Ars. alb.

Arsenicum album

Homeopathic practitioners also call this remedy as Ars. alb, which is basically an exceedingly watered down or weak variety of arsenic - a metallic poison that is obtained from the chemical element known by similar name. Since long, highly diluted arsenic preparations have been used in the form of medications.

However, as arsenic has the aptitude to accumulate within the body tissues gradually, it may result in a persistent poisoning, which may, in turn, give rise to nausea, gastrointestinal problems, dehydration and sometimes also lead to paralysis and even death.

In line with the homeopathic hypothesis - 'like cures like', several homeopathic practitioners have a preference for the remedy Ars. alb. while treating patients suffering from a variety of problems related to the digestive system that usually occur together with the symptoms like lack of fluids as well as burning pain - the signs that are also stimulated by arsenic.

It is worth mentioning here that arsenic has a very disreputable history since it was used in the form of a poison for murdering people. Victims of arsenic poisoning usually die in great suffering accompanied by vomiting, violent smoldering pain, mental anguish, spasms. When used as a homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum Album alleviates the symptoms that are induced by the element arsenic.

According to the Homeopathic Law of Similars, the choice of remedies is based on specific typical symptoms, which actually form the key for choosing a particular remedy for treating a specific condition. Any substance, which has the potential to result in unwanted symptoms, is used in homeopathic potency, it helps to alleviate the similar symptoms when they occur in your system and, at the same time, heals and restores the balance in the body.

On the other hand, the Law of Potentization means that homeopathy makes use of the minutest dosage to cure a health condition. The extreme watering down or weakening as well as homeopathic potentization of the substances augment the healing attributes and, at the same time, ameliorates the toxic as well as unwanted side effects.

According to the Holistic Principle, a specific remedy is decided on to completely cure the undesirable symptoms. In effect, symptoms are indications that help us to choose a particular remedy that can effectively get rid of the obstruction in the path of healing the condition.

The effectiveness of the remedies is proved and documented following testing the substances on humans. Such tests point to symptoms that remedies are then able to cure in all people ailing from any particular health condition.

It is important to note that unlike any other therapy, homeopathy is effective as well as safe for people belonging to all age groups.

Going by a very well accepted homeopathic guidebook, the Arsenicum album (Ars. alb.) is among the 15 very important homeopathic remedies. According to traditional homeopathy, all individuals are categorized according to their 'constitutional type' that derives its name from the homeopathic remedy that is used to cure their conditions.

The argument behind this is that individuals having comparable 'body structures and characteristics' usually endure the same type of ailments. People belonging to the Arsenicum album are those who are generally restive, stressed and ambitious individuals having an inclination toward negativity, hypochondriasis (people who are extremely preoccupied with their health), have a detailed attention for orderliness and detail and who require encouragement and support.

The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album is prepared by isolating the element arsenic from various metals like iron (like in arsenopyrite), nickel or cobalt by a process called baking in extremely elevated temperatures. The powder (poison) that is derived from this process is pounded into fine particles and subsequently watered down or weakened by adding large amounts of lactose or milk sugar successively.

The final dilution process results in the preparation of this homeopathic remedy, which does not retain even the slightest trace of the poisonous element arsenic and is safe for use by humans. In fact, the final product is available in homeopathic stores in the form of tablets, tinctures (liquid), powder and even pellets.

Arsenicum album, as a homeopathic remedy, is primarily used to treat conditions like anxiety, digestive complaints, mucosal inflammation and a fear owing to a feeling of insecurity as well as illnesses distinguished by typical symptoms like a burning pain. Earlier, this homeopathic remedy was also prescribed for people suffering from the sexually transmitted disease syphilis.

Parts used

Arsenic oxide.


The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album is most effective for and is generally prescribed for people who are suffering from a sort of fear and nervousness that is mostly related to a basic feeling of insecurity.

Such insecurity may perhaps be owing to some kind of traumatic experience of the individuals or may also be owing to certain situations that have transformed the nature of such individuals into something more than usually sensitive.

In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also effectual in curing an assortment of digestive complaints, counting diarrhea, indigestion, food poisoning that results in a burning vomiting and gastroenteritis caused by consumption of excessive amounts of ripe fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, as well as drinking heavy amounts of alcoholic beverages.

The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album is most appropriate for children who suffer from fever and diarrhea that often results in acute lack of body fluids or dehydration.

In addition, Arsenicum album is also useful for treating asthma accompanied by acute breathlessness; mouth ulcers that cause a stinging sensation; fatigue owing to physical ailment, for instance, asthma or anemia or even mental exhaustion; cracked, parched lips due to a burning discharge from the nose; eye inflammation accompanied by watery, tingling eyes; fluid retention by the body, particularly in the region of the ankles; and headaches that are accompanied by vomiting and dizziness.

