Tonics And Elixirs

Almost all the societies, including those from the Native Americans to the prehistoric Chinese as well as those from the aboriginal Australians to the several Indian tribes inhabiting South America, have utilized the therapeutic attributes of plants and herbs to prepare remedial formulae to restore the peace of the mind, body's health as well as to prevent the commencement of ailments. Herbal tinctures, tonics, elixirs as well as herbal teas, which are perhaps the earliest medications, are becoming more and more popular methods of treatment in contemporary world for reinstating vitality to the weary body as well as the mind. These are also very useful when they are used as preventive measures against diseases and also to develop natural resilience as well as the strength of our body. Contemporary life is so taxing that it can make one feel exhausted and tired. Fortunately, nature has appropriately fashioned collection of medications that ensures good health, naturally restores vitality and all the elements essential for our survival. As a result, the popularity of therapeutic herbs and plants is once again increasing among the healthcare practitioners as well as the common masses all over the world.

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There are several herbal elixirs and tonics in the market and these can aid in protecting as well as sustaining your energy and health, help you to recover rapidly when you are ailing and also accelerate the natural curative process of your body during ailments. Nevertheless, you should never allow feeling of stress, fatigue or general debility to continue for a long time. When this occurs, you should check with your physician right away. There are several herbal preparations that you can use yourself without visiting a physician. Similarly, there are various practitioners of herbal medicine who are working on an assortment of different international traditions and you may also seek their advice regarding your health condition and use of appropriate herbal remedies. There are several herbal tonics that work wonder and some of the popular ones are discussed briefly below.

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The leaves of this herb contain a jelly-like substance, which is known to possess healing properties and is used widely to heal internal as well as external wounds. In addition, the substance also helps to soothe irritated skin. Aloe is also effectual in preventing as well as treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and excellent for our digestive system. However, using aloe for a prolonged period or in large measures may encourage hemorrhoids. Before you start using aloe internally, it is important to check with a professional medical practitioner.

Cider vinegar

This herbal preparation is excellent for strengthening the immune system. It also helps to maintain the equilibrium of our body's chemistry and aids in preventing as well as treating kidney stones, in addition to all arthritic problems. The standard dose of cider vinegar is taking one teaspoon blended with warm water and honey thrice daily.

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Coenzyme Q10

This supplement is vital for energy production within the body and is frequently mentioned as the miracle vitamin Q. In effect, coenzyme Q10 facilitates the cells of our body to discharge energy from ingested food. Even as this coenzyme is produced by our body, its production is reduced when we are ailing, our resistance to diseases is lowered and when we are aging. In order to perk up as well as sustain our energy levels it is advisable that you take a maximum of three capsules every day. Here is a caution: this supplement should never be given during pregnancy and to nursing women.

Cod liver oil

This is a vital oil obtained from fish and has always been a favourite herbal supplement for protecting our health. Taking one capsule of cod liver oil daily will help in fortifying your overall health. In addition, this fish oil is also an important resource of vitamin A and vitamin D.

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It is a herb that is well-known for revitalizing the reproductive organs, as it works to enhance blood circulation to the capillaries. In addition, damiana also invigorates the genito-urinary tract when it is excreted and, hence, it seems to kindle the sex organs too. This effect of damiana is attributed to its nervine (soothing the nerves) action, which gives rise to a feeling of gentle exhilaration that lasts for a couple of hours. This herb is also useful for treating depression and anxiety. It is available in the form of non-prescription capsules. In addition, the herb may also be taken internally in the form of a tea.

Evening primrose oil

This herbal oil contains an important nutrient called GLA (gamma linoleic acid) and is a very well-liked health supplement. Our body uses GLA for forming prostaglandins. Like the hormones, prostaglandins also have a significant role in governing the skin, blood as well as the reproductive functioning of the body. Although our body has the competence to produce GLA, it is not very effectual all the times. It may be noted that this oil is useful in the treatment of several dissimilar health conditions, counting arthritis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful breasts.

