Wheat Germ

Wheat germ offers us numerous health benefits. Precisely speaking, wheat germ is basically a grain strengthened with vitamin E, phosphorus, folic acid (folate), fatty alcohols, zinc, thiamine, magnesium as well as essential omega-3 fatty acids. In effect, wheat germ is also an exceptional source of dietary fiber.

The wheat particle that generates a new plant when the wheat grain is sowed is known as the wheat berry or the wheat kernel. In effect, the wheat kernel is the seed that brings the embryo into being. The germ is actually the specific part of the wheat grain that facilitates in the reproduction of the plant and, hence, possesses an elevated absorption of every type of nourishments. The beneficial healthy fats present in the grain mainly exist in this part of the plant. On the other hand, the bran is the external fibrous covering. The internal layer that exists between the germ and the bran is called the endosperm. Actually, this part of the wheat grain is milled to obtain flour. Following the processing of wheat for daily use general flour, the bran and the germ are separated and discarded.

It may be noted that wheat germ is amongst the most nourishing substances available. Actually, wheat germ encloses as many as 23 nutrients, in addition to possessing additional nutrients for every ounce compared to any different grain or vegetable.

Wheat germ especially has a high concentration of protein. Precisely speaking, wheat germ encloses approximately 28 per cent protein and it possesses added protein compared to what is present in majority of the meat products. It may be noted that protein is vital for the human body for it helps in repairing damaged tissues as well as facilitates the transportation of other nutrients and minerals to the cells within our body.

In fact, wheat grain contains an incredible quantity of nutrients, which appears to be infinite. Compared to any other source of food, wheat germ encloses more iron and potassium. Besides these, it encloses substantial amounts of calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc and vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B3. It may be noted that the B vitamins (vitamin B1 and vitamin B3) are extremely vital for sustaining the levels of energy as well as maintaining hale and hearty organs, muscles, skin and hair.

Vitamin E is another vital vitamin present in wheat germ. Besides being an extremely vital antioxidant, vitamin E also facilitates in thwarting the aging process of the body and avoiding heart ailments. In addition, vitamin E avoids the formation of blood clots and is essential for fortifying the immune system of our body.

It has been found that wheat germ is extremely helpful for our health to maintain the body in the best of health. Athletes include wheat germ in their diet with a view to augment the functioning of the cardiovascular system as well as enhance the levels of endurance. In addition, body builders also require including wheat germ to their diet with a view to increase muscles as well as sustain the levels of nutrition that is essential for their optimal performance.

Wheat germ is available from any reputed health store as well as several supermarkets. You may purchase wheat germ in different forms - fresh or toasted. In addition, several other food items are available that enclose wheat germ. In addition to flour and bread, some cereals are also made with wheat germ.

In case you are making your cakes and bread personally, you may easily include wheat germ while baking by making use of this extremely nutritious product in place of a little amount of flour. When you use wheat germ in baked foods you will discover that the product has a sugary, just about a nutty taste which is not extremely intense. In addition, you may also include wheat germ while cooking vegetables, eggs and meat delicacies as well as in yogurt.

Health benefits of wheat germ

Wheat germ offers us numerous health benefits. As aforementioned, wheat germ encloses vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant as far as the health and beauty of the skin is concerned. In addition, vitamin E also perks up the immune system and possesses anti-aging attributes. Wheat germ also has the aptitude to avoid heart ailment and also cancer.

In effect, wheat germ encloses a lot of vitamin E, which facilitates in maintaining the proper functioning of our reproductive organs in males as well as females. Besides assisting the different organs of the body to perform properly, vitamin E is also beneficial for men suffering from impotence.

Wheat germ also has other health benefits, for instance, it has the aptitude to facilitate in regulating the LDL (known as bad cholesterol) cholesterol as well as triglycerides. In addition, it also supports the cardiovascular health. The protein present in wheat germ also facilitates in development of muscles and also performs wonders as far as the general energy, health and endurance is concerned. Wheat germ also encloses octacosonal that augments the dexterity and preparedness of the mind. This nutrient is also included in various dietary supplements, particularly those used to lose weight.

Wheat germ also enhances metabolism and helps to maintain the balance of the hormones in our body, especially those which help in dealing with tension and stress. Vitamin B contained by wheat germ helps to heighten the immune system, provides a healthy skin, assists in digestion and allows the body to speed up healing of wounds.

