Baryta Carb.
Barium Carbonate / Witherite

Baryta carbonica

The homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. (Baryta Carbonate) is prepared using the chemical barium carbonate, which is also known as witherite. English botanist and geologist William Withering was the first to discover witherite way back in 1783. Therapeutically, this compound was used to treat tuberculosis as well as swellings of the glands.

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It may be noted that the element barium is found in the crust of the earth in other minerals like barite and witherite. When this compound is heated in the dark, it glows and currently the amalgams enclosed by witherite are being employed in radiology. In addition, witherite is also used to manufacture superior quality glassware as well as optical glass.

You must have certainly heard of the element barium. While this substance is used in a variety of ways in conventional medicine, barium appears to be more familiar owing to its use in radiology. Nevertheless, when barium is taken internally in the form of a homeopathic remedy, it is employed in a very dissimilar type as well as for very dissimilar reasons.

In homeopathy, barium was discovered as a remedy as well as its efficiency established several centuries back and still used in the form of a homeopathic remedy called Baryta carb. This medication is prepared with great care using barium carbonate crystals, which have been prepared chemically before. This is subsequently blended with lactose sugar and pulverized (triturated).

The outcome of this extremely meticulous procedure is known as the homeopathic remedy called baryta carb., which is useful in treating a wide variety of health conditions.

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Parts used

Barium carbonate.


The homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. is primarily meant for children and the aged people. A significant aspect of Baryta carb. is that this homeopathic remedy is given to people who have a sluggish physical, cerebral or emotional growth. Children as well as older adults who require this remedy may possibly be intellectually challenged.

It has been seen that children requiring this homeopathic remedy have a propensity to start walking and talking later compared to normal children. In addition, such children also have a comparatively large head. On the other hand, the genitals as well as their other body parts might not have developed as they should have.

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Such children may also suffer from Down's syndrome and have a short stature. Since these types of children are very vulnerable to infections, they normally suffer from severe and persistent tonsillitis.

Older adults who require Baryta carb. most may possibly be suffering from senile dementia or might have suffered a stroke and possibly have a handicap. Such people usually have an impaired temporary memory and endure depression or even paranoia that is likely to develop consequently.

It is worth mentioning here that children, who have belated physical development, start talking and walking much later than the normal kids may find using the homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. beneficial. Such delays may be attributed to Down's syndrome or could also be a result of other problems.

In addition, problems like nervousness and phobias may also be eased most effectively by using the homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. In fact, this homeopathic remedy assists the body to get relief from extreme and frequently unreasonable fears that are related to phobias and anxiety. It is possible that these conditions are set off by depressing reminiscences from the past. Alternately, they may also be a result of some kind of sexual abuse.

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Homeopathic physicians also recommend the use of Baryta carb. for treating respiratory problems, such as persistent colds, coughs as well as bronchitis. Baryta carb. may also be useful in alleviating the symptoms associated with these conditions.

On many instances, men depend on Baryta carb. to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) or lack of desire for sexual activities. In severe cases, such people may also nod off while they are engaged in sexual intercourse.

People who depend on the homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. are usually sluggish in their physical, cerebral or emotional development. In most cases, such people have a propensity to be timid and withdrawn. They generally suffer from a lack of security and feel insignificant because of a part of their character or owing to the situations they are in.

Generally, these people need lots of encouragement and are inclined to fright and nervousness. In addition, habitually, such individuals find it hard to build up as well as sustain relationships.

It may be noted that Baryta carb. is among the homeopathic remedies that can be understood very easily by realizing its quintessence that passes all through the entire remedy picture. All people who are said to belong to the Baryta carb. type personality possess a number of aspects of their persona that has not matured completely.

Occasionally, it may simply be one solitary aspect, for instance, social skills, while, at other occasions, there may be many such aspects. Some people who belong to the Baryta type of personality suffer from an overall underdevelopment of the character, something that has an effect on all other aspects, leading to an obviously undeveloped person.


The homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. is prepared from the compound barium carbonate, also known as witherite, and found in the United States, England, Scotland and Italy.

Baryta Mur.
Barium Chloride

Barium chloratum

The homeopathic remedy Baryta muriaticum (Baryta Mur.) is prepared using an inorganic compound called barium chloride, which is one barium salt that dissolves very easily in water. Similar to other salts of barium, barium chloride too is toxic and when added to a flame, it exudes a yellowish-green color. Barium chloride is hygroscopic by nature (in other words, it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere).

Barium chloride is a low-priced, soluble barium salt and it has a wide range of applications in the laboratory. Generally, this inorganic compound is employed in the form of a test for sulfate ion.

The industrial use of barium chloride includes purifying a brine solution in acidic chlorine plants and in manufacturing heat treatment salts, manufacturing pigments, and case consolidating of steel as well as in manufacturing various other barium salts. In addition, barium chloride also finds its use in fireworks to provide a vivid green color to them. Nevertheless, the toxicity of this inorganic compound has restricted its applications in various spheres.

Parts used

Barium chloride.


The homeopathic remedy Baryta muriaticum is strongly related to the nervous system. This remedy is most suited for individuals having an inclination to develop an aneurysm (a condition wherein an artery enlarges like balloons).

Normally, Baryta mur. is employed to treat disorders related to the nervous systems that may possibly turn out to be manic nervous conditions.

The homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for adults who have a childish behavior as well as children who are unable to play or intermingle with other people owing to their insipidness or belated cerebral development. Baryta mur. may possibly be recommended for treating cerebral disability in children who have delayed development as well as for the aged people having some kind of mental retardation.

This homeopathic remedy is mainly used to treat symptoms associated with nervous disorders, for instance, seizures, which maybe occurring every so often, accompanied by restiveness, rigidity and a loss of emotional response. In such cases, the hand and feet of the patients may distend, while they may have a sensation that their limbs are heavy and paralyzed. They also experience wobbliness and jerking.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy Baryta muriaticum is also given to people with engorged glands, probably the parotid or cervical glands, together with aching throat and perhaps tonsillitis. People enduring symptoms of stroke or acute eczema are also likely to respond excellently to this homeopathic remedy.

Baryta muriaticum is also prescribed to treat arteriosclerosis when the patient has an elevated systolic pressure accompanied by a relatively low diastolic pressure that occurs together with the cardiac as well as cerebral symptoms. In some cases, the patients may also have an aneurysm of the aorta or the heart.

This homeopathic remedy is also effective in treating pulmonary hypertension as well as for bronchial affection in older adults having cardiac dilatation.

Baryta mur. may be employed in two different ways - in the form of a homeopathic remedy or just in the form of a micro-nutritional mineral formulation. The homeopathic potencies of this Baryta mur. certify their strength as well as effectiveness of the remedy to electromagnetic monograms of the primary basis.

In effect, these are basically dilutions and successions of medications developed scientifically where normally, not even the slightest trace of the primary substrate or medication is found in the preparation.


The inorganic compound barium chloride is blended with sodium sulfate to produce white filler as well as a coloring (blanc fixe), which is employed in manufacturing a number of items, including photographic paper, cloth, rubber and leather.

Subsequently, to prepare the homeopathic remedy Baryta muriaticum (Baryta mur.), barium chloride is liquefied in alcohol or triturated (pulverized) along with lactose sugar.


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