It is believed that a shortage of linoleic acid in the human body causes atopic eczema. It is advisable that people enduring this condition should take evening primrose oil internally. In addition, they may also apply it topically to the lesions. People with brittle nails and hair may also find evening primrose oil beneficial. According to a section of herbal medicine practitioners, evening primrose oil may also be useful in treating coronary heart disease. This oil can be obtained in liquid as well as capsule forms. This herbal supplement should be used as per the directions on the product label.


This herb has been traditionally used by the Native Indians of North America in the form of a general tonic to make their body as well as the mind stronger and also to sustain the health of the immune system. It is available in the form of capsules that are usually anti-infective and generally used to treat cold and influenza. Taking Echinacea capsules on a regular basis also helps to revitalize the immune system, especially in the region of the pelvis. In addition, you may take these capsules following infections by yeasts, for instance, thrush and Candida. They are also useful when taken after cystitis. Herbal medicine practitioners also advise people to take Echinacea to treat glandular fever. Apart from capsules, this herb may also be drunk in the form of a tea to promote circulation and also to cure bronchitis. Usually, many herbal physicians will generally prescribe people suffering from bronchitis to take the tea prepared from Echinacea. It is worth mentioning here that this herb has also been employed to reinstate the immune system of the cancer patients after they have undergone chemotherapy.

Flax (linseed)

Flax is small brownish seed that encloses vital nutrients essential for our health as well as sustaining the various life processes of our body. Also known as linseed, flax contains elevated amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for preventing acute degenerative diseases like arteriosclerosis, allergies, cancer, depression, heart diseases, problems related to the immune system, high blood pressure (hypertension) as well as specific mental ailments. Crush or pulverize the linseeds in a grinder using a mortar and include them in any of your preferred meal, including breakfast cereal, salad, soup or stew. If you swallow three teaspoons of flax with water once daily at around the same time every day, barring the time of taking meals, it will help to soften the consistency of bowel movements, easing the uneasiness of haemorrhoids.


This is an outstanding herb that works brilliantly to tone up a slow and lethargic system as well as arousing one's appetite. An infusion prepared with fennel can be take independently or blended with chamomile plus hops to ease constipation.

Ginkgo biloba

This Chinese herb is among the longest existing plants worldwide and is used to promote blood circulation to the brain. Aged people suffering from problems related to blood circulation will find this herb beneficial if they take one capsule of it daily. In addition, ginkgo biloba may possibly aid in providing relief from the symptoms related to post-viral weariness. As this herb is considered to aid memory loss, ginkgo biloba may also prove to be useful for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This ancient herb has an antioxidant effect and it is believed that it works to protect the cells as well as inhibit the aging process. It is advisable that if you are contemplating to use ginkgo biloba, you should only use preparations that are sold as non-prescription drugs. A word of caution: there are people who may find even as small dose of the herb intolerable.


In China, people use ginger to treat a number of health conditions, including indigestion, morning sickness, nausea and motion sickness. The root of this herb is peeled and shred to prepare an infusion called ginger tea to cure digestive problems. Alternatively, you may also take a single capsule of the herb thrice every day for the same purpose. The infusion prepared with the ginger root is also useful in the treatment of nearly all types of arthritis as well as to alleviate menstrual cramps. In addition, it also helps to ease depression. This herb is also available in tablet forms and they also treat menstrual cramps successfully. To treat menstrual cramps, you should take one ginger tablet thrice daily. It is said that ginger can invigorate the functioning of our lungs and, hence, a practitioner of herbal medicine may possibly recommend a ginger tincture to treat bronchitis. In addition, an infusion prepared with ginger plus spring onion is known to be an excellent traditional remedy for curing colds and influenza.


This herb produces small seeds that enclose caffeine in trivial amounts. Partially this is responsible for the herb's energy boosting actions. Scientific studies undertaken in some countries have discovered that guarana is effectual in treating Alzheimer's disease. In addition, this herb also works to rejuvenate the body as well as the mind.


This is a wonderful herb that serves as a tonic and invigorates as well as aids to reinstate the entire body, neutralize stress, improves endurance and perks up the energy levels. However, taking ginseng in excess may result in irritability, restiveness, muscular pain as well as strain, especially in the shoulders and the neck. As ginseng is known to invigorate energy in all the organs of the body, it may be useful in the treatment of a number of types of impotence and lack of sexual urge in men as well as women. It is important to remember that excessive use of this herb may possible result in over energizing specific women. It is advisable not to use ginseng for a prolonged period or in excess during pregnancy.

