Anacard. or.
Marking Nut Tree

Anacardium orientale / Semecarpus anacardium

The homeopathic remedy Anacard or. is prepared from the marking nut, which the Hindus traditionally used to cure several types of skin disorders. The marking nut tree produces a type of ink, an acrid or caustic black sap that was mixed with chalk and used for marking linen by the Hindus.

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This juice is present between the external crust and the nut and was used to get rid of warts as well as to clean ulcers on the legs. On the other hand, the juice was used by the Arabians primarily to treat mental ailments, memory loss, spasms as well as paralysis.

In fact, the marking nut is a somewhat extraordinary kind of substance that is derived from a source which people generally depend on for any type of therapeutic purpose in the conventional medicine.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic medicine anacard or. is derived from a shrub or an ordinary plant that yields a milky or creamy sap, which when exposed to air becomes black in color. The plant is, therefore, called marking tree because the milky sap obtained from it is regularly used to prepare an ink.

However, in homeopathy, this substance is used as a medicine called anacard or. and it has entirely different actions. Like in the instance of any other homeopathic medicine, the process for preparing anacard or. involves great caution and when the remedy is prepared, the final product does not retain any trace, whatsoever, of the original plant.

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Anacard or. is prepared using ripened dry fruits of the marking tree. These fruits are subsequently crushed and macerated in alcohol and allowed to remain in the same condition for a minimum of five days. Subsequently, the solution produced by this process is filtered and constantly diluted and succussed till the time the substance attains the desired level of dilution.

The substance obtained by this process is known as the homeopathic medicine anacard or. This remedy has proved to be useful in treating different types of health conditions and has been in use for ages.

People who belong to the anacard or. personality have an exceptional type of constitution. Nevertheless, the main traits of the Anacardium personality includes being somewhat dramatic, which is difficult to go unnoticed, given that the patients are adequately comfortable with the homeopath to be frank with them.

Anacardium people have a distinct and split up strength of character or will - which, on the one hand, is usual and responsive personality, on the other, it is a dramatically wicked or 'demonic' sub-personality. The second nature of anacardium's will tries to have power over the individuals and provoke them to perform obscene actions.

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It has been observed that the Anacardium patients are amply in control of themselves in resisting the provocations of their evil side. However, occasionally, this results in immense struggle between their two different wills. It may be noted that the greatest impulse that seizes the Anacardium personalities is a compulsion to torment others using aggressive language.

Homeopaths frequently recommend anacard or. for people who have been suffering from distressed memory and/ or a troubled psychological condition. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is often prescribed for people who have trouble in coping up with a conflicting will or people who think that they have been working between the good and the evil very often.

Such people generally have a very poor self-respect and usually demonstrate fury and nastiness or brutality. In effect, all such psychological problems may appear as physical symptoms which often make life very difficult. Using the homeopathic remedy anacard or. helps to cure these conditions and associated symptoms effectively.

Parts used

Oily black juice from around the nut.


The homeopathic remedy anacard or. has numerous uses and is, therefore, frequently prescribed by homeopaths for treating dissimilar medical conditions. Anacard or. is especially prescribed when people suffer from a trapped pain, a feeling like their gut or anus is blocked and there is a sensation like the entire body is bound or constricted by bands.

Such symptoms are likely to be related to indigestion and/ or hemorrhoids (an exceptionally enlarged vein inside the sphincter of the rectum). In addition, this homeopathic medicine is also administered to treat conditions, such as constipation, rheumatism as well as ulcers in the duodenum, wherein the sufferers feel relieved after eating, but endure uneasiness when the food has been digested and passes down the digestive tract from the stomach.

As discussed earlier, the homeopathic medicine anacard or. offers numerous health benefits and is used to treat various dissimilar health conditions. Below is a brief discussion on some of the health condition specific uses of anacard or.

Psychological problems

The homeopathic remedy prepared from the ripened dry fruits of the marking tree, anacard or. is not only effective to treat various physical symptoms, but, at the same time, is useful in curing psychological problems.

In homeopathy, anacard or. is an appropriate medicine to treat conditions wherein an individual may suffer from internal conflicts (the tussle between the Anacardium personality's normal and demonic wills) that are manifested in his/ her behavior, which changes radically now and then.

Such individuals generally demonstrate a cold hearted and just about a nasty behavior, which is followed by excessive or amplified warmth and love. Anacardium patients also suffer from a very poor memory and lack of concentration or inability to keep their focus on something that is related with such kind of psychological problems. Use of anacard or. is effective in curing all such conditions and associated symptoms.

Poor self-respect

While suffering from very poor self-esteem may not appear as a genuine health condition, but it has the potential to affect an individual's life to a great extent. Low or poor self-esteem may be demonstrated by a feeling of being unworthy and having the least self-confidence.

Such people, precisely speaking, Anacardium personalities, may also suffer from an inferiority complex and a type of internal conflict too, as they are known to have split and diverse wills. Anacardium patients are also likely to be self abusive and demonstrate extreme characteristics as far as their behavior patterns are concerned.

Thus, it may be noted that this homeopathic remedy has the potential to treat the feelings demonstrated by Anacardium patients and, at the same time, cure the associated symptoms that such people have to deal with in their routine life.

Digestive disorders

In homeopathy, anacard or. is an effective medicine to treat conditions, such as indigestion and constipation that is accompanied by an excruciating sensation in the stomach and/ or the anus. People enduring such conditions may experience pain either before eating or after eating, especially when the food has been digested.

Such pains may occur as well as dissipate quite fast. Homeopaths, often prescribe this medicine to people suffering from the above mentioned conditions with a view to provide relief to the sufferers.

Chest pain

Some people may often endure a piercing pain in the region of the heart that is usually accompanied by a type of pressure build up in the chest. People suffering from this condition may also feel as if the affected area, or where the pain is, is being over burdened or weighed down. Such a condition is likely to give rise to palpitations and an uneasy feeling.

Administering the homeopathic medicine anacard or. in such conditions not only helps to treat the condition, but also provide relief from the associated symptoms.

Skin conditions

Anacardium patients may often suffer from skin disorders similar to eczema - with red and itchy patches appearing all over the skin. Generally, such irritating patches emerge on the forearms and result in a burning or scorching sensation. In addition, these red and itchy patches may also appear in the form of warts. The homeopathic remedy anacard or. is effective in treating the condition as well as the related symptoms.


The marking nut tree whose ripened dry fruits form the basis of the homeopathic remedy anacard or. is generally found in the East Indies or the Indian sub-continent and other regions of Asia.


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