Argent. nit.

Argentum nitricum

The compound silver nitrate is acerbic and possesses antibacterial properties. There was a time when this compound of silver was used in the form of a medication to treat wounds as well as to cure epilepsy, warts, and eye infections in newborn babies.

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When used in excessive amounts, the compound silver nitrate is extremely toxic and leads to acute breathing problems as well as causes damage to the skin, liver, kidneys, aorta and even the spleen. The homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum (also known as Argent. nit.) is primarily given to individuals suffering from digestive as well as nervous disorders.

However, when you take this mineral in its original form and in excessive amounts, it may result in severe side effects, as it is highly poisonous. Hence, the world of homeopathy has successfully controlled its remedial properties and devoid of causing any harm to the patients who use it. This way, silver nitrate was used to prepare the homeopathic remedy Argent. nit.

The homeopathic remedy Argentum nit. is prepared by extracting unadulterated silver nitrate crystals from the mineral and subsequently liquefying it in alcohol. Then this solution is watered down (weakened) and succussed (shaken repeatedly) to form the homeopathic remedy Argentum nit., which is not only a very popular medication, but several people depend on it to cure their conditions.

It is important to note that the final product does not retain any trace or toxicity of the original substance - silver nitrate from which it is prepared.

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Parts used

Silver nitrate.


Argentum nitricum, as a homeopathic remedy, is employed for treating various types of apprehensions and nervousness that are set off by overexcited thoughts. This remedy is most appropriate for conditions like claustrophobia, stage fright and anxiety regardless of unforeseen circumstances. In most instances, such phobias and fears occur together with a superstition that something dreadful would happen soon, for instance, being squeezed by a lofty building.

In this case, anxiety may be present all by itself or be together with other symptoms like sweating, palpitations, sleeplessness and also vomiting.

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Individuals who require this homeopathic remedy most often have a feeling that they are out of control because their thoughts go mad with fear. On occasions, such people may also be besieged with anxiety and this opens the gate to additional issues or problems to develop, for instance, vertigo and also conditions like claustrophobia.

People looking for help from Argentum nit., as a homeopathic remedy, have a propensity to experience feeble and trembling limbs. Occasionally, such individuals are also likely to experience a giddy feeling and, on the face of it, stumble around in darkness.

Such actions as well as the related symptoms are likely to follow a brain injury or stroke; or at times may even be related to multiple sclerosis or epilepsy. Now and then, such people may feel immense difficulty in standing firm against any irresponsible behaviour and risky urges, for instance, leaping from a high window. Sweating and palpitations brought on by anxiety are also dealt excellently when the patient turns to Argentum nit.

The homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum is also prescribed for curing digestive disorders like gas, diarrhea, vomiting as well as throbbing headaches that begin gradually and are a result of consuming excessive amounts of sweet foods or owing to tense exhilaration. In addition, this remedy is also very useful for pain that gets better when pressure is applied and when the patient is in fresh air.

This type of pain deteriorates when the patient makes any movement or owing to talking; asthma; warts; colicky pain during weaning; laryngitis accompanied by a pain akin to a splinter; as well as hoarseness; epilepsy; dizziness; and sore throats.

As a homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum is especially beneficial for women. It is given to them for a bearing down feeling within the uterus owing to menstruation or prolapse. Argentum nit. is also effective for curing mucous membrane inflammation, particularly in the eyes, and is also employed to cure conjunctivitis.

Before we conclude, it needs to be underlined that this homeopathic remedy is effective for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a widespread problem of the bowels that frequently turns up in the form of an undulation between diarrhea and constipation. Often there is a general feeling of a stomach upset and, in this instance, the stools are likely to be loose as well as covered with mucus.

Besides, irritable bowel syndrome, individuals suffering from other digestive problems may also turn to the homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum for help. Such digestive disorders may include general belching, diarrhea and foul smelling or watery bowels.


Acanthite which is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum, is mostly found in the United States, South America and Norway.

People who depend on this homeopathic remedy have a propensity to be vociferous, happy and optimistic in nature. Such individuals may perhaps be impetuous as well as easily influenced. It has been found that this type of people find it difficult to control their emotions.

They may laugh or even cry promptly and are also likely to find it quite difficult to control their anger. People known to belong to the Argentum nit. personality always seem to be in haste and have an inclination to be extremely quick in their foot movements as well as have a quick wit.

