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The cherry is a stone fruit with fleshy tissues that grows on several plants belonging to the genus Prunus. However, the cherry fruits that are available in the market are acquired from some selected species that include especially a variety of plants that originated and persist under cultivation from the uncultivated cherry, scientific name Prunus avium.

It may be noted that the word 'cherry', usually used as the composite expression 'cherry tree', is also applicable to other different plants belonging to the genus Prunus or to each and all plants belonging to the genus as a combined term. In fact, the fruits of a number of these species are actually not cherries, but also have other common names, counting apricot, plum, peach and several other plants. In addition, the term 'cherry' is also often used to denote cherry blossom.

The cherry fruit is not only delicious, but also contains several nutrients. Cherries enclose several vitamins, minerals and amalgams that have numerous benefits for our health. Findings of a number of researches have demonstrated that cherries are particularly effective in combating specific types of cancers. The cherries enclose several antioxidants that aid in getting rid of the harmful free radicals. It may be mentioned here that the free radicals are unfixed molecules that damage the cells in many ways. Since these molecules are not fixed they circulate freely and invade and harm the fit cells in our body. In fact, the harm caused to the healthy cells owing to attacks by the free radicals often enhances the aging process in individuals.

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The cherry fruit is succulent and has a sweet flavour with a sour taste inside. The fruit also encloses a stone in the core. There are several different types of cherries. While some are early, others are late, subtle and dark in color. This is one fruit that is an absolute food store containing numerous nutritious substances. The bioflavonoid anthocyanins provide the fruit with attractive hues. Cherries also enclose highly potent antioxidants that help in inhibiting the natural aging process by preventing cell damage as well as maintaining the immune system in an ideal condition. Normally, the darker the color of the berry, the more nutritious substances, minerals, including exceptional minerals, and vitamins they enclose. If you consume sufficient amounts of cherries regularly, it will help you to ward off several problems and keep you healthy. The berries may be consumed fresh all through the summer, while they may be dried, frozen, saved as juice, jam and even stewed or cooked in a syrup for consumption during the other seasons of the year. In fact, like fresh cherries, even the preserved cherries keep hold of all their nutritional properties unharmed. Significantly, the cherry stone contains the distinguished B17 vitamin, which possesses a potent anti-neoplastic influence. However, it is important to exercise caution while using cherry stone kernels. They ought to be taken in little doses and one need to keep an eye on the measure on the whole thing related to the cherry stone kernels.

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The dark color of some cherries, particularly tart cherries, indicates that they enclose very potent substances like flavonoids that help to maintain our health. In fact, the color of the cherries will be redder if their flavonoid content is greater. It has been found that the flavonoids enclosed by cherries are not only useful in preventing several ailments, but also helpful in getting the body rid of toxins and wastes produced by it. Findings of a research conducted in 2001 demonstrated that compared to aspirin, condensed tart cherry juice is ten-fold more useful in lessening headaches, gout pain, inflammation caused by arthritis and also arthritic pain. Scientists have discovered that eating as many as 20 tart cherries have sufficient vigorous elements that counteract the enzymes that stimulate the inflammation of tissues. Hence, in comparison to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, cherry juice is all the time preferable as it does not result in any adverse after-effects like the drugs.

The tart cherries are rich in melatonin content and this substance is said to be useful for all those enduring insomnia. In fact, melatonin is a hormone that is naturally present in our body and it plays a vital role by controlling the sleep cycles of the body. Consuming two tablespoons of condensed tart cherry juice, which is considered to be equal to eating 60 fresh cherries, blended in one cup of water is very effective in helping improve the quality of as well as deep sleep that is crucial to provide the body with rest so that it may heal and repair the damaged parts as well as accumulate sufficient energy to carry out its normal functions. In addition, it has been found that melatonin is also useful in inhibiting the natural aging process. In fact, the tart cherries may perhaps be the only food that is an excellent resource of melatonin.

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Animal studies involving mice undertaken recently hint that incorporating tart cherry powder to a diet comprising high fat and reasonable carbohydrate helps in achieving considerably weight loss. The study compared the weights of mice taking the tart cherry powder with their diet and those not taking it. After a period of three months, the researchers discovered that mice that were provided with tart cherry powder with their diet had lost 14 per cent of their body weight compared to those who were not provided with the tart cherry powder.

In addition to reducing body weight, it has been found that tart cherries are also useful in diminishing numerous risk aspects for heart ailments. A number of researches undertaken in 2007 showed that ingestion of tart cherries were helpful in lowering the intensity of cholesterol and triglyceride in animals. Consumption of tart cherries also have other health benefits, including alleviating symptoms related to fibromyalgia (a chronic disorder distinguished by pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints, fatigue and tenderness at particular places in the body) and safeguard against various forms of cancers.

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Hence, if you make a slight change in your diet and incorporate sufficient quantities of tart cherries to your meals you may easily prevent several ailments and also enable the body to cure itself of a number of grave diseases.

