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Common names

  • Akarkara
  • Mount Atlas Daisy

A perennial herb, the appearance as well as habitat of akarkara (scientific name Anacyclus pyrethrum) is very similar to those of chamomile. However, unlike the plants known as Parietaria judaica (spreading pellitory) and the Parietaria officinalis (pellitory-of-the-wall), this herb belongs to a different family called Asteraceae.

Akarkara plants are found growing in North Africa as well as in other places in the Mediterranean region. In addition, Anacyclus pyrethrum also grows in the Himalayas in the northern regions of India and also in a number of Arabian countries.

This herb is well accepted in the form of a food spice. Consumption of this herb stimulates heat inside the body, besides causing a tingling sensation and redness when it comes in contact with the skin.

While the suffix pyrethrum in the herb's name (Anacyclus pyrethrum) may give the impression that this plant may be full of pyrethrins, this compound is not enclosed by the herb. The second word of the plant's binomial name has been derived from the herb's ancient Greek name, πύρεθρον.

On the other hand, the pyrethrins have been named after Pyrethrum. In recent times, the term Pyrethrum has been used for many plants belonging to the genus Chrysanthemum. Some plants belonging to this genus actually contain compounds called pyrethrins.

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Anacyclus pyrethrum is widely used in the primeval Indian medicine system, Ayurveda, as well as the medicine system originating in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Siddha. In these two ancient medicine systems, the root of the herb has been utilized for several centuries for medicinal purposes. This herb yields oil via the pit extraction method.

Aside from Ayurveda and Siddha, this medicinal plant is also used by Unani as well as other herbal medicine systems throughout the world for curing diseases related to men, toothache, common cold and pyorrhea.

It is worth mentioning here that Anacyclus pyrethrum extracts possess anabolic activity in rodents. Moreover, when used in animal models, they also enhanced the levels of testosterone.

Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) also stimulates libido or sexual desire and possesses aphrodisiac properties. As a result, using this herb helps to enhance strength as well as performance during sexual intercourse.

The Akarkara variety known as depressus, which is sometimes regarded as a separate species called Anacyclus depressus, is usually cultivated in the form of a low-water ornamental plant that blooms in spring. This variety is also known by other names like Mount Atlas daisy or mat daisy.

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Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) possesses aphrodisiac, spermatogenic and libido stimulant properties. This perennial herb enhances androgen secretions and also augments the production of these male sex hormones. The major alkaloid present in akarkara root is alkyl-amide and it helps to promote testosterone production.

It is believed that the root of this herb stimulates the hypothalamus owing to the presence of alkyl-amide. In general, akarkara is an herb that is effective in improving fertility, libido in male and also the count of spermatozoa.

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Akarkara water is also used for effective gargling. To prepare this remedial solution, simply boil about 10 grams of the herb's root in 250 ml (half cup) water and allow it too cool. Using akarkara water to gargle helps to alleviate the symptoms of pharyngitis. In addition, this medicated solution is also effective in curing toothache and diseases related to the gums.

Massaging the gums gently with a combination of the powdered akarkara root and camphor also helps to get respite from toothaches. You can also use powdered akarkara root with black pepper, vaividang (Embelia ribes) and ajwain khurasani (Hyoscyamus niger) to alleviate toothache.

Akarkara is also a useful remedy for pyorrhea. The powdered root of this herb is blended with mustard oil for treating this condition. Moreover, you can blend the root powder of Anacyclus pyrethrum with long pepper and black pepper for treating common cold. This herb possesses antiviral properties and, as a result, it helps to lessen the symptoms related to various types of flu. At the same time, it is also effective in removing nasal congestion.

The powder of Anacyclus pyrethrum root is also blended with oil and used for massaging to treat nervine debility and hemiplegia. A decoction prepared with the root of this herb is employed for gargle to cure toothache, dental caries and tonsillitis.

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To treat abscess, the decoction is applied externally with the purpose of assimilation as well as maturation. Applying this decoction to the skin makes the skin turn reddish and even boils may occur. Usually, akarkara root powder decoction is applied externally in the form of an analgesic. In Unani system of medicine, the decoction prepared with the akarkara root powder is incorporated in a variety of aphrodisiac oils.

This herb is also used for treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and inflammation due to STDs. Apart from curing STDs, akarkara is also used for curing rough and hoarse voice. This herb is also effective in treating impotency due to debility of nerves.

Some available evidence suggests that akarkara is a wonderful herb to boost the levels of the male sexual hormone, testosterone. Its application helps to rejuvenate the body and reinstate vitality. At the same time, Anacyclus pyrethrum has anabolic consequences on muscle building. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people involved in body building have a preference for this herb.

Findings of some scientific studies have also revealed that akarkara is also helpful in boosting instant memory. Some studies have also shown that this herb may also serve as an anti-depressant agent.

People across the globe have been using Anacyclus Pyrethrum for ages to purify the blood and rid it of various waste products produced due to the malfunctioning or poor functioning of the kidneys. This herb is a wonderful detoxifying agent, which is useful in alleviating pains, aches and swellings. It is also useful in boosting the energy levels, which is often depleted owing to the presence of toxins in the body.

Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) also possesses potent diuretic properties. Application of this herb can help to bring down fevers and also aid the body to revitalize after one has taken plenty of medications to treat their health conditions.

Anacyclus pyrethrum also offers us a number of other health benefits, including clearing the respiratory system of congested mucus. In this way, use of this herb helps to cure common colds, coughs and various types of flues. Akarkara is also an excellent expectorant, which helps the body to eliminate phlegm.

It is also effective for treating respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Akarkara works to open up the congested lungs, thereby making it easier to breathe.

An infusion prepared with Anacyclus pyrethrum is an excellent remedy for sore throats. It can be used as a gargle. Chewing the herb also helps to moisturize the mucus membranes and eliminated foul breath.

Anacyclus pyrethrum offers a number of other health benefits, including promoting leukocyte or white blood cell production. It also boosts interferon production, thereby perking up the immune system.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is also an effective natural remedy for joint pain and arthritis, as it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. This herb is also good for eliminating gas formed in the gastro-intestinal (GI) system.

Aside from its medicinal uses, Anacyclus pyrethrum is also an effective insect repellent. This herb and its formulations can be applied to the skin to ward off stinging pests.


Findings of many scientific studies have hinted that the root of akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) encloses alkyl amides and alkaloid pellitorin (pyrethrin). Alkyl amide present in the root of this perennial herb comprises isobutyl amides and tyramine amides.

It has been found that alkyl amides help to stimulate sexual desire (libido), in addition to possessing neuroprotective properties. Akarkara plants' aerial parts contain anacyclin. Aside from these compounds, this herb also contains hydrocarolin, inulin and sesamin.


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