Fly Agaric

Agaricus muscarius / Amanita muscaria

Agaricus is a genus of mushrooms, including edible and poisonous varieties. However, the variety of Agaricus we will be discussing here is a poisonous common toadstool that is also known as 'fly agaric' since it is often used by people to eliminate flies. Although this variety of Agaricus possesses a number of remedial properties, it is extremely toxic and produces hallucinations. Medical practitioners in Siberia used this mushroom to promote the creative conditions of the mind.

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Toadstool is very common and all of us have seen it growing in nature at some time or the other during our life. While they may appear to be benign or innocuous, actually this fungus is quite dangerous and possesses several mood-altering or hallucinogenic properties.

During the primeval period, people used fly agaric or the Agaricus fungus as a poison for flies. In addition, many also used this common toadstool with a view to stimulate visionary states and, later, it was also used in a drink that people took to enhance their strength and energy.

It is interesting to note that though Agaricus possesses a number of medicinal properties, people never considered it for therapeutic use till the science of homeopathy discovered as well as established the healing properties of this common toadstool.

As a homeopathic medication, Agaricus is useful for its wonderful curative attributes. As a common toadstool that grows naturally. Agaricus is a very dangerous and toxic plant and may result in adverse effects if it is not handled with care.

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However, when it is used to prepare the homeopathic medication, its properties are used excellently to cure several conditions. It is indeed interesting to know how a toxic substance that is detrimental for our health in its natural condition can be transformed into an excellent medication in homeopathy.

In order to prepare the homeopathic medication, the whole Agaricus fungus is collected and washed meticulously and pounded into a pulverized powder. As an alternative, dried up cap may also be used in place of the fresh fungus. Subsequently, the mixture is steeped in alcohol and then filtered, watered down and stirred or shaken up.

At the end of the entire process, the substance that is left behind has no hint of the fungus and definitely none of its poisonous elements or harmful characteristics of Agaricus. Nevertheless, the end product of this mixture possesses excellent curative properties that have been revealed by homeopathic studies.

Interestingly enough, people who benefit from this homeopathic medication prepared from Agaricus are those who have an inclination to remain worried and feel unsure of them almost being terrified occasionally.

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Very often such people have gloomy thoughts regarding death and usually are almost fanatical regarding all the awful things that may occur to them. In addition, such people become too lethargic or exhaustive and appear to recoil or withdraw into themselves.

They are some sort of introverts who do not even like to talk to others now and then. Many people often misjudge them to be unsocial. Therefore, it is needless to say that the homeopathic medication Agaricus is a great healer of these conditions.

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Agaricus is a vital homeopathic medication for treating conditions, such as nervous disorders accompanied with mainly shuddering, going into spasms, trembling and having a burning sensation. In addition, this homeopathic medicines are also effective in treating chilblains (an inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture).

Many homeopathic practitioners also prescribe Agaricus for treating delirium tremens (a withdrawal syndrome that occurs in persons having developed physiological dependence on alcohol) as well as to cure the symptoms of senile dementia (a progressive, unusually accelerated worsening of mental faculties and emotional stability in old age).

Agaricus is also beneficial for patients enduring marked dizziness, having an inclination to fall toward the back, abnormal increase in desire for food and also puffiness or bulge of the face having no heat. It has been also found that Agaricus is extremely beneficial for people who are sensitive to cold, especially when they are sick.

Homeopathic medicine practitioners also prescribe Agaricus for treating limb movements that are uncontrollable or occur involuntarily and also trembling that are not only unpredictable in nature, but also erratic at the same time. Many people suffering from such conditions may often complain of a sensation that their limbs are separated from their body!

In addition, Agaricus is known to be highly effective in treating conditions, such as degenerative neurological disorders, especially the types of problems that are usually accompanied with trembling or twitching and spasms all over the body.

Such degenerative neurological disorders may at times result in dementia (an acute impairment of intellectual capacity and personality integration) or even multiple sclerosis (an unremitting degenerative and often intermittent ailment of the central nervous system) over a period of time.

The symptoms appear to move down to the other parts of the body in just about a transverse outline and they are usually accompanied with excruciating or piercing pains all over the body. Using Agaricus have been found to not only provide relief from the above mentioned symptoms, but also cure the disorder too.

Gradually, the disease makes the body extremely weak and the limbs being to shudder and tremble. Initially, the weakness and the other symptoms turn out to be a routine problem and even aggravate to violent stages over a period of time.

People enduring such symptoms usually become very sensitive to being touched by anyone and they suffer from extreme mental conditions, such as too much of nervousness, apprehensions and depression. In homeopathy, Agaricus is usually considered to be an effective medication to treat Parkinson's disease although the symptoms of this deadly ailment may differ from one patient to another.

It is important to know that Agaricus is a homeopathic medication that possesses the aptitude to provide relief from the adverse aftereffects and symptoms of alcoholism which an individual consuming excessive of alcoholic beverages may be enduring. The symptoms of alcoholism in different people may also differ. While some may be in a state of delirium, others may have an increased desire for food. Most such individuals also have a puffy or swollen face that may always have a reddish appearance.


The common toadstool or Agaricus is found growing in the wild in places like Scandinavia and Scotland. In addition, this fungus, also known as 'fly agaric' is also found in other locations in Europe and different regions of the United States, Canada and Asia.


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