Varieties of cherries

Basically, cherries are of two varieties - sweet cherries and tart cherries. In fact, both varieties of cherries enclose anthocyanins and, hence, irrespective of the type of cherry you decide to consume, the health benefits from them will be the same. However, it has commonly been found that compared to sweet cherries, tart cherries are richer in anthocyanins and phenolics content. In addition, tart cherries are available more easily in concentrate and capsule forms at your neighbourhood pharmacies and health food stores. You may also order tart cherry concentrates and capsules online from the various online pharmacies and health food stores.

Health advantages of cherries

As discussed earlier, consumption of cherries not only protect us from various ailments, but also helps to heal the body as well as inhibit the natural aging process. Mentioned below are some of the condition specific health benefits of cherries.

  • Consumption of cherries makes the functioning of the cardiovascular system steady. The fruits also help to promote sound and deep sleep. It also soothes the nervous stimulation and, at the same time, enhances mood and vigour.
  • Adding sufficient amounts of cherries to your diet also enhances desire for food or appetite, improves the pace of metabolism or assimilation of the nutrients into the body and helps in disintegrating the ingested fats. Cherries contain pectin, which is useful in getting the body rid of the toxins and waste materials.
  • Eating sufficient amounts of cherries also helps in alleviating muscle pain while undertaking profound physical strain and also relieves from exhaustion and fatigue. In fact, cherries are an ideal remedy for alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • The fruit also fortifies the capillaries, enhances eyesight or vision and alleviates vein thrombosis (a condition wherein blood clots form in veins).
  • Due to some volatile production contained by cherries, they also have anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of cherries helps in cleansing the liver and also alleviating the pain caused by arthrosis and arthritis.

It may be mentioned here that the calorie content of cherry is only around 50 Kcal. The fruit encloses exceptional and compound minerals that provide it with extremely wholesome properties. It is interesting to note that cherries are rich in mineral content, including iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium as well as phosphorous, that are present in perfect amounts.

The health benefits of cherries are augmented several times over owing to the presence of vital substances, such as vitamins C, PP, B-complex and beta-carotene in the fruit. Hence, it may be said that the fruit contains magical health properties that enhances its utility as a nutritious food.

Cherry juice

Believe it or not, the juice of the cherry fruit is considered to be one of the most amazing things that have been helping people to live a hale and hearty life that is free from many ailments and pain. Several studies have found that the cherry juice contains potent antioxidant properties that offer a wide range of health benefits - protecting us from several life-threatening ailments, relieving pain, gifting sound and deep sleep as well as inhibiting the natural aging process.

Similar to several vegetable and fruit juices, even the juice of the cherry is rich in antioxidant content. As is known, anti-oxidants play a vital role in counteracting free radicals present in our body that are detrimental for our health and may possibly result in diseases like atherosclerosis (a type of arteriosclerosis wherein fatty substances form a deposit of plaque on the inner lining of the major arterial walls) and different forms of cancer. It may be mentioned here that the antioxidant scale of any food or drink is gauged by the expression Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC. When a food or drink has higher ORAC, it is said to have a superior ability to supercharge the health of an individual with an extra-large dosage of antioxidants.

It is interesting to note that drinking about one-and-a-half cup or 250 ml of cherry juice will provide an individual with health benefits that he or she may obtain from eating as many as 23 dissimilar vegetables and fruits. Precisely speaking, consumption of 250 ml of cherry juice provides greater amount of antioxidants in comparison to five servings of carrots, tomatoes, peas, watermelons and bananas. When you take 250 ml of cherry juice, the ORAC level in your body will be as high as 8,260 in comparisons to 1,790 that you may obtain from the vegetables and fruits mentioned above.

However, the fact is that cherry juice does not only contain antioxidants that will help an individual to enjoy improved health. In addition to the potent antioxidants, cherries also enclose an amalgam known as anthocyanins - the colorants that impart the deep red hue to the berries. However, sometimes the cherries also have a purple and blue color. Several researches have suggested that the anthocyanins present in cherries are effective in combating life-threatening ailments, such as heart attacks, stroke and cancer.

The health promoting properties of cherry juice are not limited to those mentioned above. In addition to these, the berries are also known to reduce the intensity of uric acid in the bloodstream. In fact, when an individual has excessive of uric acid in the bloodstream, he or she will experience excruciating gout pain. Consumption of cherry juice helps in reducing the level of uric acid in the bloodstream, thereby relieving the patients of their agony. In addition, drinking cherry juice is also an effective medication to alleviate the pain occurring due to arthritis. In this case too, anthocyanins present in the berries play a crucial role by alleviating the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. It may be noted that in comparison to aspirin, the anthocyanins present in tart cherries provide ten-fold more relief from pain to patients enduring arthritis.

It may be mentioned here that tart cherries are not the only fruit that provides you with all the benefits for a healthy lifestyle. It is true that tart cherries enclose rich amounts of anthocyanins among all other types of cherries, but you may also obtain equally extra-large doses of antioxidants to promote your health and keep off several ailments by consuming other varieties of cherries, such as sweet cherries and black cherries. In addition to consuming fresh cherries, one may also eat tart cherries or drink tart cherry juice for enhancing their health. However, it has been found that most people have a preference for tart cherry juice, simply because it has a more delicious flavour. There are many individuals who blend the tart cherry juice with their preferred variety of apple with a view to obtain an additional measure of the essential vitamins and minerals, including exceptional minerals.

