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An average growing peach tree, which has similarity with the plum, is often likely to reach a height of 8 meters (about 25 feet). However, peach trees that are grown in orchards are generally cut back with a view to keep their height much shorter. The rapidly growing as well as scattering branches of peach trees produce leaves having an oblong shape that get thinner to a sharp point and also have indented margins. Group of two or even more leaves dangle on willowy shoots and prior to the leaves opening completely, delicate, light pink blossoms each having five petals appear on the branches. The flowers of peach are not very fragrant. The fruit of this plant is extremely familiar and has a smooth surface, while the subtle bloom resembles the apricot and plum in structure. The pulp of peach fruit has a sweet flavour and it encloses a hard seed whose kernel is packed with oil.

While the origin of the peach tree is yet to be ascertained, it is believed to have originated and brought from China. The famous 5th century B.C. Chinese philosopher Confucius had talked about this fruit tree in his writings. In addition, the peach tree is also embodied on vintage Chinese porcelain as well as different objects d'art. The precise botanical name of this tree hints that possibly the Romans introduced peach to Europe from Persia. During the early half of the 16th century, peach trees had already made an appearance in England and were grown in the renowned London garden of the English herbalist John Gerard.

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Going by the ancient texts on herbs, the leaves of the peach tree possess the attribute to get rid of worms from our body. In order to employ the leaves for this purpose, people prepared a poultice using fresh leaves and applied it topically. Alternately, they prepared an infusion from the dried peach leaves and took it internally. In Italy, people believed that the peach leaves were a remedy for warts. Following the application of the leaves to the wart, they buried it in the ground and allowed it to decompose. By the time, the leaves decayed, the wart ought to have gone away. Seventeenth century English herbalist Nicholas Culpeper asserted that the dried up as well as the pulverized peach leaves were effective in stopping hemorrhages and speeding up the healing process of wounds and sores. In contemporary herbalism, the peach leaves are no longer utilized widely, but may possibly still be suggested to cure inflamed digestive tract. The leaves as well as the bark of the peach tree have been conventionally used to cure bronchitis and whooping cough.

Way back in the 17th century, Nicholas Culpeper had identified the cosmetic significance of the oil obtained from peach kernel. He pulverized the peach kernel with vinegar and subsequently boiled them to prepare a substantial paste and declared that this mixture was amazingly effective in growing hair in bald space or where it was thin. Currently, the oil obtained from peach kernel is still a constituent in numerous products available for hair-care, and is also employed for massage, in addition to a form of moisturizer.

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It may be noted that a superior quality peach is always firm and does not have any blemishes. On the contrary, it appears fresh and has a white or yellow hue, blended with a reddish tinge, conditional on the type of the fruit. Whenever the peach is harvested green or unripe, the fruit will not ripen suitably, and is likely to develop a light and feeble hue and will get smaller. At the same time, the flesh of the fruit will turn out to be hard and chewy and the essence will be lacking. In fact, peaches never gain sugar once they are picked, because they do not possess any starch reserve.

When consumed with other fruits in any salad, peaches are a brilliant fruit. In fact, peaches can also be blended with vegetables. When peaches are consumed with other foods, they are excellent with any protein meal. Peaches and cheese may be employed in a wonderful combination, particularly when you are on a journey. Peaches also blend excellently with every type of dairy product.

Health benefits of peaches

Peaches have very rich vitamin A content, particularly the fruit that has a bright hue. In addition, peach also contains high amounts of sugar and water and is extremely purgative for the body. It may be noted that peaches are excellent in making the blood stream alkaline, and they also facilitate in invigorating the secretion of digestive juices. One can consume peaches with a view to control bowel movement as well as develop the blood.

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In effect, peaches are a wonderful food for aged people, as the body absorbs this fruit extremely effortlessly. Since, it is easy to digest peaches, people suffering from stomach ulcers or bowel inflammation or enduring colitis may consume the fruits that are extremely ripe. People enduring these health conditions may also consume peaches after cooking them, soaking the fruits or in a puree form. On the other hand, individuals who are very conscious regarding their diet may find peaches beneficial as it is excellent in getting rid of the toxic substances from the body. In addition, peaches are also good for people who are on a weight-loss schedule. Peaches are a perfect food for breaking a fast too.

A very good tea can be prepared using the leaves of the peach tree. This tea is especially effective for cleansing the kidneys. The stones or seeds of the peach have also been employed in earlier times as food and medication. They were crushed and used in broth owing to their high calcium content.

It may be noted that majority of the dried up peaches available in the market these days are treated in sulfur and, hence, it is advisable that you keep away from this type of dried peach provided you want to maintain good health. In case you are consuming canned peaches that are covered with syrup, discard the syrup and just consume the peach.

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Peaches enclose high amounts of nutrients that are required by our body, for instance, calcium, potassium, niacin and thiamine. In addition, this fruit also has very high beta carotene content - an antioxidant that changes to vitamin A, which is essential for the health of our eyes and heart. The antioxidants contained by peaches may possibly also facilitate in keeping the urinary as well as the digestive functions healthy.

