Aluminum oxide

The homeopathic remedy alumina is derived from aluminum, one of the most common metals that most of us are familiar with. Aluminum is present in an assortment of things and, hence, this mineral is very popular. It has numerous uses - industrial, domestic as well as medicinal.

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While the industrial and domestic uses of aluminum are well known, the medicinal use of this mineral is comparatively less known. However, many people are aware of the fact the mineral aluminum forms an effective component of various antacids, which many of us take regularly.

In homeopathy, aluminum is used in medicines that possess the aptitude to facilitate recuperation from dementia (a condition wherein there is an acute impairment of intellectual capacity and personality integration owing to damage to neurons in the brain).

In fact, as a homeopathic remedy, alumina possesses several other and very effective therapeutic purposes and is useful in treating several health conditions and associated symptoms. Moreover, alumina is a very safe homeopathic medicine and people using it do not face the risk of its accumulation either in any part of their body or the brain.

This is primarily owing to the fact that the homeopathic remedy alumina does not retain even the slightest trace of the mineral aluminum in the curative solution prepared from it.

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The mineral aluminum is extensively used in medications meant for treating indigestion since it causes antacid effects. In fact, aluminum is also widely used in the manufacture of cooking utensils. It may also be noted that people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease have a significant build up of aluminum in their brains.

Hence, there is a growing concern in a section of people as well as medical practitioners regarding the use of cooking utensils made with aluminum as to a certain extent; they blame the aluminum utensils for such accumulation on the mineral in the brain of the patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, it is not surprising that the homeopathic remedy alumina prepared from aluminum is prescribed to treat senile dementia.

The homeopathic remedy alumina does not belong to a very ordinary constitutional sort. In fact, alumina belongs to one of the groups of medicines, which, according to homeopathy, is recommended for people who are mentally unsteady and, at the same time, are susceptible to developing hysteria.

People who require alumina most are those who may have endured a history of unstable circumstances in their childhood, such as having a family history of psychological ailments as well as alcoholism. These diseases - mental illness and alcoholism, are a manifestation of the syphilitic miasm (strong pessimistic view) running in the family of the patient.

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Generally, the homeopathic medicine alumina is recommended to aged people or also people who are senile or may be enduring poor memory or absent-mindedness. Such people may also be very sensitive to piercing objects and gripped with the fear of becoming insane owing to such sensitiveness.

People who need alumina have a frequent feeling that something dreadful is about to occur to them and this may result in hopelessness and even dementia. Interestingly enough, such people have been found to generally have a craving of substances that are inedible, for instance, ordinary items like coffee grounds or even pencils. Whenever a person displays such symptoms, it is advisable that they seek medical aid and, in homeopathy, alumina is the most appropriate remedy for their sufferings and problems.

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Aluminum oxide.

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While the homeopathic remedy alumina is used to treat a number of conditions, it is the most effective remedy for curing sluggishness. Alumina is a very good medicine for treating acute cases of constipation wherein the bowels become sluggish and stools, even soft and small, are difficult to pass.

In addition, alumina is generally prescribed for treating problems endured by pregnant women as well as children. The homeopathic medicine alumina is also prescribed to treat symptoms, such as dizziness on shutting one's eyes, a feeling of cobwebs over the face, paralysis of the limbs, an absence of coordination and heaviness which are common in the case of multiple sclerosis (a chronic degenerative, frequently periodic ailment of the central nervous system).

Moreover, alumina is also used to treat problems, such as enduring problems while urinating owing to sluggishness.


The homeopathic remedy alumina is extremely useful for treating all types of fatigue. In fact, homeopaths everywhere recommend this medicine for people who encounter issues associated with an extreme form of exhaustion. The exhaustion endured by such people is so acute that it often results in debility.

As a homeopathic remedy, alumina works excellently with the body and facilitates in recuperating from fatigue and, at the same time help with any sort of low energy levels which an individual may endure owing to exhaustion.


In homeopathy, alumina is the most appropriate remedy for treating dementia. People suffering from dementia endure a mental process that starts declining and eventually make the person turn sluggish and absent minded or having a poor memory. By nature, such types of people become very slow in every aspect of their life.

