Deadly Nightshade / Devil's Cherries

Atropa belladonna

The homeopathic remedy belladonna is prepared using the entire belladonna plant and this medication is used to cure a number of health conditions, especially unexpected start of infections accompanied by inflammation.

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Belladonna is an enduring plant that grows perennially. The plant has a plump, white colored, chunky root. The leaves of the belladonna plant have a deep green, but dull hue and they grow up to three to ten inches in length and are generally not the same in their size.

The belladonna plant belongs to the Solanaceae family, which is known by different names, such as nightshade, atropa belladonna, deadly nightshade and devil's cherry. Owing to the presence of alkaloid atropine, the belladonna plant is considered to be extremely noxious. In effect, the root of the plant encloses the maximum toxic intensity.

It is interesting to note that ladies in Italy used the deadly nightshade in the 16th century as a cosmetic to make their eyes glisten. Hence, in Italian, the plant belladonna or the term bella donna denotes a 'gorgeous lady'. In effect, developed in 1799 by the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann to cure scarlet fever, belladonna was among the first medicines developed in homeopathy.

Hahnemann actually developed this remedy following his observation that the symptoms of the poisoning caused by deadly nightshade resembled the symptoms of scarlet fever closely.

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In homeopathy, belladonna is a vital remedy for severe ailments that start suddenly and immediately become violent or grave. This homeopathic remedy is generally prescribed for people who are normally healthy and energetic, but become restive and disturbed when they fall ill. Such people have a tendency to unexpected, hotheaded anger that is often manifested by a strong desire to assail or even bite others.

People who require the homeopathy remedy belladonna usually suffer from symptoms like acute fever, excruciating pain, especially in the head owing to quick blood circulation, dilated pupils and a dry, flushed skin. Often such people become hypersensitive to light, noise and even touch when they are ill. In addition, they are also very sensitive to quick changes in the temperature.

Normally, belladonna is prescribed for people enduring severe pain, inflammation or any infection, especially on the upper part of the respiratory tract. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is also given to cure menstrual pain wherein there is excessive and painful menstrual flow.

In such cases, the blood is likely to be warm and also vivid red or clotted. In addition, belladonna is given to patients to treat febrile convulsions (convulsions in children and infants that are accompanied by high fever), sunstroke as well as mastitis (breast inflammation) during breastfeeding.

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In effect, belladonna is believed to be among the most important homeopathic medications. Belladonna is most suitable to treat disorders of the heart, blood vessels, lungs as well as the nervous system. As aforementioned, the belladonna or the deadly nightshade plant is highly toxic.

However, when it is given as a homeopathic medication, it does not retain even the slightest trace of toxicity and is very safe for human use. This is primarily because the medicine is prepared by heavily diluting the toxic juice of the plant by adding alcohol to remove the noxiousness.

The manner in which this homeopathic remedy works inside our body is very interesting. It seems that this medication functions most excellently for people having precise personality attributes. It has been established that belladonna has the aptitude to provide relief from high fevers very quickly and is also very effective in treating the symptoms related to flu.

Individuals having a flushed face or glistening skin are likely to respond best to belladonna. They are the ones who are benefitted most by using this homeopathic remedy.

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In effect, the homeopathic remedy belladonna is an instance of the manner in which homeopathic doses use poisonous or toxic substances for a number of preparations, but the remedies are absolutely without any toxic trait following heavy dilution and continued succussion. These two processes help to get rid of all the poisonous elements from these homeopathic medications.

Belladonna is among those homeopathic remedies that can be used by children and adults alike with complete trust since it is 100 per cent safe and its use does not result in any side effect. This is contrary to conventional medications which always cause some or other side effects.

The action of belladonna on the blood vessels as well as the circulatory system demonstrates how helpful this medication can be for treating high blood pressure and high fevers. Individuals who require the homeopathic remedy belladonna most are those who usually suffer from symptoms such as hot, flushed skin and reddened congested face.

Some patients may also experience their hands and feet becoming cold owing to imperfect blood circulation. The other symptoms endured by people requiring belladonna include excruciating headaches and hard throbbing pulse. Such patients also have an inclination to have distended glands. Often, they also feel lightheaded and are likely to fall down to their left side or backwards.

In addition, though they may feel sleepy, they are unable to sleep. In such conditions, turning to belladonna not only cures the actual health problems, but also eases the associated symptoms.

It may be noted that despite its numerous therapeutic benefits, the homeopathic remedy belladonna may be fairly dangerous when taken in excessive amounts. Nevertheless, it is still being used in small dosages to cure nervousness as well as inflammation of the different body parts. In addition, belladonna is a useful homeopathic medicine which is held to soothe the mind and also promote sound and undisturbed sleep.

As discussed earlier, belladonna or the deadly nightshade plant has been used since the early part of the 16th century as a cosmetic as well as to promote relaxation. The soothing and relaxation benefits offered by this herbaceous plant were particularly desired as well as preferred by people who suffered from violent paroxysms and nervous tensions.

In homeopathy, the consequences of using belladonna made it an extensively popular remedy to promote deep and sound sleep and relaxation and, hence, it was used by people all over the globe. In contemporary times too, in homeopathy, belladonna is primarily used to provide relaxation. However, several homeopathic physicians generally use very diluted and low dosages of this homeopathic remedy to steer clear of poisoning.