Drinking two cups of tea prepared with ginseng every day may possibly aid in easing hot flashes related to menopause. People suffering from any type of fever or symptoms that are related to influenza should never take ginseng. Even people with high blood pressure should avoid using this herb. Ginseng can be obtained in several forms. It is important to note that you should essentially check with your herbal physician prior to using ginseng. In case you are also using any supplement containing vitamin C, you should take ginseng either two hours before or after using the supplement, because vitamin C has the potential to hinder the ability of our body to assimilate ginseng.


This is a tonic which has been brewed and consumed by people in China for over 2,000 years now. It is claimed that kombucha possesses effective fortifying, invigorating as well as rejuvenating attributes. Kombucha is a plentiful combination of bacteria and yeast containing a great assortment of folic acid, B-complex vitamins, usnic acid and glucuronic acid. While folic acid is a potent detoxifying agent, glucuronic acid is antibacterial and usnic acid is an antiviral agent. All these blend to aid in repairing as well as strengthening the connective tissues in our body. Kombucha is believed to be helpful in preventing severe ailments, as it possesses immune boosting attributes. This tonic not only cures arthritis, but is also effective in delaying the aging process. In addition, it is said to lessen the chances of developing cancer and even reduce the size of tumours already formed.


This red colored resinous substance is accumulated by bees from the tree buds to close the fissures in the hives and make the cells stronger provides a number of health benefits. It appears that propolis invigorates the immune system to produce antibodies that have the ability to distinguish between beneficial and detrimental bacteria. In addition, propolis is also useful in treating cystitis. To cure cystitis, you need to take a single tablet or capsule containing propolis thrice daily or as recommended by your physician. Practitioners of alternative medicine may possibly even recommend using a course of pollen and propolis to treat problems related to the prostate. In addition, women with vulvitis (a condition wherein the vulva become inflamed) may possibly be asked to take propolis in dosage of 3 grams daily for three consecutive days and thereafter a dosage of 2 grams of propolis for eight days at a stretch. Besides tablets and capsules, this supplement can also be obtained in liquid form. The standard dosage for liquid propolis is drinking anything between four drops and 10 drops added to half glass (4 oz) of tepid water a couple of times daily.

Reishi mushroom

This is a highly important tonic for increasing the energy levels of our body. Advocators of reishi mushroom claim that it works to invigorate the immune system. In Japan, reishi mushroom is officially recognized that it is helpful in treating cancer. In addition, you can also use this mushroom to treat conditions related to deficiency of essential nutriments and to reinforce the natural vitality of our body. It is available in capsule form and should be used according to the directions on the product label.

Royal jelly

Like the reishi mushroom, royal jelly is also a tonic that forms the queen bee's natural food - thus the name royal jelly. Compared to the other bees, the size of the queen bee is much bigger and it also survives almost 60 times longer than the common bee. For several centuries now, people in China as well as those in some counties in the East are familiar with royal jelly's power. Till this day, people in China receive royal jelly injections for curing arthritis. It is claimed that the royal jelly has the aptitude to augment the overall health of an individual as well as invigorate the immune system and enhance the levels of endurance and vitality. This natural product is also said to have a normal diuretic action. Royal jell is also useful in providing relief from asthma and allergies, healing wounds and cleansing the blood. A number of scientists are of the view that royal jelly also works to perk up the ability of the body in dealing with the side effects brought about by chemotherapy as well as radiation treatment for cancer. It is advisable that if you wish to enhance as well as sustain your health, you should take royal jelly capsules as per the instructions on the product label or according to your herbal physician's recommendations. Royal jelly is also available in the form of a liquid tonic and it is as effective as its capsule form.

Saw palmetto

It is claimed that the berries of this herb work as a wonderful energy as well as sex tonic, especially for males who experience impotence or problems related to prostate. Native Indians in North America have been traditionally using the saw palmetto berries for a long time to treat lung congestion and catarrh. In addition, herbalists also recommend the use of the berries to treat problems related to the urinary tract. A word of caution: never substitute medical treatment with saw palmetto berries.


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