In such instances, alumina is the best medicine that homeopathy has to offer to cure dementia and associated problems or symptoms. In addition, alumina is effective in preventing any further complaints, or at the minimum, regulates the problems that an individual may be suffering from currently in the case involving dementia.

Nervous disorders

Alumina is effective in curing certain types of nervous disorders. While there are several kinds of nervous problems, a number of the symptoms of this condition are somewhat common in nature. People suffering from this type of specific nervous disorder either endure lack of sensation or have a sensation that is called 'pins and needles', which involves some parts of the body or the whole body.

People who suffer from this type of mental disorder may also endure sluggish and feeble mobility that are often nearly uncontrollable. In addition, such people may also have droopy eyelids which may occur over a period of time owing to the nervous disorder or due to squinting or narrowing one's eyes.

Apart from the issues discussed above, the homeopathic medicine alumina also has the potential to work in facilitating to get rid of various symptoms of nervous disorder from the body or aid in dealing with nervous disorder completely.


In homeopathy, alumina is a very useful remedy for healing constipation. People suffering from constipation experience difficulty in passing stools, which have become slothful and also very small. Using the homeopathic medicine alumina has the potential to provide relief in this case. Alumina not only helps the bowel to work normally, but also speeds up bowel movement and passage of stool to a certain extent.

Appetite disorders

In homeopathy, alumina is an effective remedy for treating appetite disorders. People suffering from appetite disorders have a craving for dry food, including objects that are not meant for eating. In addition, the patients may have a dry throat for consuming inedible objects. Often this problem may turn out to be quite serious and any one displaying such symptoms should immediately seek medical help. Alumina has proved to be a useful medication in curing this kind of problem.


The mineral aluminum is obtained from bauxite ores which are mined from the earth. Bauxite mines are widespread in many countries across the world, including the United States, Russia, France, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica and Ghana.


From Danielle - Jan-21-2018
Chihuahua 10 year old unable to walk or stand on her feet received alumina 30 C and in 2 months has recovered walking up pet steps and down. Noticed she was constipated and gave her Greek yogurt in the morning and bread and has fully recovered.
From Belle - Oct-09-2015
At some point I like to write some comment down. My homeopathic doctor wrote me this Alumina. Because of inner turbulence what's causing me not being able to work or even put things set. I'm quite slow in most activities, what I notice for the descriptive symptoms. Also with negative way of usually seeing things. Sense of lack in true grounding and natural joy.
Family history includes psychological difficulties, and sensitiveness. Thank you. Hope this can be useful for others. While I believe in the truth of homeopathy.
From Amy L. Zirkle, RN - Aug-03-2015
Alumina works best for the totality of the symptoms. It is best not to self prescribe. Especially in chronic conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. It's important not to drive the "disease" deeper into the body by suppressing the symptoms.
From Teresa - May-31-2013
For a few weeks, besides other symptoms mentioned here, I have had the "feeling of a plug in the throat" that comes on about 11 am and is relieved somewhat by eating. I just took a second dose of Alumina 9c and the plug feeling has not appeared today. That's the least of my worries, so I hope it helps the rest of them.
From Elizabeth - Mar-24-2011
Having CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), I can vouch for alumina as an excellent remedy for the condition. It does match many of the symptoms of the condition as officially described by the NHS. Although, there are many theories as to what CFS/ME is, is caused by.
My hunch has always been that its primarily to do with the nervous system, long before I even heard of homeopathy. I would speculate that it may be an autoimmune condition that attacks the nervous system. I do feel this is a very slow acting remedy mirroring the slowness and apprehension of the individual requiring it.
However, as CFS/ME patient I have achieved a lot career wise and have put this down to been slow but sure. I will say though that homeopaths would do well to look at a patients greatest weakness as also their greatest strength (i.e., where does the cure lead). We alumina patients, when we are not continually skeptical can also benefit greatly from simple old fashioned encouragement and support.
But unfortunately a lot of modern homeopaths are over psychologising, which is really just judging. I have seen three homeopaths before the forth one who prescribed alumina a couple months ago. These over psychologising homeopaths needed remedies themselves and they were infuriated that I told them so. I bet they are glad (by now) they met me though. Keep homeopathy classical.
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