Antim. tart.
Antimony potassium tartrate / Tartar emetic

Antimonium tartaricum

The textile industry holds antimony potassium tartrate in high esteem since it is used to fasten dyes to fabrics. There was a period when this substance was used in conventional medicine as an expectorant with a view to stimulate vomiting. In addition, this substance was also used to treat infections by fungus as well as worms.

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Antimonium tart. is a beneficial homeopathic medication and is effective for people who need regular medical attention to alleviate their problems, especially those suffering from respiratory problems. People who benefit from this homeopathic medication are those who are normally well receptive to relief and encouragement that they may seem to need plenty in their daily life.

In fact, this homeopathic medicine may also be administered to children who want to be carried around every time. In other words, this medication is useful for children who need to be tended all the time.

It is important to note that when such individuals are actually suffering from any ailment, they are inclined to take their illness very seriously and yield to no matter what may be their ailment. In fact, their expressions or feeling may be just about over exaggerating. Such individuals are also susceptible to become irritated very easily, especially when they are ailing or have a feeling that they are being troubled by other people.

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Parts used

Antimony potassium tartrate.


The homeopathic medicine antimonium tart. is generally prescribed for the young as the old who are enduring wheezing and are too feeble to draw out the phlegm through coughing, and also people who often feel lethargic and tetchy. In addition, this medication is also administered to people suffering from headaches accompanied with a feeling of a tight band around their head.

The condition of such people usually deteriorate when the start coughing. It has been seen that usually such ailments are distinguished by a cold feeling on the face, especially when touched. They also have a feeling that their tongue is coated thickly and the tongue has a reddish appearance at the center as well as along the edges.

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Generally, such patients also suffer from lack of thrust and often experience queasiness that is relieved when they vomit. Moreover, many of these patients may also have swollen legs owing to retention of surplus fluids.

In the past, tartar emetic - a white, water-soluble, sweet and metallic-tasting, toxic powder or granules used as a mordant for dyeing textiles and leather, has a number of potent characteristics and, hence, was used for remedial purposes. Traditionally, tartar emetic was basically used as an emetic or expectorant with a view to persuade vomiting. In addition, this compound was considered to be useful in getting rid of intestinal worms from the body.

While the use as well as applications of antimonium tart. is extensively multipurpose in homeopathy, a number of curative properties of this compound during the primeval times have further helped this homeopathic medication to develop more.

As mentioned earlier, like in the instance of any other homeopathic medications, the process of preparing the compound antimonium tart. is very crucial. This homeopathic medicine is produced by meticulous preparation of the mineral from which is it drawn from. The process of preparing antimonium tart. is a lengthy and time consuming one.

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To start with, antimony potassium tartrate is triturated or pulverized along with lactose sugar and subsequently the mixture is watered down over and over again. Finally, the mixture is sieved and the end product or the substance obtained at the end of the process is known as antimonium tart. in homeopathy. In fact, this homeopathic remedy, available in solution form, is very versatile and useful in treating an assortment of symptoms suffered by many people.

The homeopathic medication antimonium tart. is an excellent remedy for respiratory problems, especially bronchitis. Its administration helps the patients get relief from symptoms, such as acute coughing and wheezing that accompany bronchitis or similar respiratory ailments. Occasionally, the patients may find the bouts of coughing associated with this ailment intolerable and in such situations, administering antimonium tart. to such patients helps to alleviate their problems.

Most infants often suffer from whooping cough - a contagious disorder of the respiratory mucous membrane, caused by Bordetella pertussis bacterium and is distinguished by a series of short, paroxysmal coughs. Infants suffering from this terrible respiratory problem experience unbearable fits of coughing and breathlessness which frequently result in uncontrolled vomiting and nausea. The mucus leads to congestion of the respiratory tract and its sound may often be heard clattering around inside the chest. Using antimonium tart. in such situations not only provides relief, but also helps to cure the condition.

In addition to being an effective homeopathic remedy for various respiratory ailments, antimonium tart. also has the aptitude to heal several skin disorders. This medication is especially effective in treating skin conditions, such as warts, acne or similar developments on the surface of the skin which generally leave behind a purple strain or mark even after the conditions are cured.

In homeopathy, antimonium tart. is also prescribed for treating chicken pox and it is known to be very effective in curing this infectious disease. In fact, administration of this homeopathic medication not only helps the body to get rid of the contagious ailment, but, at the same time, eliminates the symptoms associated with the disease.

People who have suffered from chicken pox may find a discoloration of their skin accompanied with itching in different parts of the body. In addition, chicken pox may also result in symptoms of the digestive system and the chest - something very common with this infectious ailment.

Since the ancient times people are aware of certain properties of the mineral from which antimonium tart. is derived that are beneficial in treating nausea. Therefore, it is little surprising that even today many people rely on the homeopathic medication antimonium tart. for helping them get relief from nausea.

In fact, this homeopathic remedy can not only help get rid of nausea itself, but also treat the other possible symptoms that may be associated with nausea - fainting, trembling and/ or debility. When people suffer from such severe nausea, they may have a feeling as if there is some weight or burden on their chest. As a result of this feeling, the patients are likely to vomit or simply continue to endure the feeling of nausea for prolonged periods.

In homeopathy, antimonium tart. is also prescribed to treat or alleviate headaches. As discussed earlier, people suffering from acute headache may have a sensation as if some tight band is compressing the head. The condition of such patients deteriorates when they also suffer from coughing.

People suffering from such headaches usually feel tired out owing to the problem. However, administration of antimonium tart. to such people not only helps to provide relief from unbearable headaches, but also facilitates in getting rid of the other symptoms associated with it.


The homeopathic medication antimonium tart. is prepared synthetically using the oxide of antimony and potassium tartrate. In other words, antimonium tart. is basically an amalgam salt of antimony and potash, together these substances depress the circulation.


From Dr.Rishav
Ant. tart is the one of the best remedies for improving condition of the lungs, which becomes phlegmatic, and the patient is unable to expectorate the same. It pushes the phlegm upwards and make bronchioles free from foreign bodies, available in the lumen of the bronchioles.
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