Folic acid present in wheat germ lowers the levels of homocysteine in the bloodstream as well as avoids any injury to the arteries. In effect, one 115 gram helping of wheat germ encloses 60 per cent of the daily fiber requisite of the human body. Sufficient intake of fiber is related to decreased risk of heart ailment. In addition, fiber also facilitates the body in removing the toxic substances, working to avoid development of colon cancer as well as different digestive irregularities. Nevertheless, our body also requires sufficient consumption of fat for appropriate digestion and utilization of the nutrients present in wheat.

Owing to the presence of subtle oils in wheat germ, it becomes decomposed as soon as milk that is not stored in a refrigerator. Hence, when you are purchasing wheat germ from any store, it is possible that the product has already become rotten. It may be mentioned that staleness is an appraisal of the corrosion of fats and oils when they come in contact with the air. This particular type of oxidation of the fats and oils results in unstable molecules and has the ability to devastate the nutrients present in any food. In such cases, the natural oxidants present in wheat germ, counting vitamin E, inhibit the oxidation process. Freshly milled flour encloses the maximum amount of nourishments as well as minimum oxidation. Hence, when wheat flour is stored for about a week at room temperature naturally loses several of their nutrients and vitamins.

It is always most excellent to consume wheat in its wholeness. The whole wheat grain is extremely nourishing when it is processed appropriately and prepared as it should be. However, over processing of wheat grain causes the nutrition level of the food decline severely or even cease to exist. In the instance of white bread products, the wholesome wheat germ is completely done away with from the flour, fundamentally counteracting its nutritional worth. It is because of this, one should keep away from white flour and all baked foods that are prepared using white flour. It may be noted that consuming freshly processed, whole wheat flour is most suitable for our health. Therefore, you may even think about milling wheat grain for your personal use using a home mill, or procure freshly grounded flour from any natural food cooperative or any health food store.

As discussed earlier, wheat germ encloses a significant amount of protein, for instance, 27 grams in every 115 gram serving. In addition, it has a low glycemic index, denoting that its impact on the levels of blood sugar is very mild. These two attributes of wheat germ makes it a wonderful diet for people enduring diabetes and need to regulate their insulin levels.

In addition, wheat germ may also avoid all types of defects at birth; it encloses folic acid (a B vitamin) and several different nutrients that have the aptitude to lessen the risks of any birth defect in the fetus.

The entire vitamin E present in wheat germ also acts in the form of an innate antioxidant, which is beneficial for the heart. Consuming wheat germ facilitates in avoiding heart ailments since vitamin E present in our blood stream assists in preventing damage to the cells as well as accumulation of clots in the blood.

Do you desire your hair to appear extraordinary? In case you wish to, you may include some amount of wheat germ in your diet. It may be noted that wheat germ encloses thiamine that encloses a vital vitamin in maintaining a strong and normal looking hair. In addition, thiamine is also beneficial for the skin and bones.

Octacosanol present in wheat germ is actually a normal fatty alcohol which facilitates in counteracting muscular dystrophy (an inherited illness distinguished by steady wasting of the muscles with substitution by fat and scar tissue, occasionally having an effect on the heart too) as well as different disorders related to the muscles.

Wheat germ is also effective in combating the problem of obesity. Wheat germ also encloses vitamin B6, which is crucial in sustaining a strong metabolic system of the body and when the metabolic system is functioning strongly, the body can burn additional calories. This, in turn, results in loss of surplus body weight. Besides vitamin B6, wheat germ also encloses vitamin B5 which assists the body in generating energy and when the energy production is high, it denotes that additional calories are burnt. And, this also results in weight loss.

Wheat germ is believed to be a food that is packed with plenty of nutrients. Precisely speaking, wheat germ is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients that are essential for our body. This is the main reason why wheat germ is considered to be a positive food for the developing nations, which are fighting malnutrition and starvation. It is also beneficial for people who are enduring from various health conditions even in the much developed nations.

The entire vitamins, including vitamin E and B vitamins, in addition to all the additional nutrients present in wheat gram facilitates the body to counteract different types of ailments, including cancer. Prior to adding some amount of wheat germ to your diet it is essential to consult with your physician or nutritionist on this issue.


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