In the Eastern cultures, peach tea is said to be an effective cleaner for the kidneys and is usually used in the detoxification process. This tea does not contain the essence of peach, but is brewed from the pits. Several people assert that peaches are excellent for alleviating stomach ulcers as well as other digestive problems, for instance, colitis and kidney ailments. It is believed that is possibly owing to the rich potassium and fiber content of peaches.

However, people who are susceptible to or having a low potassium diet ought to confer with their doctor prior to including peaches in their diet.

An additional health benefit of peaches is that this fruit assists in keeping the skin in good physical shape as well as enhances one's complexion.

It has been observed that eating peaches facilitates in keeping the intestines free of worms. In effect, they help to expel worms. As peaches have very high vitamin A content, they may also assist us from developing cancer in the glands and organs having epithelial tissue. Peaches contain over 80 per cent water and are an excellent source of dietary fiber, which makes the fruit beneficial for people who are trying to shed those extra pounds.

Apart from the health benefits of peaches mentioned above, regular consumption of this fruit also helps in maintaining usual bowel movements and can also avoid straining. Findings of several studies have hinted that peaches have a wonderful antioxidant action, various anti-microbial actions and are good to outstanding in slowing down tumour growth. Peaches also somewhat work as purgatives and have potent diuretic actions and, hence, are suggested for people enduring gout and rheumatism.

The flowers of the peach tree possess tranquilizing properties and are wonderful for restive children, particularly when the flowers are boiled in water together with honey and sugar.

Peaches are full of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. This fruit also contains vitamin K, a nutrient, which is basically difficult to get. While vitamin A is essential for the health of eyes and is also effective in diminishing the chances of developing cataracts, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects against the harmful free radicals and assists in strengthening the body's immune system. In addition, peaches also contain vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, folate as well as minerals, such as iron, copper, calcium, zinc and several others.

As aforementioned, peaches are a natural and copious source of the vital nutrient potassium, which assists in providing relief from fatigue. In fact, potassium has a very important role in lengthening our life. Lack of sufficient potassium in your diet may possibly have a harmful result on one's body. When there is a dearth of this key mineral, it may cause you to feel lethargic during the day. In addition, it has been seen that potassium has a positive effect on the health of one's skin and muscles.

It is possible for you to ingest sufficient amount of dietary fiber throughout the day just by adding fresh fruits like peaches to your diet. Doing so will help you to make sure that your digestive system functions in an optimum manner by getting the body rid of toxic substances. In addition, consumption of adequate dietary fiber also makes it possible for your body to assimilate nutrients more effectively. It has been shown that fiber also facilitates in regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood stream and, at the same time, diminishes the chances of developing any heart ailment.

Peaches also enclose lutein and lycopene - they are basically carotenes. These substances are responsible for the color of the peaches and may possibly assist in reducing our chances of developing cancer as well as other ailments. Lycopene and lutein work in the fashion of an army in protecting our body from potential dangers.

Consuming fresh fruits on a regular basis may help to strengthen your immune system and provide you with usual energy. Among the most enduring methods to lose weight is to have some fruits regularly. Having a calorie value of just 69, consumption of one peach is able to assist in fostering your body as well as keeping your weight stable. However, this just cannot take place all of a sudden, but your waistline will reduce in size over a period of time. Small changes may work wonders when the issue of increasing the potential of our bodies is concerned. As far as our health is concerned, it is difficult to go wrong when you consume peaches, which are loaded with nutrients.

In case you are planning to include peaches in your grocery list more frequently, it is advisable that you purchase fresh organic peaches. Alternately, you may also purchase them canned with juice. However, buying peaches packed with heavy syrup is not advisable, since the presence of the syrup needlessly adds plenty of sugar to the fruit. Hence, it is important that you discard the syrup and only consume the peach.

Peach is actually a wonderful fruit which will no doubt be successful in augmenting your health as well as improving the immunity of the body against diseases and other risks. Peaches possess an energizing and sugary flavour, which is different from any other fruit. If you haven't eaten peaches yet, it is advisable that you try this fruit once and yourself observe what wonders it can perform for your health and happiness.


Peach is a very well-known fruit tree that is extensively cultivated throughout the world in places having tepid and temperate climatic conditions. In effect, California in the southern United States is well known for its excellent quality peaches.

Peach is a fruit which is available all through the year, but the season for obtaining the fresh fruits is between May and October. While buying peaches from the store, it is advisable that you try to find fresh fruits that have a rich color and may possibly still retain a somewhat white bloom, suggesting that the fruits have been handled relatively less. Keep away from the fruits that are very soft or those that have cuts or are discolored. Ripened peach fruits give in to mild pressure and possess a sweet fragrance. You may store ripe peaches in the refrigerator, but they ought not to be exposed to room temperature prior to consumption so that you may take delight in their excellent flavour.


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