Aranea diad.
Papal Cross Spider

Aranea diadema / A. diadematus

The homeopathic medicine aranea diadema is prepared from venom of the spider by the same name. The remedial properties of this particular spider, which uses venom that passes through small holes in its jaw to numb its victims, were first established by the von Grauvogl, a German homeopath, during the mid-19th century.

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This German homeopath promoted the medication aranea diad. as the main remedy for people enduring anomalous feeling to cold and damp. Primarily, this homeopathic remedy is used to treat disorders of the nervous system distinguished by neuralgia with unexpected and aggressive soreness that results in wincing and occurs at regular intervals, for instance facial neuralgia.

The symptoms of this condition include acute burning nerve pain that affects the cheek, lips, gums, or chin on one side of the face. Numbness and a sensation of heaviness are other symptoms of neuralgia.

It needs no special mention that the symptoms of any spider bite are extremely horrid. The venom released by aranea diadema is known to be a neurotoxin that results in paralysis, muscle spasms and acute pain. Following a bite by this dreadful spider, the victims experience breathing problems and often have very high temperatures.

Among the different types of spiders, the black widow spider is considered to be the most awful. The black widow spider has a slippery black body and its venom is known to be 15 fold more potent compared to that of a rattle snake. As aforementioned, the diadem spider uses its venom by passing it through small holes in its jaws to deaden or numb its victims. It may be mentioned here that venoms of all spiders affect the nervous system potently.

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The papal cross spider (diadem spider) has got its name from the yellow-and-black cross marks on its back. Generally, after mating, the female spider of this species trusses, kills and eats up the male partner. This spider is usually found inhabiting the stables, old walls and other such places all over America as well as Europe.

The diadem spider is distinguished from other spiders due to its big ovoid or elongated body that frequently attains the size of a small nut. On the back of this spider you will find a longitudinal line made up of white and yellow dots, while three other similar lines pass through the arachnid's body.

Aranea diadema is a homeopathic medication and people following this stream of medicine prepare a tincture by mashing the live spider and covering it with alcohol five times the volume of its body. Only people practicing the Eclectic approach utilize the web.

People who benefit most from this homeopathic medicine are those who are inclined to be short-tempered, nervous, ill at ease or perturbed and restive. These are the people who may also have a sensation of confusion and an unusual fear of being in enclosed or narrow places (claustrophobia).

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Precisely speaking, the homeopathic medicine aranea diadema is best suited to treat problems that have an adverse impact on the nervous system and these symptoms are usually accompanied by coldness and a vulnerability to damp or moisture. Such patients may experience a feeling of intense chillness, something like the bones are being frozen.

In addition, they may also have fever or high temperature. At the same time, they may have a sensation of all parts of the body being heavy, deadened and enlarges, particularly when they are walking. For instance, they may feel that their hands are two times their usual size and may also experience pains that seem to be something like electric shocks.

These symptoms usually occur time and again at regular intervals or they may even occur around the same time every day. It may be noted that most of these symptoms generally occur on the right side of the body.

It may be noted that each and every symptom of aranea diad. is distinguished by its periodicity or occurrence at regular intervals. The other characteristics of the symptoms include coldness and an extreme vulnerability to dampness or humidity.

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In fact, this homeopathic medicine is an ideal or appropriate remedy for treating malarial poisoning, wherein each damp or humid day or place induces chillness in the patients. The chillness is so intense that the patients have a sensation as if their very bones are freezing. Such intense chillness is generally not alleviated by undertaking any other remedial initiative.

Aranea diad. patients also have an exceptional sensitiveness to cold and damp and feel irritable to reside close to fresh water, rivers, lakes or other water bodies. In addition, they are also averse to living in damp or moist and chilly locations.

The symptoms of aranea diad. patients are better when they are in an open air, when they smoke and when pressure is applied on the affected area.

The symptoms of aranea diad. patients worsen when they are near cold or damp places. In addition, they are also uncomfortable in rain and afraid of getting drenched because it can cause deterioration in their symptoms. Most importantly, the symptoms of such patients occur around the same time every day or at regular intervals.

Parts used

The homeopathic medicine aranea diadema or aranea diad. is prepared from the dreadful spider known as papal cross spider. The entire body of the live spider is crushed and then macerated in 98 per cent alcohol for 10 days. Later, the liquid is filtered to obtain the tincture that is useful in treating numerous conditions.


As discussed earlier in this article, the homeopathic medicine aranea diad. is primarily used to treat nervous disorders that are characterized by neuralgia accompanied by unexpected and brutal pain that result in wincing, which usually occurs periodically. In this case, the most common problem is facial neuralgia.

The symptoms of this condition include a burning nerve pain that spreads to or affects the cheek, chin, gums and/ or the lips particularly on one side of the face. Numbness and a feeling of heaviness all over the body are the other symptoms of neuralgia.

The homeopathic medicine aranea diad. is also very useful in alleviating the neuralgia symptoms that occur at regular intervals, coldness and the extreme vulnerability to dampness or humidity by the patients. Patients feel chill throughout the day and night and their condition deteriorates during the rainy season.

This medicine, prepared from the dreadful spider Aranea diadema, is also beneficial in alleviating headaches that are accompanied by soreness in the facial nerve beginning from the periphery and spreading inwards. Such headaches and the accompanied symptoms deteriorate when the weather condition is damp or humid.

In addition, aranea diadema is also useful in providing relief from the soreness in any of the ventral branches of the thoracic nerves (inter-coastal nerves) on the chest. The pain gradually spreads from the nerve endings to the spine. Use of aranea diadema is appropriate to alleviate such conditions and provide relief to the patients.

Aranea diadema is also effective in treating fevers accompanied with chilliness and soreness in the long bones. Around the same time or hour every day, aranea diad. patients have a feeling that they have a stone in their abdomen. This can also be eliminated by taking this homeopathic medicine.


The papal cross spider from which the homeopathic medicine aranea diadema or aranea diad. is prepared, is generally found in several places in the Northern Hemisphere.


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