Argent. met.

Argentum metallicum

It is rare that one would find unadulterated silver in the nature. Generally, this semi-precious mineral is found along with other minerals like copper, zinc and iron in ore deposits. Silver is extensively employed in photographic films, heat and electrical conduction as well as to manufacture mirrors. In conventional medicine, once silver was given to patients in the form of a diuretic as well as to treat palpitations and foul smelling breaths.

It is worth mentioning here that the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum (also known as Argent. met.) is one more name for silver. However, our body does not possess the aptitude to absorb any compound of silver. Greek physicians used foils prepared from silver as a tonic. However, the fact remains that it is not possible for pure silver to be an element of our body tissue.

It is really unfortunate that in present times some unscrupulous traders hammer lead to make it into a foil and market it as silver foil despite the fact that lead is extremely detrimental for our health. In the instance of homeopathy, any metal that is exposed to the skin lining or the internal lining of the stomach is soaked up by the body and the worse thing is that even the most sophisticated gadgets are unable to detect this.

The homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum primarily works on the elastic cartilage bones that sometimes turn out to be dense and firm. When the nasal bone becomes thick and hard, it may cause troubles in breathing. Similarly, the small bones of the ear also become thicker at the nodes. In fact, the thickening of the bones in this process may often result in development of cancer.

In addition, Argentum Metallicum also works intensely on the cells of the brain. At times, the brain cells begin to gradually dissolve and, as a result of this, early senility takes root. Consequently, one's ability to understand things worsens. Such flaws initiate in the central portion of the brain and subsequently slowly extend to the other body organs.

People affected by this condition influence the mental abilities, which begin to fail. The hands as well as the feet of the patients also begin to twist or bend. In addition, the memory of the affected people also grows weak so much so that their senses often recede and they begin to talk gibberish. At the same time, even the ability of such people to think properly diminishes.

Whenever they try to think something serious, they start feeling dizzy. In fact, this is a sign of danger and hints at the degeneration of the cells of the brain. When people are affected by such conditions, it is recommended that they be given high potency of the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum instantly and the medication should be repeated at intervals of 15- 20 days or a month.

Parts used



The homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum is primarily used for rheumatism and arthritis, wherein the joints of the hands, feet, fingers and even toes become painful. This remedy is also administered for treating raw pain in the organs within the body.

Typically, this homeopathic remedy is appropriate for pains that increase slowly and fade away all of a sudden. Argentum Metallicum may also prove to be helpful in treating asthma, laryngitis and bronchitis.

In addition, Argentum Metallicum is also recommended for cough due to laughing; ejection of gray mucus similar to jelly; acute backache (affected people usually walk bent); hoarseness; trembling and feeble legs; rheumatism of joints, particularly the elbows and knees; swollen ankles and writer's cramp. Individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum normally feel better when they are in the open air and cough while lying down at night. Their condition deteriorates when someone touches them and during the noon.

It is worth mentioning here that every student of homeopathy learns about the benefits and uses of Argentum Metallica very early in his/ her training. This homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for phobic conditions as well as tense nerves prior to appearing in any examination. Therefore, homeopaths administer Argentum Metallicum quite generously for treating these conditions - however, in many cases, use of this homeopathic remedy does not yield the desired results.

This remedy will only be helpful in instances of extreme anxiety and agoraphobia provided the patient constitutionally belongs to the Argentum Metallicum type. And since this remedy is of a comparatively unusual kind, in most cases people would respond better to other homeopathic remedies, for instance, Arsenicum and Sepia.


Iron, copper and zinc ores containing silver, which are used to prepare the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum, are mostly found in the United States and parts of South America.


From Izzy - Jan-14-2012
I have been helped greatly with Argent. nit. for severe anxiety and fear caused by a marriage break down. My friends say I am more calm and less stressed.
From Indaca - Jun-07-2011
This argent. met. cuts off my panic attacks. As soon as I feel it coming up I take one with 4 drops of "Original Dr. Bach method recovery remedy" and it helps me a lot. I recommend it.
From Claire - May-06-2011
Since having read this article I bought argent. nit. 30c & this has worked wonders for me. I suffer from bad anxiety & some days I just want to hide away but my biggest fear has been going on a bus & argent. nit. has helped this tremendously.
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