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The temperature regulation center in the human body is altered by the presence of the compound capsaicin, the presence of capsaicin in the body also leads to the stimulation of the circulation system.

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The compound capsaicin has often been used in the past as a local analgesic, due to its effect of desensitizing the local nerve endings when it is applied on to the skin. Potent antibiotic properties are believed to be possessed by the compounds called capsicidins present in the seeds of the cayenne pepper.

In disorders such as impaired circulation and related diseases in the body, the heating qualities possessed by the herb makes it an extremely valuable all round remedy. The particular value of cayenne lies in the fact that it has a tendency to promote the flow of blood to the hands and feet and improves general circulation within the central organs of the body.

The cayenne also has a mild local analgesic effect when it is topically applied on the skin. A distinct rubefacient property is also evident in the cayenne, the pepper aids in bringing an increase in the blood flow to the troubled areas of the body, a factor that aids in the stimulation of impaired circulation during disorders such as "cold" rheumatic and arthritic conditions, this property of the cayenne enables it to help in the rapid elimination of accumulated waste products in the body and leads to an increase in the flow of nutrients to all the tissues in the body of a person.

Unbroken skin in case of chilblains can also be treated using the cayenne herbal remedy. Aside from these uses, the traditional herbal remedy for those susceptible to suffer from persistent cold feet is to put cayenne herbal remedy in the socks.

Digestion can be promoted by taking the herbal cayenne remedy, the remedy aids in increasing the secretion of the digestive juices and also aids in relieving excess abdominal gases and colic at the same time. Infection present in the digestive system can be effectively countered by taking the cayenne remedy.

At the same time, the cayenne remedy also aids in the prevention of various infections from taking a hold on the digestive system of the individual. Sore throats can be effectively treated making a throat gargle from a single pinch of the cayenne. Though it may sound unlikely, at least some types of diarrhea can also be treated using the cayenne based remedies.

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Other medical uses

Habitat and cultivation

The cayenne is a species of new world peppers, it was originally found in a native condition only in the tropical regions of the American continent. At this time, this herb is widely cultivated in many tropical regions of the world, particularly in the tropics of Africa and India - these areas are ideal for growing peppers.

The cayenne plant grows well in hot and moist conditions with plenty of sunshine, this herb is propagated using stored seed during early spring. Peppers are harvested from the plant during the summer, when they are fully ripe, these collected peppers are then dried in the shade and stored for future use and sale.

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Cayenne contains alkaloids, fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamins A, B1, C, volatile oil, sugars, carotene pigment.

Usual dosage

The typical capsaicin content in the commonly marketed topical creams is about 0.025 to 0.075% of the compound - this is the commercial content level of capsaicin preferred for use in the homeopathic herbal creams.

Initial application of the topical homeopathic cream usually bring on a burning sensation the first few times, this sensation gradually decreases with time following each use of the cream.

Following the initial use of the topical cream, hands must be carefully and rigorously washed using plenty of soap and water, wearing gloves may also help in some cases.

It is also very essential to prevent the cream from accidentally getting into sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, the nose, or the mouth - as it can lead to great burning sensation in such areas if they come into contact with the cream.

Areas of the body with broken or torn skin must not be rubbed with the cream at any time. A cayenne tincture in the amount of 0.3-1 ml can be applied thrice every day as a treatment against topical conditions.

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Side effects and cautions

Some precautions need to be taken when using cayenne based herbal remedies. During the initial stage of use, when applying for the first few times, the cayenne can induce a mild burning sensation, the burning sensation may even be quite severe if the cayenne remedy is accidentally applied to very sensitive areas of the body, such as the eyes of the person - aside from such minor irritation, the capsaicin cream induces no severe side effects in the body.

Internal ulcers can be caused by very high intake of the cayenne, however, the full benefits are usually not achievable by taking the minimal or sensible dose, and dosages need to be hiked for real benefits in most cases.

Allergies can develop in people from any substance on the face of the earth, for this reason, similar to all other applications meant for use on the skin, only a small spot on the skin of the person must be rubbed initially with the cayenne cream to check for irritation and allergic reactions, this is a precautionary measure as some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the cream.



INFUSION - An herbal infusion can be made from the cayenne peppers. This remedy is very simple to prepare and can be done quickly by using a cup of boiling water and mixing half a tsp of cayenne to the water. This solution must be diluted further by adding more hot water - the dilute cayenne infusion can be sipped as and when required. The infusion is excellent for dealing with the symptoms of various colds and strong chills in the body, it can be used to warm cold hands and feet in patients, it can also be taken as a warming drink by individuals suffering from shock, or long term depression. The functioning of the digestive system can also be stimulated by drinking two to three drops of the undiluted infusion before the daily meals.

TINCTURE - Cayenne can also be used to prepare a strong herbal tincture, which can be used to as a general tonic and to stimulate sluggish circulation in the body. Prepare the cayenne tincture by diluting five to ten drops of the infusion in half a cup of hot water - this tincture can be taken as and when required by patients.

COMPRESS - The cayenne infusion can also be used in the preparation of an herbal compress. A compress pad can be soaked in the infusion, and this pad can be placed on affected areas of the body for the treatment of all kinds of sprains and rheumatic pains and used in cases of bruising on the skin.

OINTMENT - The infusion of the cayenne can also be used as an herbal ointment, for problems such as chilblains, but this must only be done if the skin remains unbroken in the affected area.

GARGLE - Throat problems can be treated by gargling with a solution of the cayenne tincture in which five to ten drops of herbal tincture has been mixed in half a glass of warm water. Deficient and weakened conditions are ideally treated using this herbal cayenne remedy.

INFUSED OIL - A water bath can be used to heat up 25 g of cayenne powder in half a liter of sunflower oil, for two hours to prepare the herbal infused oil of cayenne. This infused cayenne oil can be applied to the skin around a varicose ulcer - care should be taken not to apply the oil on the ulcer itself - this application of the oil will encourage the blood in the area to circulate away from the area and promote healing of the ulcer.

MASSAGE OIL - Disorders such as rheumatism, back pain and lumbago, and arthritis can be treated by using the infused cayenne oil as massage oil - the oil can be rubbed into the affected areas of the body for maximum relief from pain and symptoms.

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