Here is a small guide regarding the optimum and safe use of belladonna in homeopathy. This homeopathic remedy is prepared using the whole belladonna or deadly nightshade plant. Hence, it is advisable that to prepare the medication, it is important to dry and crush the plant in order to extract all the essential oils and juices enclosed by this herbaceous plant.

After extracting the oils and juices, they are put in alcohol to prepare a dilute solution that is subsequently prepared into a tincture of belladonna. Since this tincture is in a liquid state, it can be taken by placing it under the tongue without any difficulty. However, majority of the individuals taking the homeopathic remedy belladonna prefer to take the medication by putting it in a drink.

It may be noted that the latter method has given rise to plenty of controversies, as any excess dosage of the medication may result in poisoning. Therefore, it is advisable only to take small and diluted doses of belladonna by placing the medication under the tongue.

Although the homeopathic remedy belladonna does not result in any side effects when taken in highly diluted and very small doses, it can turn out to be poisonous when used in large amounts. The major side effects caused by the use of this homeopathic medicine may include headaches, migraines and at times, extreme seizures or convulsions.

It may be noted that taking belladonna in excessive amounts or an overdose of this homeopathic remedy may also result in death. Hence, it is advisable that before using this homeopathic medicine, people ought to ask for judicious and reliable advice on the herb from any licensed general physician or a person who is specialized in homeopathic medicines.

In effect, majority of the medical authorities suggest that the physicians should look for other safer herbs providing the same therapeutic benefits, but without any side effect, as an alternative to belladonna. This is all the more important when they are dealing with infants and small children. For instance, they recommend using melatonin to encourage relaxation as well as reduce nervous tensions, which eventually helps to promote sound and undisturbed sleep.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy belladonna is prepared using the entire belladonna or deadly nightshade plant. After collecting all the parts of the plant, they are crushed and flattened to extract the juice of this herbaceous plant. Subsequently, the juice is mixed with alcohol to produce an extremely diluted preparation.

It may be noted that though the belladonna or the deadly nightshade plant is toxic by nature, the final medicine belladonna prepared using the entire plant does not contain even the slightest trace of toxicity and is useful for treating numerous health conditions.


While the homeopathic remedy belladonna has numerous therapeutic utilities, it is primarily used to cure health conditions related to abrupt start of infections accompanied by inflammation, for instance, severe fever along with staring eyes. In such conditions, the patients hardly have any thirst or they crave only for sour drinks.

Other symptoms of this health condition includes tonsillitis, flu, a tender throat, a dry and irritating cough which deteriorates when the patient is talking as well as earache (particularly on the right side) and this symptom usually worsens when the patient's head gets wet or due to cold. In addition, the patients may also suffer from symptoms like a pallid mouth and lips, excruciating pain, a vividly red tongue, an arid and flushed skin accompanied by cold hands and feet, a red, warm face.

In addition, homeopathic physicians prescribe belladonna to cure pulsation headaches wherein even the least movement of the eyes exaggerates the pain, distended, red breasts owing to breastfeeding, labor pain, boils, convulsions, nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys, cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder), and sleep disorders or insomnia. Often this homeopathic medication is also administered to children suffering from teething pains as well as to bring down high fever.

In homeopathy, belladonna is also an excellent remedy for migraines, especially those that are accompanied by a violent and excruciating pain. Patients suffering from this type of migraine usually have pain that begins in the back of the head and gradually spreads to the area around the right eye brow and finally settles behind the eye. Turning to belladonna helps to cure the migraine as well as the associated symptoms.


The belladonna or the deadly nightshade plant is an herbaceous plant belonging to the family Solanaceae. This plant grows perennially and is indigenous to Europe, North Africa as well as Western Asia.


From DOUGLAS TEO - Mar-19-2020
I am amazed by the healing effect of this remedy. And I am sure it is extremely safe if you are using the potency 30c and above. So have no worries about its toxicity. I used on my wife who got high fever for unknown reasons - 42 degrees. She went to hospital and the fever was down for 3 days. When she returned home, fever up to 41 degree. I decided to use this at high potency. Fever subsided and she fully recovered.
From Sabiha - May-02-2016
I have been suffering with sciatica for the last 9 months, the pain is excruciating I've been using the belladonna plasters which give me some comfort otherwise without that I would not be able to walk or resume a normal lifestyle. I was wondering whether the belladonna tabs would be beneficial.
From Vevian - Aug-07-2014
I had the most awful toothache. The pains were so strong, they travelled to my ears and gave me strong headache. I had to wait few days for my dentist's appointment. I took Belladona 30C, 3 tablets, later another 2 and the pain went quite fast. I took 5 tablets before I went to bed and slept through, pain free.
From R S Thakur - May-26-2011
Belladonna, as a homeopathic medicine is a nectar for its patient. Only last week I've treated badly swollen finger of my son with this remedy. It may be a poison in its crude form but after getting potentised it becomes a blessing.
From David - Apr-04-2011
Atropa Belladonna is a very dangerous plant. Any use of it must be observed with extreme care. The compounds produced in the plant are known as cardiac glycosides and have a very narrow therapeutic window. As a health care professional I recommend to find a different plant to treat whatever ailment you seek to be cured.
Fun fact: atropos is one of the Greek fates that held the scissors of fate that decided when a mortal would die. This plant was named after the Greek fate for its ability to kill.
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