responds exceptionally to each individual and it works as per the acceptance level maintained by the particular individual. Precisely speaking, people who are open-minded and have an inclination to accept innovative therapies will find Reiki most suitable. Moreover, it is important for the practitioner to seek the permission of the person undergoing the treatment, as Reiki energy will never take priority over the free will of the person.

It is important to note that the highest energy intelligence always guides Reiki energy, as a result of which it first heals what is most vital. Reiki will facilitate in healing the problem that the client can deal with at a point of time. Reiki treatment can be compared to peeling back onion layers. One can never remove the bottom most layer of an onion without peeling off all the top layers first. Reiki energy itself directs the practitioners to do what will eventually provide the client with the best benefits. However, it is never possible for a Reiki practitioner to foretell a client about the "specific" results of the treatment, as each individual responds uniquely and differently to the healing energies generated by Reiki. Nevertheless, the practitioners can certainly assure their clients undergoing a Reiki treatment that they will receive important curative benefits.


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