People, who require Arsenicum album most, usually feel very cold, in spite of the burning pain that distinguishes their symptoms, when they are sick. They generally feel better when there is warmth, but have a preference for their heads to remain cool. This homeopathic remedy is especially prescribed for people suffering from fever and who feel hot when touched, but chilly within or cold when touched and have a burning sensation inside.

The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album is effective for all types of burning pain that may occur any time. Such burning pains may be caused by different conditions, including burning eyes, a burning discharge from the nose with associated symptoms, any burning wound in the muscles, or also due to a fever that causes a burning pain of some kind.

Individuals who respond best to the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album are those who are inclined to have an intense attention for the minutest detail.

They usually work very hard to combat insecurity, since this is one thing that creates plenty of problems for them. In addition, such people may perhaps also be hoarders since they are continuously working to defend themselves against the immense misfortune and desire to be always geared up for any unpleasant situation when it actually occurs. By nature, such people are perfectionists and this may often make them have a feeling of being isolated owing to their own actions.


When used as a homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum alb. is prepared by isolating arsenic from different metals, such as iron, nickel and cobalt by baking them at extremely high temperatures. Subsequently, the powder that is extracted by this process is pounded into fine particles and diluted by mixing this poison sequentially with larger amounts of milk sugar (lactose).

Arsen. iod.

Arsenicum iodatum

Although this substance was used as a homeopathic remedy for tuberculosis during the 19th and the initial period of the 20th centuries, there is no recognized conventional medical utility of Arsenicum iodatum (also known as Arsen. iod.). There was a time when this remedy was also used for lymphatic cancer.

Parts used

Iodide of arsenic.


Arsenicum iodatum is an effective homeopathic remedy for hyperactive (restless) children who have a propensity to become extremely hot, while some are also cold. In addition, this remedy is also employed to cure psoriasis as well as problems related to the chest, for instance bronchitis.

All nasal discharges by such children are accompanied by a burning sensation, which is very obvious when they suffer from allergic rhinitis or hay fever, wherein the upper lips turn raw or hurtful. In some instances, the hay fever may also be accompanied by asthma. Arsen. iod. is also prescribed for patients suffering from hard/ firm lymph glands owing to eczema and psoriasis.

Arsen. iod. is a proven remedy that is frequently prescribed for people who have a propensity to become irritated and restive; hyperactive; or even impulsive and intolerant accompanied by sudden flare-ups. This remedy is also employed to help balance when there is any temper flare-up. However, it also has the aptitude in assisting in holding back exasperation when the individual has to face up to difficult as well as frustrating situations.

Besides the above mentioned uses of Arsenicum iodatum, this homeopathic remedy is also useful for the health of the respiratory system, vigorous open chests as well as effortless breathing and is also helpful for individuals who have the tendency to develop fever and become very hot.

Using a Freudian theory, in order to comprehend the individual belonging to the Arsenicum type, it is essential to identify with the 'anal-retentive type'. (However, it is not a very insignificant happenstance that pure arsenic is a very potent purgative).

Going by the Freudian term, the anal-retentive type usually becomes emotionally fixed at the very initial stage of their life - in fact, during their early childhood when the baby has just come to know saying 'no', and he/ she reproves their parents by declining to cooperate, particularly by holding back his/ her stool disobediently.

Similarly, the adult anal type is constantly saying no, refusing to accept, and withholding his/ her anger. Again, quoting Sigmund Freud, the anal type turns out to be methodical, economical and also stubborn.

In fact, the thriftiness or parsimony in the adult anal type is likely to come out in the overstated form of materialism, while stubbornness may reach the extent of insubordination, which is easily joined by anger and vengeance. Freud has summed up the negative attributes of the Arsenicum personality using only a few words.


The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum iodatum is prepared by chemical means using metallic arsenic and iodine.


From Khan - Mar-16-2020
Arsenicum album has been also consider to be effective in coronavirus. Arsenicum alb 1M for coronavirus patients. Arsenicum alb 30 for prevention against coronavirus. No proof or verified study is available regarding Arsenicum album for coronavirus prevention or treatment/cure.
From Dr. Anjum - Aug-10-2011
Arsenicum Album is very good remedy for food poisoning.
From Dr. Nishith Patel - Jun-19-2011
Arsenic is very useful in amoebic dysentery.
From Dr. Saif - 2010
Arsenic should never be used in crude/pure form; however it can be used in potencies above 6x,30,200,etc. Another compound of arsenic is available as arsenic bromatum Q (mother tincture) which is extremely poisonous. Its dose is one drop in one glass of water once in a week. It should not be repeated if not required/indicated.
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