Aconitum napellus

Practitioners of homeopathic remedies generally think of recommending Aconite (Aconitum napellus) for patients who are emotional or nervous, normally in their pink of health and very robust, but fall ill very easily and fast, while showing signs of a noticeable depletion of their strength.

They endure physical as well as mental symptoms that are akin to a big storm that takes place all of a sudden, but also caves in hurriedly. Their behaviour pattern is marked by extreme fright, nervousness and restiveness accompanied by vulnerability to severe irrational phobias, fear of death as well as bouts of panic.

In most cases, the physical symptoms of individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy Aconite occur following any shock, fright or when they come in contact with dry winds, cold and other such things. Sometimes, intense weather conditions are also responsible for the physical conditions endured by such people.

Aconite is effective in treating severe infections, for instance colds and coughs, especially when they are just beginning. In addition, Aconite is also recommended for treating conditions of anxiety as well as for mothers as well as babies during or soon after childbirth.

Parts used

The whole herb - except the root.


While Aconite has several remedial utilities, mainly homeopaths recommend the use of this remedy for people who endure symptoms that are akin to the consequences of the poison. In other words, this homeopathic remedy is prescribed for patients who appear to be concerned as well as scared and often complain of thirst plus intolerable pains and soreness that occur together with their ailments.

This intriguing homeopathic remedy is most familiar for its aptitude to provide relief from colds in their initial stage as well as diminish the emotional as well as physical reactions to distresses and strains. Irrespective of the fact that the shock to the system is attributable to any cold wind, any emotional fright or an accident, the homeopathic remedy Aconite facilitates the body in restraining its reactions to shock as well as alleviates its consequences.

The most well known application of the homeopathic remedy Aconite is its ability to provide relief from cold in its initial phase. It is worth mentioning here that our bodies turn out to be more vulnerable to developing colds when we are distressed owing to any trauma or cold wind. Hence, it is best to take Aconite immediately when our nose starts running or the throat becomes inflamed.

Aconite is most effective when it is given to a person when he/ she sneezes for the first time or just has a dry throat, ear pain, fever, a dry barking cough, or exhibits any other indication that they are going to develop a cold. When given in such situations, Aconite helps to terminate the problem immediately.

The cold symptoms that are treated by Aconite include chills, a craving for cold beverages, a reddened face (occasionally, only one cheek is flushed) and the apprehension that the condition may deteriorate soon.

Taking a dose of the homeopathic remedy Aconite is effective in stabilizing the nerves as well as aids the patient in assessing his/ her condition in the event of trepidation and anxiety threatening to bring on a terrified condition in the wake of any trauma or an accident.

In addition, every time any individual is angry, receives shocking news, is fearful, has night terrors, is worried over impending examinations, gets trapped in an elevator or is lost in a crowd, his or her nerves turn out to be stressed, taking a dose of Aconite helps to soothe the nerves and, at the same time, diminishes the suppressed mental as well as physical consequences.

However, in general, Aconite is given to the patients during the initial 24 hours to 48 hours of developing an illness. Moreover, the homeopathic remedy Aconite is known to have assisted in successfully treating health problems that have occurred long after the actual traumatic situation had taken place.

In general, the significant symptoms which help to recognize the use of the homeopathic remedy Aconite include a stinging or inflamed feeling, fright and anxiety, oversensitivity owing to pain and/ or a flushed face that turns out to be pale when the patient stands up.

Aconite also has a number of other applications. For instance, this homeopathic remedy is prescribed for people who experience burning headaches that flare up all of a sudden; severe fevers that cause a hot sensation within the body and a chilly feeling outside accompanied by alternating cold and hot at night time; eye irritation when the white of the eye reddens; insomnia owing to nervous dreams or nightmares; restive teething in children accompanied by hot flushed cheeks, irritation and ear pain and mothers scared by childbirth.

The aptitude of Aconite to soothe our responses to cerebral, emotional as well as physical pressures has made this homeopathic remedy an essential element in several amalgamated remedies and also a part of all domestic as well as professional homeopathic kits. In effect, as a homeopathic remedy, Aconitum is an extremely useful medication to have in one's home as well as handy emergency kit.

This is all the more essential provided you have children or pets at your home. Aconite possesses the ability to unruffled the fright or panic of being injured and also makes it much easier to handle the small traumas in our life. In addition, this is also a wonderful remedy for panic attacks.

The special attributes of Aconite include soothing shocked nerves as well as treating cold. As a first aid medication, Aconite aids in calming down fright and, at the same time, lessens shock following a panic attack, an accident or receiving any bad news.

As far as treating colds that develop all of a sudden and severe fevers are concerned, this homeopathic remedy alleviates the symptoms that occur in the primary stages of these conditions, such as sneezes, tender throats, and whimpers, particularly if they are a result of a cold wind or emotional pressure.

