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Common names

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The borututu tree (botanical name Cochlospermum angolensis) is native to Africa. This is a very familiar tree, valued for its tonic and healing attributes. In traditional African medicine, the borututu root is employed for treating an assortment of health conditions. Normally, an infusion or tea prepared with borututu root is taken internally or used topically in the form of a rinse.

Borututu is basically a traditional African medication prepared from the plant species called Cochlospermum angolensis. As the name of the plant suggests, it is found extensively in various regions of Angola, where the herb is called mburutu in the Kimbundu and Chokwe languages.

The borututu bark is a powerhouse of chemical compounds that are very useful therapeutically. An infusion or tea prepared from the bark of borututu has been used traditionally to treat health problems related to indigestion, the liver and exhaustion.

There is no doubt that the tea made from the bark of borututu tree possesses wonderful tonic properties, which have been extensively used in traditional medicine. Borututu is a natural and potent cleansing agent and in traditional African medicine, it has been used for treating problems related to the liver, urinary tract and gallbladder.

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Parts used

Bark, root.


It is claimed that formulations prepared from the borututu bark help to heal problems related to the liver. In addition, it also has an overall cleansing effect on the liver. Currently, you can avail borututu bark pills as well as herbal teas at health stores. In laboratory tests, the bark of this tree exhibited that it works to combat the malaria parasite called Plasmodium berghei in rodents.

The borututu tree is found growing in the forests of Africa and for long the local inhabitants have used the bark of this tree to prepare a potent tonic for detoxifying the liver. The bark is also used to prepare a potent tea which is drunk to get rid of toxic deposits in the liver, thereby reinforcing the body with powerful antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals and shield us from damages caused by them.

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The bark of borututu tree is packed with potent chemical compounds like bioflavonoids and catechins. Use of this bark helps to enhance the functioning of the liver, in addition to perking up our general health. If you wish to improve the health of your liver in the most potent manner using borututu bark, it is advisable that you prepare your tea and drink it regularly.

The tea can be prepared without much difficulty by boiling the unprocessed bark. While purchasing this herb, you should try to find wild crafted bark that is sold by raw herb providers in bags.

Borututu is a potent antioxidant that is employed to combat the harmful free radicals in our body. At the same time, the bark of this tree helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. Borututu bark is generally used to detoxify the liver, urinary tract and gallbladder.

The borututu bark is particularly reputed for its aptitude to help in dealing with hepatic ailments. In other words, this bark is effective in curing conditions related to the liver and gallbladder.

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Borututu is rich in active ingredients like bioflavonoids, catechins, quinones and phenols and this herb is employed for treating several problems associated with the stomach, spleen, gallbladder and urinary tract. Since borututu is an effective blood purifying alternative, it has a positive effect of blood fluidity, lowers the cholesterol levels and normalizes the arterial tensions.

This herb is also used topically in the form of a wash. When used topically, it is effective for treating sores, herpes and other skin problems. In addition, borututu also possesses moderate diuretic properties and it aids in eliminating additional fat from the body, thereby being useful in any weight loss regimen. Findings of a number of laboratory studies undertaken with borututu have established the weight loss effect of this herb.

The reasonably diuretic effect of borututu aids in losing unwanted body weight. People enduring high blood pressure (hypertension) are generally advised to take diuretics as they help the body to get rid of surplus water and salt via urine.

The diuretic and purifying effects of borututu help to support the kidneys; protect the urinary tract and also put off formation of kidney stones.

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A tea or infusion prepared by borututu bark is considered to be amongst the best detox teas available anywhere in the world. This tea helps to protect the kidneys, liver and intestines - all vital organs of the body that have important roles in cleansing it. Borututu tea is also recommended for people suffering from fatty liver and cirrhosis.

Similar to several other phytonutrients, the bark of borututu is a much valued source for antioxidants, which are essential for our general wellbeing as well as for protecting us from various diseases. Antioxidants forage and neutralize free radicals, thereby aiding to reduce oxidative stress as well as damages caused by these harmful substances.

As antioxidants eliminate the detrimental free radicals, they help to detoxify the body. In fact, the activity of antioxidants is very useful in supporting the body to shield itself against the harmful external effects of stress, pollution and toxins in the air, water and environment.

This herb has been described to promote healthy hydration. Ancient medical texts mention about a synergistic blend especially processed by combining borututu and aloe vera, which is an excellent cooling as well as detoxifying blood cleanser. This blend is also effective for cleansing and detoxifying the liver and bowels.

Moreover, borututu is a powerhouse of several nutrients, which may prove to be beneficial for the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In many instances, this herb is used for curing ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is worth mentioning here that majority of the health benefits offered by borututu is confined to the herb's traditional and cultural uses. Nevertheless, some scientific studies too have been undertaken to explore the potential of borututu bark in treating several health conditions.

It is strange to know that two studies undertaken with borututu bark in Germany found that it is useful in treating malaria in mice. Currently, scientists are studying the other potential benefits of borututu, especially its effectiveness against detrimental organisms. Findings of all these studies suggest that the bark of borututu is a phytochemical with great potential to combat several ailments and health problems.


Borututu is rich in several phytochemicals like phenols, catechins, quinones and bioflavonoids. These as well as other substances contained by borututu are beneficial for the health of the liver and gallbladder. The borututu bark is considered to be one of nature's greatest remedies for digestive tract and gallbladder disorders. It works as a wonderful tonic for these organs.

Usual dosage

The standard dosage of a tea prepared from borututu bark is two cups daily. Take one cup before your breakfast and the second cup prior to dinner. Moreover, you may also drink this herbal tea any time in the day, as it will be beneficial for your health.

Continue with this treatment for a month and subsequently abstain for taking borututu bark tea for eight days, before resuming the schedule once again.


From Nancy - Mar-01-2021
Borututu is an excellent herb for damaged and weak liver. I drink borututu infusion twice daily - in the morning before I have my breakfast and later before my dinner time. The infusion helps to detoxify the fatty liver.
From Carol - Jul-24-2017
This is a great herb for skin complaints and detoxification of the whole body. Borututu helps to get rid of excess water and toxins. Regular using it helps with weight loss. What a great herb!
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