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For more than four centuries, people have been familiar with the therapeutic properties of the herb arnica and used it to cure various conditions. Arnica possesses anti-inflammatory properties and encourages the repair of tissues. European folk medicine has used this herb extensively in the form of a topical medication for treating muscle aches. Moreover, there was a time when this herb was also recommended for internal use to treat gout and even dysentery.

As arnica is a potentially toxic herb, the internal use of this herb is mainly restricted to homeopathy. German physician and the founder of the stream of homeopathic medicine, Samuel Hahnemann established the effectiveness of arnica as a homeopathic remedy and published his findings in his Materia Medica Pura (1821-1834). In homeopathy, Arnica is employed to support healing as well as to restrict bleeding. In fact, this homeopathic remedy is primarily used for pain, injury and shock.

Patients who are most receptive to this homeopathic remedy may perhaps in reality refute being sick, paying no attention to the seriousness of their health condition. By and large, they desire to be left on their own and have a propensity to become restive, angry and depressed. They typically suffer from absentmindedness as well as inability to concentrate on anything. In addition, they also experience nightmares and have melancholic thoughts.

Generally, the homeopathic remedy Arnica is administered in the form of a first-aid therapy after any accident, dental treatment, surgery, bereavement and also childbirth. In addition, it is used to alleviate fever, joint pains and specific types of skin complaints.

Parts used

The whole flowering herb including the root.


Arnica is used by professional homeopaths in the preparation of many herbal remedies for use in different disorders and conditions affecting the human body. The herbalist normally uses the flowers and the leaves, the stem, as well as the roots of the arnica herb.

During the preparation of the herbal remedy, these herbs are normally crushed and mashed into a pulp and then slowly soaked in some alcohol, following this the remedy is made to undergo the homeopathic dilution process, and because of this last treatment the substance loses its toxic nature - it is then ready for use as a homeopathic medication in the treatment of different disorders.

As an emergency or first aid remedy, Arnica is renowned for its beneficial properties and finds extensive use for the treatment of different physical and emotional trauma, such as shock and bodily injury, it is very useful for certain kinds of mental trauma for example, in the treatment of emotional problems associated with bereavement, to treat mental trauma following an accident, to treat post surgery depression, to treat fears related to dental treatment and to ease the fear of childbirth in pregnant women.

The homeopathic remedy made from the arnica also promotes the rapid healing of damaged tissues in the body when it is given as internal medication and in this role, the remedy can greatly help in controlling bleeding in the affected areas within the body of the patient.

The homeopathic remedy based on arnica can be said to be effective internally as well as externally due to its many beneficial affects, thus treatment of joint and muscle problems can be carried out using both the topical application made from the arnica as well as the internal medication, this same regimen can also be used in the treatment of disorders such as the osteoarthritis.

Arnica can also be used to heal and soothe sore muscles which arise because of exercise in a body no longer accustomed to physical activities, the homeopathic remedy can also be used in the treatment of various muscular cramps and bruises, and to treat all kinds of sprains affecting any part of the body.

Arnica is also used in the form of an internal remedy during the treatment of various skin complaints, including the treatment of disorders like eczema and boils on the skin, and hard, dry swollen skin due to insect bites, bed sores, red, blistering skin eruptions, or varicose ulcers;

Arnica is also used to treat the physical trauma associated with concussion and it is also used in the treatment of black eyes or a foreign object in an eye, Arnica is also used to relive eyestrain, and to treat all kinds of fever in children, especially ones where the child develops a hot head accompanied by a coldness in the body at the same time.

Arnica is also prescribed for recurring fevers such as typhoid or malarial fever. Arnica is also used as a remedy in many other disorders which may be specific to certain children; it is thus used in the treatment of whooping cough, and in the treatment of bedwetting especially when this is linked to nightmares experienced by the child.

Arnica can also be prescribed to treat nosebleeds. Pain in the teeth or bleeding gums following injury or dental work can be treated with Arnica. This homeopathic remedy is also used for post-childbirth pain. Arnica is good for aching pain in the vagina that can be especially distressing during the night time.

You make take the homeopathic remedy Arnica internally for treating pain in the lumbar region (low back pain) and it may also be used externally for healing muscle pains and bruises attributable to physical ordeal. Arnica has the capability to deal with intense physical pain that is accompanied with an emotional effect.

Patients who have hurt themselves in such a manner that they loathe being touched may find turning to Arnica beneficial. This holds true even if the patient happens to be a dog.

In homeopathy, Arnica is an excellent remedy for injury, shock as well as post-operative care. All these conditions are associated with physical as well as mental symptoms. This remedy is beneficial for any individual who is suffering from pain, swelling, bruising or simply a common ache.

In such cases, there is a feeling as if the body has been assaulted and the patients generally endure loads of uneasiness. In addition, as a homeopathic remedy, Arnica has the aptitude to assist in dealing with any of the above mentioned injuries or facilitate the body in healing itself more rapidly compared to its own competencies.

Arnica is especially effective for alleviating muscles and joint pains and fever. These condition specific uses of this homeopathic remedy are discussed briefly below.

Joint and muscle pains

People suffering from any type of sprain, arthritic pains, or any injury to the joints are likely to find the homeopathic remedy Arnica useful for their condition. This remedy has the aptitude to help in lessening the bruising and swelling related to this sort of pain. In addition, Arnica may also assist in eliminating any type of muscle ache or cramp.


Arnica is a wonderful homeopathic remedy when the body feels cold and the individual has a hot feeling in the head. The patient may be suffering only from fever or it may occur together with additional symptoms like flatulence and loose stools. In effect, the homeopathic remedy Arnica is also used to treat fevers that come back.


The whole flowering herb, counting the root, is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy Arnica. Subsequently the herb is infused in alcohol, the resultant solution strained, watered down and succussed (shaken repeatedly). The solution obtained through this process does not contain any toxic substance or even the slightest trace of the original plant from which it is prepared. In other words, all homeopathic preparations using arnica are safe for use and they work effectively in curing several health conditions.


From Mary Kings - May-02-2015
This week I started taking Arnica 30C, 2 doses, because I have terrible lower back pain. It works fantastic. I usually need 2 doses twice a day. I also had pain in both of my knees when I climbed up the stairs; it's gone too. I am so happy that I found this remedy.
From Judith - Nov-10-2014
I have always taken Arnica for a few days prior and after surgery of any kind including dental. I have also given it to my dogs before any surgical procedure. I have always been amazed at how well recovery is after. Recently had a difficult tooth extraction, used arnica before and after. Had minimal bleeding, no pain and healed well. Even the dentist was amazed with my quick recovery rate. I totally recommend it.
From Olivia - Dec-22-2012
I commenced 3x200c dose of arnica every 4hrs after a wisdom tooth extraction. Pain, swelling, bleeding & soreness have gone in 24hrs. I am thrilled with the outcome & will be back at work within 48 hrs of procedure, thought I might need a few days off with this but fabulous outcome. A great remedy to have on hand.
From H'Physician Shafiq S Virani - 2010
Combination of Arnica Mother Tincture 50% and Bryonia Mother Tincture 50% is a very good remedy for sore throat.
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