Aconite also has a number of other applications, counting restiveness, sleeplessness or insomnia, inflamed headaches, sever ear ache, irritation in the eyes and teething problems, particularly if they are accompanied by some sort of fear or restiveness.

Some of the condition specific applications of the homeopathic remedy Aconitum are discussed below.

Respiratory infections

The homeopathic remedy Aconitum is effective in treating respiratory infections, especially when the symptoms occur very aggressively and fast, particularly when the patient comes in contact with cold, dry winds. In some cases, the patients may also endure phlegm or catarrh and a tender throat, perhaps owing to a fever which results in the skin becoming hot and dry. In addition, croup as well as additional severe infections of the chest may cause breathlessness, a very strong heat within the chest as well as a raucous, dry, barking cough.

Very often, the patients suffer from restless sleep and have an agitated sensation and during these situations, they may have a hot, reddened and swollen face, while the face may appear to be pale when they wake up in the morning. They may also develop acute headaches which are accompanied by an intense thirst, usually for cold beverages.

They may have a bitter taste in their mouth and, as a result, all things that they consume, except water, taste awful. The skin of such people becomes extremely sensitive and they have a noticeable loathing to being touched. Using the homeopathic remedy Aconite helps in providing relief from the symptoms and also curing the main problem from its root.

Eye and ear infections

As a homeopathic remedy, Aconitum is often prescribed for people suffering from eye and ear infections. People suffering from such eye infections generally have inflamed eyes accompanied by a scorching pain, something akin to what is experienced when one suffers from eye problems caused by an injury or conjunctivitis.

In the case of ear infections, the problems develop very fast resulting in extreme pain, intensely flushed ears and extreme aversion to noise. Often, these symptoms may occur together with restiveness, high fever and an anxious agitation. Using Aconite in such situations helps to ease the symptoms as well as treat the infections completely.

Anxiety and fear

Homeopathic physicians often recommend Aconitum for people who suffer from severe fright and nervousness, which occur together with intense restiveness as well as traumatized eyes having dilated pupils. These symptoms may occur as a result of any trauma following watching a fierce or terrifying incident. In addition, the symptoms may also be set off by phobias, for instance trepidation related to flying, heights or enclosed areas.

Such terror or anxiety may possibly generate intermittent bouts of panic, accompanied by lack of sensation, palpitation and a stinging sensation in the body. In addition, these symptoms may also occur together with a terror of dying and also a fear of people accompanied by an intense desire to keep away from other people. Using Aconite in such situation helps to calm the agitated nerves, ease the symptoms and cure the problem.

Labor's problems

Often women are gripped with an intense fear of death during their labor. In such cases, either the mother or the infant or both may experience urine retention soon after the childbirth, particularly when the mother has been experiencing fear of death during her labor. A dose of Aconite in such situations may possibly help to soothe the agitated nerves and help to get rid of such fear.


The homeopathic remedy Aconitum is prepared from the herb called aconite, which is indigenous to the region from the Himalayas to Europe. The whole plant, barring the root, is used to prepare Aconitum. In fact, the root of this plant is its most poisonous part. The plant is harvested while it is in full bloom and minced to make a pulp.

The juice extracted from the pulp is blended with alcohol and subsequently watered down to levels which do not have any trace of the toxicity of the original plant. The resultant solution is the homeopathic remedy Aconitum which many people rely on for treating their health conditions.


From Emily De Palma - Mar-09-2017
Aconite is another wonderful homeopathic remedy. Thank you to all the Pioneers of Homeopathy, dead and alive, for testing these Amazing Remedies so that we now have an array of so many different ones for so many different imbalances! I first took Aconite when I became scared during a confrontation with a liverish landlord.
Right after the skirmish, I felt shock and my heart felt strange as though the shock emanated from my heart. I looked up a remedy for fright, shock and Aconite fit my symptoms. I took one or two doses within a 15 minute period and a very short time later, I felt perfectly fine, and I know the awful feeling would have lasted days without this wonderful remedy.
From Judith - Jan-01-2017
I take aconite 30 at the onset of a cold or flu, when the symptoms are in the early stages. It works well for me and colds, flu do not last long.
From Mary Kings - Apr-01-2015
I had fears of leaving my home and had severe panic attacks in supermarkets, using the underground train or going to the cinema. When I started taking Aconite (only D6 2 doses), I had a very strong reaction. The symptoms of extreme fright, fear to die and panic attacks were so greatly reduced that it became easy for me to experience calmness.
Now I take a higher doses 30C, around 20 minutes before I do things that will cause severe fright or anxiety. I absolutely love this remedy. It gave me back my life. In addition I also take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy drops, which help immediately. I put 4 drops straight on my tongue. It also takes away my fears.
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