Benzoic Ac.
Benzoic Acid

Acidum benzoicum

The homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is derived from benzoic acid, a whitish, crystalline organic substance that is a member of the carboxylic acid family. In fact, benzoic acid has extensive use as a preservative for foodstuff. In addition, benzoic acid also has industrial uses, for instance it is used in manufacturing a variety of dyes, cosmetics, plastics and even insect repellents.

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The chemical compound owes its name to the gum benzoin plant, since it remained the sole source for obtaining benzoic acid for quite a long period. While the salts of benzoic acid are very useful as food preservatives, the acid itself is a vital antecedent for synthesizing several different organic matters. Several plants enclose benzoic acid.

While benzoic acid continued to be extracted from gum benzoin for over three centuries, it was synthesized for the first time only around 1860 using chemicals obtained from coal tar. Presently, benzoic acid is produced commercially by means of the chemical reaction of toluene (a monochrome unstable, flammable liquid obtained from coal tar and petroleum and has an odor akin to that of benzene).

It may be noted here that Nostradamus was the first to explain benzoic acid way back in 1556 making use of an arid distillation process of gum benzoin. However, as mentioned above, these days, food-grade benzoic acid is manufactured synthetically and extensively used as a preservative to prevent or slow down the development of yeast, mould and other bacteria.

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Similarly, benzoic acid is also extensively used medicinally in the form of balms and lotions to treat skin ailments caused by fungal infections, for instance, athlete's foot, ringworm and tinea.

Benzoic acid works as a stimulant, especially on mucus surfaces, and the vapour of this substance results in severe exasperation of the air passages. Benzoic acid possesses antiseptic as well as expectorant properties, while some people assert that benzoic acid is a more potent antiseptic compared to even carbolic acid.

Similar to the actions of boric and salicylic acids, benzoic acid also helps to thwart fermentation as well as decay by eliminating microbes. When taken internally, benzoic acid changes to hippuric acid inside the system following its assumption by elements present in glycocol. Benzoic acid is discarded by the body in the form of hippuric acid through urination, while a significant amount of it expelled by the kidneys as benzoic acid itself.

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Parts used

As aforementioned, the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is prepared from benzoic acid, a white-colored crystalline organic compound, which is now produced synthetically. To prepare the medication, benzoic acid is first dissolved in alcohol, watered down to desired levels and succussed or shaken continuously for some time.

As with any other homeopathic remedy prepared from plant or animal source, benzoic ac. too does not retain even the slightest trace of benzoic acid, the substance it is produced with.

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Although the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is used to treat a number of health conditions, it is primarily prescribed for people enduring traveling pains, for instance excruciating pains that travel from the joints of the legs to the internal organs, specifically the heart, and subsequently spread to the joints of other extremities like fingers and toes.

In addition, benzoic ac. is effective for treating symptoms, such as joint cracks accompanied by redness and inflammation, which may be associated with severe cases of gout as well as spiky and splitting aches in the joints of the big toe.

In homeopathy, benzoic ac. is especially used to treat symptoms that include abundant, deep brown, very intense smelling urine, bubbly, whitish stools having a disgusting smell and if the patient is unable to hold back natural discharges of urine (incontinence) during night time. In addition, the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is basically used to cure arthritis and gout.

When used in such cases, this medication not only helps to cure the health condition, but also provides relief from the excruciating pain associated with these health problems. This homeopathic remedy is also prescribed to people who have kidney stones. People suffering from any of the above mentioned health conditions usually endure similar symptoms - a combination of a cold sensation, spiky and tearing pain as well as passing urine that has a very nasty odour.

Benzoic acid is a white, crystalline organic chemical present in a benzoin gum plant (vegetable resin). In fact, benzoic acid is known to interact with a number of compounds, especially salts. For instance, when blended with sodium salts, benzoic acid produces sodium benzoate - a very significant and extensively used food preservative.

In homeopathy, it has been established that people who are susceptible to benzoic acid are likely to suffer from health problems when they consume sodium benzoate in excess amounts. Hence, it is advisable that before you take benzoic ac., you should consult your homeopathic physician to ascertain whether this medication is suitable for you. In addition, such people should also avoid taking foods preserved with sodium benzoate.

Precisely speaking, the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is prescribed for treating health conditions like arthritis, gout, asthmatic problems, affections of the kidney, aches in Achilles tendon and a number of health problems. Besides these, it is also a very effective remedy for dark brown and potently disgusting smell of urine, cracking pains in the knee, blunt pain in the region of the kidneys, splitting aches in the big toe as well as wandering pains.

Symptoms of the people requiring the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. would improve when they have abundant urination and when they are close to any source of heat. On the other hand, their condition is likely to worsen when they are in the open air and uncovering.

Before wrapping up discussion on the uses of the homeopathic medication benzoic ac. it is important to mention that this is a wonderful and very effective remedy for people whose emotions interchange within a brief span of time - from being excited to a condition of profound, trance-like sleep, common insipidness and exhaustion.

While such people are lost in thought about disagreeable topics, it may result in them dwelling on their own, while causing calamities to other people. In other words, actions of people who require benzoic ac. most may often be responsible for the misfortune for others. Such people are highly susceptible to blaring sounds, particularly if they are also enduring Ménière's disease (a problem of the inner ear).

It may be noted here that infants who react well to the homeopathic medication benzoic ac. always prefer being picked up and held closely. Such babies generally have an aversion to being laid down on bed.


For hundreds of years benzoic acid, which forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac., was produced from a gum benzoin plant resin, which comprised 20 per cent of this organic chemical compound. However, these days, benzoic acid is manufactured commercially using a synthetic process. In fact, the acid found naturally in Siam benzoic resin, was produced synthetically for the first time in the 1860 using coal tar.

As discussed earlier, benzoic acid is naturally obtained from a balsamic resin, which oozes from the slit open stems of a specific tree found in Sumatra, Java, Siam and Borneo, either due to the action of alkalis on the vegetable resin or by a process called sublimation (purifying the resin).

In addition, benzoic acid can also be produced from hippuric acid (a white-colored crystalline nitrogenous acid created in the liver as a detoxification produce of benzoic acid).

Benzoic acid is available in the form of whitish, soft crystals having a silk-like gleam. Benzoic acid possesses a tepid and acidulous flavour, while its odour is unusual, but pleasing. It is scarcely soluble in cold water, but dissolves easily in warm or boiling water.

In addition, benzoic acid is very soluble in alcohol and solutions of soda, potash, lime, ammonia as well as concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids. A number of steady oils also dissolve benzoic acid. While benzoic acid is known to be very volatile and inflammable, when it forms crystals from a solution, it is in the form of transparent or clear prisms.


From Judith - Nov-10-2014
Have had success treating vertigo with Benzoic Acid. Every time my husband feels a bit of dizziness coming on he takes it and it seems to ward off an attack.
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