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The delicately crispy and thirst satiating watermelon is essentially a summer fruit. It is one fruit which announces the arrival of summer. While these days watermelons are available in the markets all through the year, the actual season for this fruit is summer and they are very sweet and of superior quality at this time of the year.

Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, watermelon also has a relation with the cantaloupe, pumpkin, squash as well as various different plants which also grow as vines on the soil. Watermelons can be found in various shapes and sizes. They may be round, spherical or oblong and have dense green crusts that are generally specked or striped. Their size may vary from not many pounds to a maximum of 90 pounds.

Having its origin in Africa, watermelon was cultivated for the first time in Egypt where people documented the evidences of this fruit's legacy in pictographs on the walls of buildings. The Egyptians held watermelons in such high esteem that they even put the fruit in the tombs of their numerous kings. Therefore, it is not very amazing at all to know that watermelons had a very important function in the lives of people in Egypt and later in other countries in the region of the Mediterranean. This is primarily because these regions suffered from a dearth of water supply and people had the opportunity to rely on watermelons to satiate their thirst during the hot summer months.

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Sometime around the 10th century, watermelons were introduced to China and subsequently to the countries in the Western Hemisphere shortly after the New World was discovered. Majority of the commercially supplied watermelons are cultivated in Russia, where people use this fruit to prepare a popular wine. Besides Russia, the major commercial watermelon cultivators are countries like the United States, China, Iran and Turkey.

It may be noted that watermelons may be used wisely by including the fruit in diets along with an assortment of minerals and vitamins. Watermelons are an excellent natural source of various vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C as well as B vitamins, in addition to essential nutrients like carbohydrates, antioxidants, beta-carotene and potassium. Watermelons also enclose amino acids that may assist in maintaining the health of the arteries as well as improving blood circulation to the heart. In case you are keen of finding new ways to improve your health, it is advisable that you consume watermelons - they are delicious and, at the same time, an excellent choice.

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Health benefits of watermelon

Watermelons offer many health benefits and they are genuinely wonderful. Irrespective of the manner in which you slice this fruit, it is loaded with a number of the most vital antioxidants available in nature.

The inside of the watermelon is strikingly red and it is an excellent natural source of lycopene, a very strong carotene antioxidant. The antioxidants present in watermelon pass through all parts of the body counteracting the harmful free radicals. In effect, free radicals are volatile molecules produced by the body and have the aptitude to cause immense harm to us. The free radicals have the ability to oxidize cholesterol enabling it to bind to the walls of the blood vessels and make them thicker. This, in turn, may result in stroke or a heart attack. The striking red color of the fruit is attributed to lycopene and it is capable of diminishing the perils of developing prostate cancer.

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The antioxidants present in watermelon facilitate in decreasing the acuteness of asthma. In addition, they also facilitate in lowering the risks of developing asthma, colon cancer, heart ailments, prostate cancer as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

That the watermelon is the only fruit that encloses an elevated lycopene concentration compared to any other fresh vegetable or fruit is really amazing. In addition, watermelon is one of those fruits that have high content of potassium as well as sodium - substances that we exude by means of perspiration.

As aforementioned, watermelons enclose a high amount of B vitamins that are essential for generation of energy within our body. People who are expert in dietary issues advocate consumption of watermelons, since it is an excellent natural source of vitamin B6 as well as vitamin B1 plus magnesium. Owing to the elevated water content of this fruit - almost 90 per cent, as well as calorie worth, watermelon is considered to be more beneficial compared to other fruits.

In addition, consumption of watermelon causes a unique cooling result. This fruit also has extremely high citrulline content. In effect, citrulline is basically an amino acid that is used by our body to produce a different amino acid called arginine. Arginine is employed in the urea cycle to eliminate excessive ammonia from our body.

It may be noted that though watermelons do not enclose fats, they assist in production of energy. Consumption of this fruit also helps in protecting us from macular degeneration.

It is a well known fact that several people have tried numerous things simply to sustain or reduce their body weight. Many people are also known to have adopted dieting simply to keep off from putting on additional flab. In such cases, the watermelon is an ideal fruit which is delicious as well as healthy and since it contains no calorie you do not have the problem of putting on weight. In fact, consuming watermelon will help one to reduce his/ her body weight automatically. This is primarily owing to the fact that watermelons are free from fat.

When you consume watermelon, you have a feeling that you are additionally strong and alert. Watermelons contain vitamin B6, which is necessary for assisting people in tackling with nervous anxiety and panic in a superior manner. This particular vitamin stimulates the chemicals present in the brain and eases appropriate mental state. Consuming watermelons perks up the health of the nervous system, while diminishing the risks of high blood pressure (hypertension), since this fruit contains high amounts of potassium.

Lycopene together with vitamin A are perfect nutrients for augmenting the well being of our eyes. In effect, watermelons enclose a greater source of lycopene compared to all other vegetables and fruits. These two nutrients are capable of enhancing our eye sight by putting off macular degeneration as well as additional problems that may occur to our eyes. Therefore, it is vital that we take care to maintain the regular levels of vitamin A and lycopene, to ensure that we are able to maintain a healthy and lasting vision as we age.

Many people have also compared watermelon to Viagra vis-à-vis its actions on the sexual functioning in men. Watermelons have the aptitude to perk up the levels of nitric acid that facilitates the blood vessels to unwind. Consuming watermelons may prove to be highly beneficial for men who are keen to augment their libido or sexual craving through natural means.

Consuming watermelons may assist the body to augment the resistances of the immune system. Watermelon encloses high amounts of vitamin C - a very strong antioxidant that assists us to protect against ailments. When you regularly eat foods that contain vitamin C, it may aid in protecting the cells of the body from harm and, at the same time, this nutrient has a vital function in facilitating us to remain youthful.

Environmental pressures as well as pollution attack us each day and these may accumulate to have an influence on our health, if not we adopt defensive or precautionary actions against them. Consuming fruits, for instance, watermelons, is an ideal as well as a simple manner to promote our immune system to combat them.

When the days are hot during summer, watermelon is definitely an energizing option for it has the ability to help us to continue with the fruit's invigorating attributes. You may relish this fruit in the form of a fruit salad or just eat it itself. When you incorporate watermelon, a delectable fruit in your diet, it has the aptitude to work excellent things for your well being and, at the same time, augment the functioning of the different parts of the body. Small children are fond of watermelons and this fruit may turn out to be a fun as well as a nourishing substitute for the useless and often harmful junk foods consumed by them. If it is possible, you should always purchase watermelons grown in the organic way since they enclose an enhanced balance of nourishments and also do not contain any pesticides.


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