Here is a word of caution for those intending to give up medications, pain killers and physical remedy with a view to consume cherry juice for their health requirements. It is essential that such individuals ought to first consult their physician before eschewing medications and adopting cherry juice to promote their health as well as keep of ailments. It is advisable not to depend only on cherry juice for all your health requirements for it may not be effective in some cases or result in some side effects in others. For instance, pregnant women and nursing mothers ought to consult their physician before they start consuming cherry juice on a regular basis since cherry juice also encloses sorbitol. At the same time, you need to remember that the benefits of consuming cherry juice may not be obvious within a few days and it may often take a number of weeks or even months before you experience the desired health benefits of drinking cherry juice.

There is no doubt that cherry contains loads of substances that are beneficial for our health. Thus, it will be helpful if you change your diet a little and incorporate cherries or cherry juice in it. Try taking a cold glass of tart cherry juice along with your morning meals every day and there is little doubt that ultimately you will also be able to take the health advantages offered by this wonderful fruit. Remember, the cheery contains more nutritious substances than what people actually perceive.

Cherry juice alleviates arthritis, gout pain

Drinking cherry juice regularly offers a number of health benefits, especially alleviating pain due to gout and arthritis. In fact, chronic arthritis and gout are awfully excruciating conditions that make life miserable for millions of patients worldwide. Hence, people who suffer from these painful conditions ought to eat fresh cherries or drink cherry juice for respite from their agony.

Hence, it is advisable to drink cherry juice, particularly of tart cherry, as it is useful in alleviating pain and inflammation associated with a number of conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Gout
  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Anthocyanins in cherry lower inflammation

Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants present in adequate amounts in cherry. These antioxidants not only impart the deep reddish color to cherries, but are also known to aid in alleviating inflammations in the body. In fact, anthocyanins present in cherry are also found in vegetables, blueberries as well as other fruits having purplish-red hue and may possibly provide some safeguard against different forms of cancer, including colon cancer, heart attack as well as stroke.

It may be mentioned here that high intensity of uric acid in the bloodstream is responsible for gout and consuming the juice of tart cherry helps in reducing the levels of uric acid. Cherry juice also possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics and this aids in providing relief from painful conditions suffered by patients enduring chronic arthritis. Findings of a research undertaken by scientists at the University of California demonstrated that taking one serving of fresh or dried cherries every day helps in reducing the high uric acid levels in the bloodstream considerably. In fact, it was found that women who took one serving of cherries daily experienced a 15 per cent drop in their uric acid level. While fresh cherries were used during the research, it is said that taking dried cherries or cherry juice concentrate would also yield the same results.

Maximum dosage of cherry juice for health benefits

There is no fixed prescribed dosage of drinking cherry juice for receiving maximum health benefits. While the amount varies from one individual to another, the results too are different for different people. However, it has been found that usually taking two tablespoons of tart cherry juice concentrate every day has benefitted most people. Alternately, one may also take one serving of fresh or dried cherries. As different individuals react in different ways to different foods and the amounts they consume, it is advisable that you try out different doses of the fruit or its juice concentrate to find out the precise amount that offers you the maximum health benefits.

As mentioned earlier, even the results of consuming cherry juice or its concentrate differs in different people. In fact, many individuals experience the health benefits of cherry juice after taking it for only some days, there are others who notice the desired advantages of drinking cherry juice after they have consumed it for a number of weeks.

Cherry juice mends muscle damage

According to the findings of a latest research, cherry juice is useful in reducing muscle pain if it is drunk prior to and straight away after undertaking a laborious work-out. It is advisable to drink a minimum of 12 ounces of cherry juice before and after any exercise.

The best thing about consuming cherries either fresh or in the form of concentrates or capsules is that they do not result in any adverse after-effects provided they are taken in little amounts. However, cherries enclose a substance called sorbitol that may worsen some of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and hence, people enduring this condition should consume cherries after consulting a physician. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers ought to consult their physician before consuming cherries for no study has yet been undertaken to determine the maximum safety doses of cherries.

Availability of tart cherries

Tart cherries are easily available from a number of sources and in several forms, including capsules and concentrates. You may obtain them from your neighbourhood pharmacies or health food stores or place online orders for any tart cherry product. Remember to add a little amount of tart cherry concentrate in your daily morning drink and also preserve it for use when you undertake additional work-outs during the weekends or engage in some strenuous work in your yard. Consuming tart cherries in such situations will help to revitalize you soon.

Additionally, cherries have a delicious flavour and may be used in an assortment of recipes. Alternately, you may also take them in capsule form or drink it as a fruit juice. You should try tart cherries for some time - for a week or two, and you will be amazed at the various health improvements you experience. While you will experience a sound and deep sleep enabling your body to heal itself of various ailments, you will also feel that the pain you have been suffering due to gout or arthritis is much diminished.


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